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Updated on April 14, 2010
Photo by Alistair Gollop
Photo by Alistair Gollop

Jamming is deliberately producing interference with the reception of radio-wave signals by transmitting stronger radio waves to drown out the signals. Jamming is used to prevent the reception of radio broadcasts and to impair military radio communications and radar.

Broadcast Jamming

Since the beginning of World War II, many governments have jammed the reception of radio broadcasts from foreign countries as an act of national policy. High-powered transmitters, capable of rapid change of frequency, are used to send radio waves modulated with noise. Such transmission can effectively prevent broadcast reception in local areas.

Military Jamming

In military operations, all of the. more advanced nations rely on radio communications and radar for command and intelligence functions. Jamming of radio reception and radar operation is widely used by each military force to impair the effectiveness of the command and intelligence functions of the opposing force. Such jamming is a part of the electronic counter-measures (ECM) that are widely used in modern warfare. These countermeasures include acts such as blocking reception, transmitting false radar target signals, and transmitting false messages.

Wifi, Bluetooth, Wireless Video Jammer

This unit jams the three primary frequencies for bluetooth, wireless and wifi.

Suitable for privacy and uninterupted legal proceedings, boardroom meetings, company presentations and any important activity requiring security and peace of mind.

It has a 20 meter radius, more than enough for a large room. Once its turned off all network activity is  re-established automatically.

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Covert Portable GPS Jammer

Are you being tracked? GPS devices are so small nowadays and the cost is so affordable that you don't have to be MI5 or the CIA to afford a small one and slip it in a persons vehicle or even inside their jacket. Whether you're being stalked by an ex, your soon to be ex or even if you're just plain paranoid this lightweight, portable and easily concealable GPS jammer blocks all GPS traffic in a 5 metre radius. Battery life is 3 hours but it has car and mains power adapters.

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