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Three Cases of Stupidity that Cost Life

Updated on May 27, 2012

Three chickens and...?

Three sad news

Three sad news reached me today from a supposedly closely-related family but were existing only in a distant past.
I have to take note that last week as I was doing my walking exercise around St. Dominic Corinthian Subdivision where my home is now located; I came across three young native roosters which I took picture with my camera. Their beautiful varied colors attracted me and also reminded me of my childhood in my father's farm in Chile Valley. I then posted the photo in my RedGage account which I repeatedly twitted in Twitters.
Selfa, my first cousin who I had not seen for almost three decades now was able to get my number through my sister; she had started contacting me since two weeks ago. She had called me four times since then and was updating "whatabouts" concerning relatives that I had known in the past.
This morning she had told me these three stupidities that cost three lives; one niece and two nephews, all siblings or children of my half sister Raquel.

The three bad news;

1. Three chicken that cost Melvin's life.

I was nineteen years old and Melvin was eleven years old when I spent a week vacation in the summer of 1974 in his parent's farm in Chile Valley.
Chile Valley was a 120-hectare farm originally owned by my Dad when we were children until Raquel came and claimed a share of that farm for herself and her growing family. My Dad eventually gave her one half of that farm, sixty hectares, in 1965 because she got eighteen children and at that time her husband, Tirso, was serving six years in the National Penitensiary for murdering a neighbor; it was alleged that the neighbor was grabbing a portion of his farm on the boundary between his farm and the neighbor's.
Raquel is my Dad's "accidental" daughter from his 25-year-old nanny-maid, Dora, when he was a 17-year-old college student in a far away city of Cebu; but this is another story. Raquel is 30 years older than me and she was already a mother of 7 children the first time I met her; I was seven years old then and was my first time to learn about her existence.
My Dad had eventually given Raquel all the 120-hectares Chile Valley Farm and bought another 50 hectares of farm in another province, Valencia, Bukidnon, for me and for my two younger siblings.
I had just come out from the Mission School in Manila in that summer of 1974 when my Dad sent me and my sister, Leah to spend vacation in Chile Valley. We brought my Dad's letter for Raquel and her husband, Tirso; he was telling them to take care of us for this one week vacation.
Raquel and Tirso were very good to us; that vacation proved to be a very nostalgic one. Chile Valley was such a beautiful and productive farm and with Raquel's 18 children who, more than a half of them were already married and having children themselves, occupied the whole farm like it was a whole village of blood relatives.
One afternoon while on that vacation, one of Raquel's sons, Melvin, 11 years old at that time, was very sick having very high temperature. No matter what Raquel did, Melvin's fever won't go down so I volunteered to help. My Nursing Aide training in the Mission School gave me some know-how to lower down temperature; I applied it to Melvin in that situation which finally brought down his feverish temperature to normal. Raquel was very thankful. That was the last time I had encounter with Melvin, 38 years ago.
Last night Selfa called and asked me if I remember my nephew by the name Melvin, I said "yes, I remember him very well". It was then she said that Melvin was murdered; he was shoot in the chest twice and died instantly.
Three stolen chicken was the reason. The story goes that this neighbor stole three chicken from Melvin; he then went to the neighbor's house and saw his three chicken in the neighbor's pen; he went to pick his chicken and the confrontation between the two ensued which resulted to the shootout and eventually, Melvin's death, he is 47 years old...yes! three chicken for his life!

2. Infatuation to a teen-age slut that destroyed a decent and prosperous family;

That news of a deadly stupidity that cost Melvin's life was already depressingly disgusting but it was not all that made my day one of the worst of all time.
Noel is another son of Raquel. He is three years older than me. The last time we were reunited was during my son's graduation in high school in 1993, 19 years ago. I was 38 and Noel was 41.
It was a happy celebration for my son's graduation where I ordered one whole lechon (whole roasted pig) and more delicacies which were more than enough to serve my whole bunch of visitors and relatives from far away places. It was a two-day celebration where in the second day we all went to a picnic in the famous and luxury swimming pools of Timoga.
Noel and his wife, Shirley and their two beautiful children, a boy aged 17 and a girl aged 13 attended that celebration; we really had a good time together. Noel is 6 years younger than Shirley.

Noel was my favorite nephew because aside from our being almost the same age in which we spent lots of fun together in our childhood every time my family visited the farm, he was also the most handsome look-alike of my Dad and the most successful and prosperous nephew in all of Raquel's children.
Shirley, though six years older than Noel, is a decent and educated lady. She is the only heiress of Herculana's farmlands and properties. Herculana, my parents' close friend, was a rich old lady who owned a vast coconut plantation. She had also bought a ten-hectare rice farm from my Dad in Chile Valley.
Shirley was an accountant who worked in DBP (Development Bank of the Philippines) bank in the city when one summer vacation and she was 25 years old, she went to Chile Valley with her mother during harvest time of rice. It was then that she met the 19-year-old handsome farm boy, Noel. She was smitten and the romance between the two started and flourished until they got married the next year.
In my last meeting with Noel and Shirley during my son's graduation, Noel and Shirley had been running their own ranch composed of some three to four dozens of cattle; they also owned the first completely furnished home in Chile Valley; owned 12 hectares of productive farm. Noel had a good and prosperous family.
But today, the sad news was so depressing. Selfa said that Noel got infatuated with a 17-year-old slut who went to the farm one harvest season in 2000. He pursued the slut despite Shirley's warnings and protest. Shirley and the children eventually left him. She took everything and the children lost respect to their father.
Noel continued to chase the slut who never cared for him anymore after she had had taken what little was left for Noel. Noel is worse than a loser; he is now a drunk, homeless and hopelessly sick and looking older than he is. Depressingly disgusting!

3. Tita's death

Tita is one year older than Noel. She was the prettiest daughter of Raquel. I just learned today of her death.
Tita was the local crowned muse in Dansolihon, the small town where Chile Valley is located. She was supposedly the most favored daughter, not only because she was pretty and sought after by many wealthy men in the locality and in the city as well, but also because she was the most energetic, the healthiest, smartest and having the highest educational attainment among Raquel's children.
She used to work as a designer in an export garment factory in the city; it was there where she met Tata Munoz who eventually married her. Tata comes from a prominent family with old wealth, and he was also a tailor. Together, they ran their own tailoring and garment business.
After giving birth to a son, Tata started womanizing and Tita cannot take it. She gradually got sick and eventually died of an unknown cause. Tata took the new woman as a live-in partner less than a year after Tita's death.

Reaction to these sad news?

These news are really disgusting; while I am writing this, Melvin is still in the morgue, dead for nothing, no three chickens.

Decades of advocating self-awareness and manifesting only good things in life seem to have lost its essence when I first heard the depressing news. These incidents in my own family are insults to what I am preaching. My mind went back to the three young native roosters that I took photos, the three chickens that cost Melvin's life, and the three depressing news.

What could be the connection?


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    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      OMGirdle ,

      Thanks for dropping by.

    • Jynzly profile imageAUTHOR

      Jenny Pugh 

      6 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA


      Thank you for reading my hub. Yes, truly depressing.

    • OMGirdle profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Interesting and depressing at the same time. Thank you for sharing your family's history.


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