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It is wrong to deny people justice.

Updated on May 13, 2011

It is wrong for anyone to think of assassinating a worthy man. It is also wrong to kill or persecute others because of religious differences. Let us not forget that most worthy men had been persecuted, crucified or assassinated. Yet, it did not end their worthy desire. Such list of men and women would include Socrates, Jesus and his disciples, Abraham Lincoln, martin Luther king (jr) among many others. Many people are fighting for their right in various parts of the world today, like the Middle East. It shows that more people are waking up from their sleep to face reality and seek ways to make things better for themselves and their future generation.

There is always cries and calls for USA to help during crisis or conflicts in various parts of the world. It is normal for USA to take the lead but there is need for the UN to select members that will go out for conflict resolution or war if necessary. That simply means that USA should not be called upon at all times to go into battle while the UN has member states. It is a known fact that not all UN members agree to the same means of conflict resolution yet there are times that urgent measures needs to be taken and personal interest should not be placed above the lives of innocent women and children.

There is need for UN to fight for a common purpose and stand on the ground on which it was found. Therefore, the personal interests of all member states should be regulated to the background. The member states should also know that their role as members requires their involvement in the peace and unity of the world especially to save lives. Consequently there should be no fear or favor when it comes to the fight for justice.

For justice shows no mercy, except when mercy is the justice earned.

Oh!!!!!! Hear it again for truly “there would be no judgment on any plane without justice.” Still yet, mercy remains the ultimate but mercy is useless when not followed with repentance. Therefore, we should not hope for justice or judgment, if we believe it is all about mercy. This is one of the points of divergence because some doctrines held that God, who it was written destroyed the earth with flood, is now so merciful to send people to hell. And who will hold it against them, if they commit no evil?

The United States of America fought for her freedom and independence. U.S.A once suffered and struggled to be free when they finally got their freedom, their founding fathers learnt from their own pains and sorrows of being denied their rights and freedom. Consequently, they founded their nation based on liberty. Yet, not everyone understands what liberty truly means in those early days, even till now. Therefore, persecution and suffering still continued in many places and for some races. People continued to be denied their rights and freedom via various forms and styles. Then Abraham Lincoln later gave a more understanding of the meaning of true liberty. It was not welcomed by all. He was assassinated. The result is that, although many people now understand the meaning of liberty, equity, peace, love, human right and justice. Yet, many are still learning its true meaning because of our personal certainties. Is it possible for us to ever learn or must we continue in persecution, crucifixion and assassination, in this world that is made for all humanity? We are all still learning but the first step for us to start is to always have it in mind that no individual or group of individuals owns this world. It is a world that was made for all. Then we would know that it would be wrong to think of killing an innocent man or group of people for any reason. It came to be known that while USA respond to the call of the people for help and as a result they step into a conflict like in Libya, some people claim that the USA fought for the oil in Libya. Yet, it was the people that called for help. The positive minded humanity knows that such claims will not stop the need to restore peace and unity in the world. This is because justice is the greatest in all planes of existences.


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    • davidkaluge profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      you are welcome, Dan, we just have to play our parts well and help humanity

    • Daniel J. Neumann profile image

      Daniel J. Neumann 

      8 years ago from Harrisburg, Pa

      David Kaluge,

      I loved this hub. Indeed. We agree. The world isn't owned by anyone. If anything, the planet owns us.

      Thanks for posting this,



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