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Journey to Knighthood

Updated on November 8, 2014

About the story

Follow Bryan on his journey from Page to Knight in this story. Find some resources and lesson ideas to accompany the story and learn all about knights, castes and more!

We have followed the Knight's path with trips to a Medieval Faire, an armory, a castle and even having our own Medieval camp!

The Journey Begins

“Today is the day!” shouted seven year old Bryan. “I am going to Lord Daily’s castle to become a page!”

“What’s a page?” Bryan’s little sister asked.

“It is a knight-in-training. I will stay at the castle until I can be a knight!”

Trying something new

Trying something new can be both exciting and frightening. Bryan is excited to start his journey to knighthood but it means he will be leaving home. Make a list of the pros (good things) and cons (bad things) about Bryan's new journey.

Welcome to the Castle

Welcome to Castle Daily read the sign at the gates as Bryan walked through. He was greeted by Lord Daily himself who showed him where he will sleep. “Your training will begin tomorrow” the lord said as he closed Bryan into his new room.

Build a castle!

A castle was built to protect the people inside, it had tall, strong walls. big doors and sometimes a moat. Build yourself a castle using lego bricks, or boxes or even sand!

First day as a Page

When Bryan came down in the morning he stood by the door patiently.

“Come here page” called Lord Daily

As Bryan approached the lord pushed down on his shoulder forcing him to kneel.

“This is how you kneel before your master” Lord Daily explained. “and you are to stand still and quiet unless you are spoken to and then you answer with a bow. Do you understand?”

Bryan answered with a bow.

“Very good, now off to the stables” Lord Daily commanded.

Manners and Etiquette

Bryan's first lesson is how to properly behave as a page. Manners are an important lesson to learn so that proper behaviour can happen anywhere. Practicing manners with play acting is a good way to show the proper behaviour and to provide scenarios for children so that they understand how to react in different situations.

Stable Boy

Bryan spent many weeks in the stables. He learned to groom the horses, dress them for battle and ride them. He also helped clean out the stables and exercise the horses.


Not everyone can own a horse but owning any pet takes a lot of hard work. Pets need a lot of care with food, water, exercise and love. It is also important to clean up after them whether it be in the yard, the litter box or the cage. If you already have a pet, write up a schedule to explain the every day chores of looking after the pet. If you don't have a pet, talk to someone who does so you can create a schedule and understand how much work it really is!

Time Passes

“Let me help you my lady” Bryan called as he ran to carry the basket of flowers Lady Daily had just picked.

“Well, thank you Bryan,”she said’ “you are being trained well.”

Bryan, now nine, stood as tall as the lady’s shoulder. “I appreciate your kindness” he responded with bowed head as he backed out of the room.

He had passed the lady on his way to the practice field so he stopped to help. Now, he hurried to the field so as not to miss practice.


From early in his life as a page Bryan had worked hard managing a shield and wielding a sword. At first they used small wooden replicas since the real weapons were so heavy. Today they were practicing with a lance, a large pointed spear-like weapon.

Try, try again

Bryan mounted his horse and was handed a lance. He looked at the quintain, the target mounted on a post. He aimed with the lance and rode foreword. Bryan hit the target shield but did not ride away quick enough and the straw sack swung around and knocked him off his horse.

“Ooph,” Bryan cried.

“Not to worry,”called the instructor,”get up, let’s try it again.”

And so practice continued.

Common sayings

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again is a common saying to inspire us to practice until we get it right.

Do you ever wonder where these sayings come from. What they really mean?

Here are some resources to help.

A Squire

On the day of Bryan’s fourteenth birthday he was filled with the same excitement he felt at seven.

“Today I shall become a squire,” he told the horse as he groomed her coat. “And after that, a knight” Bryan continued.

“Lord Daily approaches” cried a stable worker.

Bryan quickly knelt in front of his lord.

“A tournament is to be held tomorrow young squire. See to it that everything is made ready.” Lord Daily commanded.

The Armory

Lord Daily left the stable and Bryan ran to the armory. He found Lord Daily's armor and began polishing it at once. After noticing a small dent he hurried to the blacksmith who showed him how to repair the armor.

Late into the evening Bryan worked, polishing and repairing the armor for the tournament the next day.

Make Your Own Helmet and Sword

Create your own armory by making a helmet, sword and shield using cardboard and tin foil.

If you use paper fasteners on the helmet you can have the face plate move up and down.

Look at some heraldry designs and then design something special for your shield.

We used this template for our helmets and they looked awesome!

The Tournament

The next day, Bryan helped Lord Daily into his armour and handed him his lance once the lord had mounted his horse.

Knights from all around came for the tournament. They not only hoped to increase their skills but win prizes for them.

Bryan watched with pride as his lord participated in the jousting tournament.

Each knight that rode against Lord Daily soon found themselves on the ground, pushed off their horse by the lord’s blunted lance.

Create your own tournament! - With homemade costumes, games and a feast!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
The Black Knight - homemade costumeJousting on special horses!A test of balance and strength.Archery competitionMedieval feast (no utensils)
The Black Knight - homemade costume
The Black Knight - homemade costume
Jousting on special horses!
Jousting on special horses!
A test of balance and strength.
A test of balance and strength.
Archery competition
Archery competition
Medieval feast (no utensils)
Medieval feast (no utensils)

Dreams of Knighthood

Lord Daily did indeed win the prize for jousting and Bryan proudly ran to him to take the lance and help get the armour off his back.

Bryan wore the heavy armour himself back to the armoury. He wondered if he could ever get used to the extra weight knights needed to carry around.

When you grow up

What do you dream about being when you grow up? Look into some of the careers that interest you and find out what subjects you should be studying and what hobbies you could start to compliment the job.

Work and Play

Bryan's days were filled with the duties of a squire. When he was not serving his lord he participated on the wrestling or boxing teams. His favorite sport was to swim in the nearby lake and he also enjoyed fencing, for it increased his sword skills.

On nights when his duties had been fulfilled, Bryan would often play chess or backgammon with the other squires

Chess Lessons

Chess can teach many things, including strategy, thinking and planning.

Standing Guard

One day, when Bryan was sixteen, he was called to guard the castle wall. There was no battles yet but a messenger had brought word of unrest from a traveling army three days away.

Bryan stood guard, looking for spies among the merchants and travelers that would wish to enter the castle.

Did You Know?

Every 11:30, the palace guards in the forecourt of Buckingham Palace are changed in a ritual, which lasts about 45 minutes, happens every day in summer, every other day in winter.

Riding to Battle

Shortly after Bryan's guard duty the lord decided to send an army to meet those that were causing the unrest.

Bryan prepared the lord's armour and helped Lord Daily dress. Once the lord was mounted Bryan too mounted a horse to ride beside his lord and carry Lord Daily's shield and lance.

Lord Daily’s army was able to stop the enemy advance this time but a larger army would attack again a few months later.

During each battle, Bryan rode faithfully beside his lord supplying him with the proper weapons for the battle.

Preparing for the Ceremony

Finally, the day of Bryan’s knighting ceremony came.

As Bryan was given a ritual cleansing bath his stomach rumbled.

I must ignore the hunger he reminded himself for he had not eaten for eighteen hours and had six more hours to go before the banquet in his honour.

Wearing a white tunic, Bryan went to the castle chapel where he meditated and prayed all night.

A Knight!

At sunrise, Bryan, wearing his shiny sword knelt before his lord.

“I vow to be brave, loyal and just,” Bryan began. “I will be honourable and courteous and speak only the truth. I will be fair to my enemies and help people in distress. I vow to protect women and show mercy to the weak and defenseless. And I will live according to the rules of the Christian faith.”

When Bryan finished he bowed his head. Lord Daily tapped him on the shoulder with a sword and said “Be a good knight”

Code of Chivalry

Knights vowed to follow a special set of rules (a code). These rules included honesty, fairness and loyalty. There are other codes of conduct set up in our world today. How many similarities can you find to the code of chivalry? Look at the Scouting Laws, Hippocratic oath and the Pledge of Allegiance!

The End

Bryan received shiny new armour and with a proud smile, he followed Lord Daily to the feast in honour of Knight Bryan.

About the Author

Sandra Wilson

I am an experienced home educator with a passion for writing. Joining together these two passions I create interesting unit studies for my children, and now for yours!

I am owner and operator of an educational resource centre where our focus is making learning fun.

Comments on my page? - Thanks for reading!

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    • KarenTBTEN profile image


      6 years ago

      I like how you combined the story line with the modern day activities. Blessed by a SquidAngel.

    • iijuan12 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Great lens! It looks like you had fun! We're just starting our unit on the Medieval period, and this has provided some nice ideas. Thank you! Blessed & liked.

    • iijuan12 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Great lens! It looks like you had fun! We're just starting our unit on the Medieval period, and this has provided some nice ideas. Thank you! Blessed & liked.


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