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What is your trigger?

Updated on May 31, 2012

I may be defining the word "trigger" here in a different light. I limited my definition to this word as; a motivational technique I created for myself in order to enjoy at the same time that I pursue to materialize my dream or to achieve the goals that I created for myself. I believe in this statement;

"The dreams of dreamers can lead to great achievements." Everybody is capable of dreaming for a better life or for anything that one desires for his/her life; but only a few has the ability to pursue and achieve their goals. Pure logical reasoning very often wear us down with obvious reasons why it is impossible to pursue such a dream, and so these dream of such dreamers lie a still born, never seeing the "light of day".

Triggers techniques make almost everything workable therefore possible.

A trigger is a combination of physical action which the mind is aware of and agrees to follow as soon as the body does the agreed action; hence it is physical, mental or imagining or visualizing, as well as emotional which must be done to achieve the desired result to a goal.
I share the following technique as an example, anyone can create their own specific techniques. I made the "action words" bold to give my readers the idea on what is to be done.

Techniques I use to trigger myself to eagerly do what I want

I used this method;

1. I decide what outcome I want.
= I love writing but I can only write if in a given moment, to write is the one thing I enjoy doing above all things.

2. I think of familiar things that I already enjoy doing or that which is of utmost importance for me, and this is what I write about; for example, public speaking.
= Having decided the desired outcome and having chosen the subject I am already motivated to write about, I imagine myself as follow;
a.) writing or typing on my laptop;
b.) looking at the typewritten words on the word-pad page as I am typing on it;
c.) seeing my fingers move on the keyboards as I touch the letters to form the perfect words that I desire to convey;
d.) hearing the clicking of the keyboards as I continue to type;
e.) feeling the sensations inside me;
f.) observing the clarity of my thoughts that flow in my creative mind;
g.) while I am visualizing all these activities;
h.) I press down on my left knee; this action creates a trigger, which is a one trial conditioned reflex that would call forth the sensations whenever I press my knee in the same way again.

3. Then I imagine myself speaking before an appreciative big audience-when I need to "feel again" the joy when I was speaking in front of an audience in the past then I press my right knee.
=Now that makes two triggers.

4. Then I apply the double triggering technique to produce both sensations simultaneously.

5. Lastly, I mentally rehearse writing. I imagine myself writing in various places with this new eagerness I just had created for myself. I also imagine myself as a successful author reaping the satisfactions and rewards of this achievement.

Now what is your trigger? Try creating your own, it's fun and it me.


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