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Assertiveness and Self-Evaluation; It's Not on "What" is said, but on "Who" says so.

Updated on March 12, 2012

What is Assertiveness?

The Wikipidia definition of Assertiveness; it is "a form of behavior characterized by a confident declaration or affirmation of a statement without need of proof; this affirms the person's rights or point of view without either aggressively threatening the rights of another (assuming a position of dominance) or submissively permitting another to ignore or deny one's rights or point of view."

Who is in authority to assert his person?

The Doctor or the ten fools combined who had never gone to any formal medical studies, and who claim that they made some research work on the field that the doctor specialized for years on research and studies and scientific experiments?

Who has got the authority? Who will you listen to? Who is more reliable? Only fools listen to hearsay and gossips because they are gullible.

In this situation, one person (the doctor) is the majority against the ten unreliable fools.

Any sensible person who is sick would consult the doctor rather than listen to ten fools in the street who say that they had "researched" on your type of illness and tell you what to do. The doctor had spent years of his life specializing in the field of medicine and human physical condition; he did not "just researched" one short time and applied his erroneous and illogical perception based on trial and error.

Someone here said that one have to be nice in order to gather followers and that's the way it is; yes that's the way it is in the minds of the fools but not in "high places."

The King would declare one word and everyone bow before him. He is wise and no one can question his authority but a fool.
The King would declare one word and everyone bow before him. He is wise and no one can question his authority but a fool.

Assertiveness: It is not on "What" is said, but it is on "Who" says so.

Everybody wants to be heard, to be read, to gather a big audience to pay attention to what they say but the fools only have the fools like them to listen to among themselve.

The sage, the king, the wise men won't listen to what fools say. But the fools are obliged to listen to the king no matter they understand what he says or not. If they don't understand they will be beheaded without them even knowing why; and if they pay attention and understand and follow with understanding they might be spared from the king's wrath or even be rewarded; who knows what the king might do.

The fool who craves attention among the masses of fools.
The fool who craves attention among the masses of fools.

An extreme example or emphasis.

"There is a way that seems right unto a man but the end thereof is destruction." The wise man said.

The fool gather unto himself all the nations to support his big mouth, to shout with him in the street for their demands to be met and for their rights. The masses of fools support him and they march in the street; but there's only just one king to sign his name and say, "Banish them from my sight." and they all perish.

What do fools talk about?

Fools talk about mundane every day things such as objects, material things, incidents, happenings, news, opinions on what they observe, how to do things, how to follow people, what other people are doing, where people are going and all the likes. They make big deals on all these subject matters and live all their lives getting busy on all these things.

What do assertive people talk about?

Assertive people talk about "cause and effect" and wisdom. Their lives are models and examples to prove their points; they don't even talk much about anything else; they just live their principled life and let things and people be; he only speaks of wisdom because people consult him on why he lives life easily. He never cause problems in order to create solutions because in the first place he knows what is right and he knows that when problems come, they resolve themselves and life supports itself.

In short an assertive person is one against the majority...the gullible majority who is the target of the business world; the majority who is in the bandwagon of fools who make big deals on mundane products so the inventors and the business icons who are experts in the field of human behavior, create certain types of cravings and hunger in the foolish majority to believe in their needs and must patronize anything new because these are big deals to them. The majority fools who work hard for money and yet give away all their money to everything useless but big deal for them because they had been "gullied" and had bought into the foolish ideas. They have no idea how foolish they are, being a fool is lots of fun for as long as they can meet all the foolish requirements.

But the assertive person just watch them; he may try to warn them of the truth that he only can see but the fools mock him because it is beyond them to see in the eyes of wisdom. They are fools, what do you expect? But what is sad is that they are a majority.


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