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Updated on May 23, 2009


Search in almost every type of watery habitat around the world mosses ice stream beds, hot spring, lake, oceans, and you might chance  upon a water bear, one of the hardiest
Little creature in  all creation . so tiny  that it is barely visible, a water bear has a  short
Four  segmented body covered  with  a  protective  cuticle,  and  it  has  eight   limbs,
Each  ending  in a set  of  claw. Its  overall shape  and  gait  resemble  those  of  a
Lumbering  bear,  hence  its name.
Water  bear  are tardigrades,  meaning  “slow  walkers.”  Hundreds  of  species are
Known,  and  females lay  from 1 to30eggs  at  time. Tens  of  thousands of
These  tiny  creatures  may be  found  in just  a  few  handfuls of  wet sand
Or  soil. A particularly  good place to find  them  is in roof  mosses. They can be good in the water and help in the work of nature.


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    • honestyt4isaac profile image

      Akpan Ataba 8 years ago from Planet Earth

      Okay Thank you for your comment, i will put a picture of it there

    • Mike360 profile image

      Mike360 8 years ago from The Milky Way

      I think some scientists have pondered if they can survive space travel since they are so tough. You should put a picture of one on here.