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Is global warming real?

Updated on September 12, 2014

Is Global Warming Real?

Recently we all have heard a lot about global warming. But, some people have been saying that people could possible cause something like this. Their opponents say that they are denying the truth because they don't want to change their destructive ways. Who's right? I will try to shed some light on the subject.

Feel free to comment. If I make a mistake or forgot something let me know and I will fix it.

First Impressions

Is Global Warming Real?

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First Impressions

Is Global Warming Real?


Often times you hear people saying that the global temperature is above average, but I am not convinced the the "average" temp is the real average temp.

Geologists agree that the earth appears to have cycles were the temp rises and falls. So, if that is the case why then do we think that what we measure to be average temp is the actual average temp of the earth? We have been measuring the average temperature for a few years now, and compared to the age of the earth the time we have been keeping records of the average temp is insignificant. Could it be that in the 19 hundreds it was colder then normal, or hotter then normal?

If you graphed to global temp, and only looked at the data from the last few years, you would think that 2010 was a cold year, by our reckoning it was above average temperatures. That's what I think is probably happening to us. I think we don't see the big picture, so we think that it is warmer then it really is.

How Big of a Change Are We Talking About Here?

Recently I was arguing with someone about global warming and they said that my cycles argument was invalid because it was so much hotter then normal that natural cycles could not explain huge increases in temp like we are experiencing.

The graph I included in this lens this module shows such statements to be invalid. Infact this graph shows that the temp was warmer 5.5 million years ago, long before we humans did any of the stuff they say contributes to global warming.

Sorry the graph isn't bigger, you can find the original graph at the link below (its bigger at this location.)

Ice Age

The most compelling argument against global warming is ice ages. Even if I can't convince you that global warming isn't real I'm sure everyone will agree that there has been several ice ages. But what caused those Ice ages? Global warming caused them. That's right, long before humans could have had any noticeable impact on the environment global warming not only occurred but it completely changed the environment at least 20 times. What does that tell us? That global warming is natural, and will happen with, or without, human intervention.

It doesn't matter what we do global warming will naturally happen. But not only is global warming inevitable, it's not a big deal. We aren't still in the ice age, are we? The end result of Global warming is an ice age. The ice age always balances out and temperatures return to normal. This is proof of the cycles argument that I gave above and also proves that this just happens and there is nothing we can do about it. And even if we could somehow stop this natural process it probably wouldn't be worth the effort. The weather will naturally return to normal so what's the point of devoting research and resources into trying to stop it from happening.

In the end global warming is something that just happens and doesn't matter in the long run.

Did I change Your Mind?

Is global Warming Real?

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Did I Change Your Mind

Is Global Warming Real?


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    • titanslayer profile image

      titanslayer 5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thank you for your comment I found the article you sent me very interesting. In order of the objections raised here are my responses.

      current-global-warming-is-just-part-of-a-natural-cycle, the changes in temp are not extreme like this article says, so yes it could be part of a natural cycle.

      one-hundred-years-is-not-enough we can't know if the methods of measuring temp in the past that they used are actually reliable. There is no way to test if that really works. Also once again the change is really small so it would be hard to detect such a small change with a test with a unknown accuracy.

      one-record-year-is-not-global-warming, only 0.8 degree Celsius is not global warming.

      it-was-warmer-during-the-holocene-climatic-optimum, the answer on this page is a argument for ignorance, which is a logical fallacy.

      there-is-no-evidence, despite what they would tell you all there "evidence" is within natural range.

      I also would like to point out that they say that global warming in the past led to the glaciers melting which caused a ice age which leveled out and went back to normal. They are predicting that this will happen again, so if this happened in the past, and we are only speeding it up (they admit this) then it will reverse itself. We are only speeding up the cycle. We could not cause any real harm seeing how it fixed itself in the past, it will fix itself now.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Please see

      Specifically (roughly in order), "current-global-warming-is-just-part-of-a-natural-cycle"

      and "one-hundred-years-is-not-enough"

      and "one-record-year-is-not-global-warming"

      and "it-was-warmer-during-the-holocene-climatic-optimum"

      and "there-is-no-evidence"

      Your argument does not hold up.

    • profile image

      paradoxpolter 5 years ago

      I will send this lens to some of my contacts.