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Keep it Moving Forward: Quotes to Inspire Motion

Updated on July 30, 2019
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Sharon has a passion for reading non-fiction books and writing about what she learns from her research and her experiences.

I love quotes, those short little phrases that inspire you to take action. Quotes come from all areas of life. Many meaningful quotes originate from famous people who have changed our world in significant ways. These intellectuals have provide us with simple wisdom to remind us that we need to be forever in motion.


Ready, Get Set, Let's Go!

Stagnation is a disease; it stinks and rots. The antidote for this state is motion, action and movement. The world rewards the doers of our time so don't stand on the sidelines get up and dance!

Analysis paralysis is a common affliction in these days of information overwhelm. We have access to enormous amounts of data at our fingertips. Don't confuse the consumption of information with progress. If you are inspired by a quote or something you read take the next step - take the action.

Remember these simple quotes that will remind you that without action you are stagnating. Try to keep moving in the right direction and that direction is forward. Let's go!

The Moss and the Stone



Publilius Syrus

Just who is Publilius Syrus? He was a Latin writer born in 85 B.C. A Syrian slave, he was brought to Italy but proved he was very witty and intelligent, and a prolific writer of quotes. His master decided to educate Publilius and eventually granted him freedom.

Stones can't move, at least not on their own, so they will eventually succumb to the growth of moss. However, if the stone rolls that moss can't adhere to it now can it? People are very much the same. If we don't move, learn, and grow, we will become stagnant, tired and depressed. Not a good recipe for success.

This quote is associated with the nomadic lifestyle of always moving on with no responsibilities but is also interpreted as meaning we must keep moving to avoid death or stagnation.

Perhaps the group the Rolling Stones were inspired by this quote when they were deciding on names. They sure are living up to it's meaning. I believe they are still together and still rocking after all these years. Keep on rolling!

Wise Words from a Founding Father



Benjamin Franklin

You can be in full motion and not really doing anything significant. You work on the small easy tasks and the important stuff never gets done. I have written about in in my article "How to Get Things Done and Stop Procrastinating"

If Benjamin Franklin did not concentrate on his work we just might be without electricity as we know it today. Benjamin was a driven man who knew what to drive he was able to ignore the minutiae. He was always looking for ways to improve the way in which we lived. Franklin had a vision for society and he acted upon his vision. No meaningless motion for this founding father!

Join the Dance!



Alfred Adler.

Alfred Adler was an Austrian medical doctor and psychotherapist who was a colleague of Sigmund Freud. Adler was a co-founder of the psychoanalytic movement.

Life is a jumble of events and experiences and we must get out there and live it. Reading is not the true experience. Read to inspire and then do! Life is perpetual motion that must include action. We learn and grow only when we get out there and do. Becoming successful depends greatly on your ability to just show up and join the dance!

Get on the Bike of Life



Albert Einstein

And once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget right? But sometimes we fall by the wayside and lose our way. To keep reaching new heights you must keep on going. Change is inevitable and should not be avoided, after all it's going to happen anyway. So you either ride the bike through your life you let life take you for a ride!

I don't know about you but I would rather be riding the bike. Keeping your life in balance but no stopping and settling. Complacency is death! Albert Einstein produced many complicated scientific theories but he simplifies for us in this quote the need for perpetual movement in our lives. So let's get on that bike and ride!

Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Keep on Juggling



Sir Issac Newton

This is not an exact quote but is one of Newton's laws in physics. It is often interpreted beyond its definition in science to mean that once we get our momentum we will tend to keep building upon it as long as we stay in motion. Keep taking action as it is much more difficult to start all over again once we have lost our momentum.

For example, it is much easier to juggle balls by adding one ball at a time, keeping them in motion. You really cannot add the balls until the momentum is there and is perpetual. Life is much like that you keep taking action, momentum builds and new avenues open before you.

Keep Rambling with the Stones

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Keep Moving Forward!!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Sharon Bellissimo


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