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How to Count in Japanese : Part Quatro - The Final Count Down!

Updated on February 14, 2016

More Japanese Counters - How to count in Japanese blast-off

Part Four: More Japanese Counters

The Final Countdown - Part 4 - How to count in Japanese cont.This is the fourth lens in a series on Japanese Language learning skills. In this lens, we look at numbers, counting, and using numbers for real situations- time telling, phone numbers, address, etc.

Numbers and Counting


10  –  JU


9  –  KU


8  –  HACHI




6  -  ROKU


5  –  GO


4  –  YON, YO^


3  –  SAN


2  –  NI


1  –  ICHI





SOKU– pair of counter, (socks, tabi socks etc.)

Vocabulary Words to Go With Numbers

It is funny how some words sound exactly like English, like soku and the word kan for can as in empty can etc.


ichi (1*) soku = issoku, (etc.*). ni-soku, san-zoku, yousoku, go-soku, roku-soku, nana-soku, ha-ssoku, kyu-soku, ju-soku, ju-i-ssoku, ju-ni-soku etc.


KEN – larger buildings, houses etc.


i-kken ni-ken san-gen, yon-ken, go-ken, ro-kken, nana-ken, ha-kken (This is also the verb to discover, no relation ,just a homonym**.)


MA– room (1, 2 , 3 bedroom house etc.)


ichi-ma ni-ma, san-ma, yon-ma, go-ma, roku-ma, nana-ma, hachi-ma, kyu-ma, ju-ma, ju-ichi-ma, ju-ni-ma etc


RETSU – line (line-up), straight line etc.


ichi-retsu, ni-retsu, san-retsu, yon-retsu, go-retsu, roku-retsu, shichi-retsu, nana-retsu hachi-retsu, kyu-retsu, ju-retsu, ju-ichi-retsu, ju-ni-retsu etc.

G.A.B: Japanese Counting Ghetto After-Blast Japanese words like English sometimes sound the same but are not written the same.

The Japanese language contains many homonyms (Words that sound the same yet have different meaning).** I am reminded of the Japanese word kiku. If you look up kiku in a Japanese dictionary, you will find at least 3 different ways of writing the sounds for ”kiku” (“key coo”) However, when writing the kanji for kiku there are at least three different ways. In Japanese, words are written or graphically represented by symbols called Kanji.

Kanji is the set of Chinese characters that have been imported and put into use by the Japanese since the 10th century AD. Here is an interesting example that shows how the meaning of kanji to the Chinese has diverged from the way the same kanji is used by the Japanese. If you write tegami or two kanji for the word which in Japanese means, "letter", and if you write the same two kanji and ask a Chinese person to tell you what they think it means, they will say "toilet paper". Big difference.For a fun activity do this if you have a Japanese to English dictionary - Learn all three meanings for the word kiku by looking it up. Depending on context it could be a 1. kiku v. to be effective, 2. kiku  n .chrysanthemum, 3. kiku  v. to listen.


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