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My Life is Shaped by My Choices

Updated on May 26, 2012


"My decisions are statements of my identity;
Every decision I make embodies my self-concept and my view of the world;
Choices are not mere isolated events on the periphery of my life, rather choices are my life.
Good decisions are my true thoughts and feelings; my beliefs and emotions that draw vital wisdom inherent in me.
I am conscious of my motivations.
I am aware of the beliefs that propel me toward or away from what I truly desire or my goals and dreams;
I am always Divinely-guided and my spiritual awareness leads me to the fulfilling life that I deserve."

I had written the preceding in "My Notes" in Facebook in November last year. I was in fact reluctant to write this down in my hubpages because this is somewhat personal; but then I realized that since I cannot see how I am going to make money in my article-writing in any sites in the Net due to my phobia and the too many diversified bad experiences I have had here in the Net such as hacking and outright grabbing of my accounts, so I have decided to just write down my convictions along with my experiences that confirmed such convictions; this is my choice of theme n any of my write-ups. I had decided to write mostly on subject matters that may inspire my readers or followers in their every day life in the soul level.

Chasing rainbows?

People are busy "chasing rainbows"

What most people are busy about?

Most people are busy searching on how to get or earn more money, whether in the Net or in real life situation. Everything they do is always a byproduct of their persistence to get more money. It's not bad actually, when they do it in all honesty of intention; it is valid when they do it with integrity and without molesting or destroying other people's works.
I advocate Divine Guidance in securing a life of abundance rather than on "chasing rainbows" method of acquiring wealth.
I like these lines of a song, I added more words based on my experiences;

"Are you tired of chasing pretty rainbows? Are you tired of spinning round and round? Lay down your dreams and submit it to the Greatest Intelligence that knows better than you can ever know in your lifetime."

Each of us lives our lives by following certain sets of patterns that our psyche had perceived and set for us as a result of our imaginations, choices, decision-making and actual life experiences over the years.
Life is full of complexities that it is difficult to focus on a goal that we supposedly desire to achieve. In the first place, even to create a goal is complicated by itself. Even in the idea of creating a goal is already a difficult task because it needs certain degree of conviction within us, otherwise fear gets in the way; that fear of not achieving the goal is by itself a block to create a goal.

Dreams and goals?

What choices do you have?

What are your goals?

There are as many goals as there are many needs, wants, desires, and urges in the individual levels. Lots of people get mixed up in their goals for education and career, money and income, self-esteem or socialization and status quo, health or fitness and beauty, relationships and romance, socialization, comfort and self-actualization; the list could go on to infinity.

Goals undergo certain processes starting from;
1. why the goal was created
2. what specific goal to focus in a specific time and place
3. the advantages and disadvantages in setting such a goal
4. setting alternative courses of actions to pursue such a goal
5. the pros and cons of a chosen alternative
6. strategies of implementing the chosen course of action.

And these are just among other things that any sensible person can do. What about those who never bother to create a goal in the first place because they have such mental attitude as to just exist and follow whatever society is set for them?
What will happen to the definition of man as a sentient being? Man as a thinking being?
Even "to think" or "not to think" is a matter of choice. "To think" is to set goals for one's self in any area of one's existence. "Not to think" means, "to just follow what everybody else thinks and do." It's easier to imitate or duplicate than to design, create and to be original in any area of one's life.


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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      ken blair,

      Thanks again for the visit.

    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      ken blair,

      Thanks for dropping by and for the comment. The future is non-existent either. How we live our now and how we make our choices in a moment by moment basis is all there is in life. We cannot live our tomorrow now although we can create our tomorrow now and this is why goal-setting is important. Fate is just a term which connotes "going with the flow" or doing what everybody else is doing and charge to fate what could result.

      Assertiveness and alertness to what is going on in our daily interaction with people, objects and everything there is in one's life is very important in living our here and now satisfactorily.

    • ken blair profile image

      ken blair 5 years ago

      We needed to act and make right choices to build a good future. Fate does not really exist, it is what you decide now that makes who you are in the future. Thanks for sharing your own perspective here.