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How to Live a Life Full of Abundance in all Seven Areas: Love and Relationship, Money, Family...

Updated on January 27, 2013

The Key is "Balanced Life"


"Balance" is the key

I will enumerate here the seven major and important ingredients for a balanced and blessed or fulfilling life.

1. Self-Expression

2. Relationships

3. Work/Job/Position/Career/Business

4. Money/Material Possessions

5. Leisure/Hobbies

6. Travels/Explorations/Growth and Development/Expansion

7. Sharing

What is within so is without

Self Expression
Self Expression


To top the list for a balanced life is Self-Expression. How you live your life; your lifestyle, your relationships in all types, your career, your income, and all the rest of your life's experiences are determined by how you see and regard yourself from within as you effectively express it to the world or the society where you belong.

It is very easy to enumerate all these balancing components of a fulfilling life but to live a balanced life starts from how you live your "inner life" and effectively present it outward. Each of us lives in our own "inner world"; this "inner world" exactly and automatically reflects on your outside world or to the circumstances in your life.

Who are you in your inner world? Are you beautiful, smart, healthy, friendly? What are the roles you play in your inner world? Are you happy with yourself? How do you dress yourself? What are the words you say to yourself? Are they encouraging words? Do you love, respect and accept yourself just as you are and completely in your inner world? Do you see yourself as needing improvement? How do you improve yourself in your inner world? How do you see yourself interacting with people? Who are these people you include and invite to participate in all your activities and who help you develop your potentials? Do you invite only people who can prosper you? Or do you invite enemies too?

These are just among the millions of situations, people, events and life experiences that interplay as the content or inhabitants in your "inner world". Whatever is the content in your inner world...good or bad, negative or positive, happy or sad, rich or poor, the list can continue to infinity, are the ones that replicate in your outward reality. Each one's reality exists in the inside, the outside is just the mirror of such reality.

Strength in Relationship.

Family relationship.
Family relationship.

Importance of Strength in Relationships

This reminds me of the very good question of another hubber, KeithJK, which goes

"If you had a limit of seven, who would you want in your Heaven?"

and in which I answered as follow;

"1. Papa for logical and intellectual outlook in life, and abundance;

2. Mama for unfailing love and purity of heart and intention;

3. Rey (my son) for my joy and inspiration;

4. Jean (my daughter) for relishing the beauty of this universe;

5. Greg (my husband) for extending my desire to continue living

6. Ma'am Veron (my best friend) for being my sounding board and mirror of what is going on around me in connection to my assertiveness;

7. Betty (my English ex-sister-in-law) for interracial closeness of any types relationship ...

If I am not limited to 7, I have a million more people to take with me to my Heaven...for very good reasons."

Given the premise of perfect self-expression that originates from your own "inner world"; the people, including animals or pets, and even material possessions and events in your life are products of the quality of the "inner world" you had created.

You are the artist who created your inner world; you created you and everything that is you, your thoughts, your feelings, your physical looks, your activities, and the people involved in everything that is you; and a lot more that you can imagine.

This time let's focus on relationships; Strength in any relationships depends so much in your own strength to deal with yourself. Whatever is the quality of your self-esteem or self-value reflects on the quality of people and the quality or strength-and-weakness of relationships you have with others.

Let me enumerate some basic relationships that could determine how balanced your life is;

1. Family

2. Peer group and friends

3. Colleagues and associates

4. Interaction and socialization with the general public

Family- Are you a loving, responsible, and devoted daughter/son, sister/brother, wife/husband, mother/father? Plus all the attractive personality traits as a family member.

Peer group and friends- How do you see the immediate people around you? The quality and strength of your relationship with your family makes an impression on how your peer group and friends regard you and in turn determine how you react with the individuality of your peers.

Colleagues and Associates-If you are a responsible member of the family, (depending on how you define "responsible") then your colleagues also see you as such and everything will be easy for you to climb the ladder of success in whatever you do or in whatever position you have in your job/business situation. Isn't that people help in many different ways, to prosper you when most, if not all of them see your integrity?

The General Public- This is sometimes, if not often, a scary situation, depending on, in what society you are situated or you stumble to be in. These are the people outside your safety zone and yet, how you are in your "inner world", your family, your peer group, and associates, will also determine how you handle yourself in the bigger world.

To summarize; Strength or weakness in any form of relationships is a strong determinant in the balancing of your life.

Career and Money

Work/Job/Position/Career/Business 4. Money/Material Possessions
Work/Job/Position/Career/Business 4. Money/Material Possessions

Work/Job/Position/Career/Business , Money/Material Possessions

It is now easy to understand how things are related once the foundation is established. This reminds me of another hubber, dallas93444, who answered to my forum which states "How do you accept failure?"

His perfect response is this;

"Failure is a definition of an event. A "failure" can be a building block, rather than a stumbling block... We get to decide.
Most of us experience similar things, our reaction to them defines who we are..."

Your success depends so much on your reaction to certain events in your life.

Can you see what needs improvement in your career/business situation, and can you determine how much money or income per any given period you are worth according to your personal assessment, personal value and capability?

These are all parts of your Self-Expression process in your "inner world". The strength of your relationships in all four categories also determine how far you can go because people in your circle help, in any way, to push you naturally based on their individual connection with you in the relationship category.

Leisure/Hobbies 6. Travels/Explorations/Growth and Development/Expansion

Leisure/Hobbies  Travels/Explorations/Growth and Development/Expansion
Leisure/Hobbies Travels/Explorations/Growth and Development/Expansion

Leisure/Hobbies 6. Travels/Explorations/Growth and Development/Expansion

There is truth in the old adage "Work and work makes one dull; Work and play makes one happy..."

This area of a balanced life covers a wide range; travel, hobby, play and enjoy with family and love ones, going back to school for some short or long term additional skills and knowledge, and just being happy with the company or bonding with any or all of the four relationship categories, and also doing what you exactly want to do as a hobby or perhaps an alternative means of earning.

Sharing the balanced life

Sharing the balanced life
Sharing the balanced life

Sharing the balanced life

There's another old adage which really works, well for me and my love ones and the whole of my relationships cycle, which goes "You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving."

To summarize; A balanced life is one that has abundance in joy and success in all seven areas of life as mentioned in the onset of this discussion and ends in sharing all of your blessings in all these areas with people around you and the next generation.


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