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Knowledge Community Culture as 21st Century Force of History for Renaissance Hometown USA

Updated on February 3, 2013

Cultivating Wisdom __Powerful Force of History

At this second decade of 21st Century, force of history favors Renaissance Hometown USA existing now . The caveat is that wisdom prevails among our leaders both in government and industry to strengthen community institution within affordable means as both necessary and possible.

Let's consider the case of the key trigger factors for the Italian Renaissance that blossomed the independent city states in Italy at the end of the so called "Dark Ages" that existed in Europe till the 13th Century. The force of history with key elements Genoa, Venice, Florence and Milan were the most notable.

The great minds in Arts, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci and a few contempories rose to prominence with patronage from the merchant prince rulers of Forence and Milan.

Italian Renaissance to Age Of Discovery

__More Wisdom Of Force of History

If such wealthy merchant princes did not recognize and value the talents of such “great minds” as Leonardo on the arts side and then also for engineering and science side, then force of history would not have the triggers of “great minds’ to enable the Renaissance .

The other key to the continuing beyond the Renaissance was the arrival of the Age of Discovery by skilled sea captains such as Columbus and others representing the crowns of the European seafaring nations__England, France, Holland, Portugal and Spain in particular. Such sea captains were skilled in the science and engineering in the use of astronomy and navigation that enabled such risky and ardous journey in search of new routes to the Indies .

The key economic incentives European monarch of Spain and later England and France closely behind to lend support to the Sea Voyage promoters as Columbus was need to discover alternate trade routes when the overland Silk Road passed to the hands of Islamic rulers of Persia and Middle East.

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Triggers of Renaissance Italy - End of Dark Age & European Crusades


Emergence of artists and inventor who helped triggered the Renaissance of the European City States was not possible in the previous 4 centuries when the culture of Europe, then dominated by internal wars among neighboring monarchs or energies of people and princes sapped by the 7 Crusades to recapture Jerusalem.

During this “Dark Age of Europe”, horrors of war with man’s inhumanity to man the man are the main characteristics in the pre-Renaissance period.

This “Dark Age” perioud existed after the fall of Rome in the 5h Century. The other key characteristic of this period is misery, death for common people and aristrocrats alike of Europe and near east as the key force of history.

From End of Crusades to Renaissance City States__Italy


At the end of the European Crusadeing period left particularly Genoa and Venice with large fleets of ships that could then be diverted for trade mostly, helping to trigger Renaissance of the City States of Italy.

So this in summary is the force of history wisdom of the past that drove emergence of the Renaissance.

These longer term forces can be understood and cannot be ignored in strengthening the arts and science bridge as key to Knowledge Community Culture as 21st Century Force of History for Renaissance for humanity.

Welcome to Force of History__Wisdom to Community Action for Renaissance Hometown USA

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