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British Royal Family : The Entire History Of The Kings And Queens Of Britain If They'd Ruled For The Last 60 Minutes

Updated on September 7, 2014
The Domesday Book
The Domesday Book | Source

The Last Of The Anglo Saxons

Its 1066, the top of the hour and William The Conqueror has just defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings. Hence William becomes King William I, the first of the Norman kings and will now reign for 1 minute and 20 seconds. During this time the Domesday Book is produced.

For the next 50 seconds King William II rules. He is killed in the New Forest by a stray arrow and, today, the Rufus Stone still marks the spot where he fell. For the next 2 minutes and 10 seconds King Henry I is on the throne. After his death England goes into civil war. King Stephen takes us through the first 5 minutes of the hour and is the last of the Norman rulers.

King Henry II
King Henry II | Source

The Next 16 Minutes

It is the Plantagenets, a powerful family both here and in Europe, who rule from 5 minutes and 32 seconds for the next 16 minutes. King Henry II reigns for the next 2'16". he is most well known for being responsible for the murder of Thomas A becket in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170.

King Henry II successor King Richard I or Richard The Lionheart spent most of his 36 seconds fighting in the Crusades. King John, ruling from 8'24" to 9'30", takes us towards our first 10 minutes of the hour and into the 13th century. He is responsible for the Magna Carta.

King Henry III is 9 years old when he ascends the throne. He rules from 9'30" until the thirteenth minute during which he begins parlaiment and the House of Commons.

King Edward I takes us into the 1300s and rules for 2'12" passing the first quarter of an hour. He is famous for battling Robert The Bruce. King Edward II rules from 15'15" to 16 minutes and his rulership is marked by conflict with the nobles, eventually being overthrown by his wife. King Edward III was 14 years old and ruled for 2'30". During his reign Bubonic Plague claimed the lives of half the population of England and Europe. Its now 19'06" past the hour and King Richard II will rule for the next 2 minutes. Geoffrey Chaucer will write the Canterbury Tales and this will be the end of the Plantagenet dynasty as the House of Lancaster takes over.

Eton College
Eton College | Source

The House Of Lancaster

King Henry IV siezed the crown from Richard II and reigns for the next 52 seconds before dying of leprosy in 1413. King henry V is only a monarch for 35 seconds taking us to 22'33" past the hour. He was 14 years old and proved to be a great warrior defeating the French in the Battle of Agincourt.

Even younger is King Henry VI who is 9 months old when he is crowned but he rules for 2'27", taking us to the 25th minute. Eton college is founded while he rules but he loses the War Of The Roses. He is murdered in the Tower Of London and ends the House of Lancasters reign.

The Yorkists

King Edward IV is crowned the first king of the House Of York and rules for 1 minute 27 seconds. He dies in 1483. King Edward V became king in April 1483 and in June was deposed.He became known along with his brother, Richard, as the Princes In The Tower. Left in the protection of their uncle Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Richard imprisoned them in the Tower of London where they were probably murdered on his orders. Ruling for only 6 seconds King Richard III is killed in the Battle Of Bosworth Field ending the Yorkists rule.

The Rise Of The Tudors

King Henry VII ends the War Of The Roses, founds the Tudors and modernises the government and legal system during his one and half minutes on the throne. He takes us into the 1500s he leaves us a reasonably united country and succeeded by his second son. King Henry VIII takes to the throne and, during his 2'24" rulership, is most well known for having six wives. He dies in 1547 and brings us round to the 30'52" mark

King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII | Source

Queen Mary


The Next Half Hour

After the death of King Henry VIII, his son by Jane Seymour is crowned King Edward VI. He reigns for 22 seconds, is never a well person and dies aged only fifteen. Queen Jane takes over but is overthrown by Queen Mary, who has Jane executed in 1554. Queen Mary or Bloody Mary rules for the next 19 seconds taking us to 31'18" past the hour.

Queen Elizabeth I is the next ruler and is on the throne for the next 2'11". During her reign the New World (America) is discovered and she unites England and Scotland. Hence, she is the last queen of England, the last Tudor monarch and takes us into the 1600s.

The House Of Stuarts

King James I becomes the first king of the 17th century and begins the reign of the House Of Stuarts. While he is king, over the next 1'23", Guy Fawkes tries to blow up the Houses Of Parliament and Sir Walter raleigh is executed.

From 35 minutes and 30 seconds for the next 1'31" King Charles I takes to the throne and is responsible for the English Civil War. He is executed in 1649.

For the next 41 seconds England becomes a Republic ruled by Oliver Cromwell until his death. His son abdicates the crown and so; the Stuarts are reinstated to the throne with King Charles II in 1660. The next 1'35" of Charles' reign sees London suffer with the Black Death and the Great Fire. Sir Christopher Wren builds St Pauls Cathedral.

The next 11 seconds are ruled by King James II, who is hated by the people for his persecution of the protestants. King William III and his wife Queen Mary II reign for another 11 seconds and take us into the 1700s. Queen Anne rules until 40 minutes and 27 seconds past the hour. She is the last Stuart sovereign. During her reign an act parliament brings Scotland and England together to form Great Britain.

Sir Roberts Walpole : Great Britains First Prime Minister


The Georgian Era : The House Of Hanover

King George I is the first House Of Hanover king and he is German. His 50 seconds of rule sees Sir Robert Walpole become Englands very first Prime Minister. King George II reigns for 2'05". He is the last king to fight on the battlefield (King Richard III was the last to die on the battlefield). King george III spends 3'48" on the throne, taking us past the 45 minute mark and into the 19th Century. While he rules, America declares independence, Australia is colonised and the French Revolution takes place. King George IV rules for 38 seconds before King William IV takes over sovereignty for 26 seconds until 48'15". England abolishes slavery in the colonies.

Queen Victoria

For the next 4 minutes and 3 seconds the mighty Queen Victoria rules. Whilst she is the monarch there is an Industrial Revolution which begins to shape the world we live in now. Her reign takes us into the final 10 minutes of the hour at 52'18" and into the 20th Century.

King Edward VII is the only king of the Saxe-Coburg Gotha and during his 34 seconds of rule is known as Edward the Peacemaker. King George V comes to the throne in 1910 and changes the family name to Windsor. During his 1'39" of rule there is the First World War and women get to vote for the first time thanks to the Suffragettes. After his death in 1936 King Edward VIII abdicates, after 3 seconds of rule, to marry Mrs Wallis Simpson. One minute and one second is spent on the throne by King George VI. The Second World War is fought and massive social change occurs in Britain thereafter.

Queen Elizabeth II


The Last Five Minutes

Its now 55'32" past the hour when Queen Elizabeth II becomes the next monarch. Her reign sees Europe at peace for the longest time in its history and the world becomes globalized. She takes us into the 21st century and is the most popular monarch ever. She brings us back to the top of the hour. In the next hour Queen Elizabeth will be the mother the future King Charles III, the grandmother of King William V and the great-grandmother of King George VII.


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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 4 months ago from London England

      In considering almost 1000 years of English history, 188 of those years have seen the reign of women on the throne.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 13 months ago from London England

      Year 2017 and the Sapphire Jubilee for 65 glorious years on the throne.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 2 years ago from London England

      Her Majesty the Queen is the second longest reigning Monarch in the world only to the King of Thailand reigning since 1946.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 2 years ago from London England

      Our Sovereign Lady, Her Majesty the Queen has just celebrated her 89th birthday. Events to mark the occasion included gun salutes by the Royal Artillery at the Tower and in Hyde Park. Yet another milestone in the Queen's long reign.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 3 years ago from London England