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Act With Lawful Rebellion Against Our Illegal System, Now - Learn Why And How!

Updated on April 10, 2012

The Art Of Lawful Rebellion By John Harris

Did you know that the law of the land isn't the law of the land? It was, in fact, founded on Maritime law. Why do you say your oath in the Docks then?

Did you know that your Government... Social Services ... the Courts themselves are listed as Limited Companies? No? Well, let me tell you that this is a fact - check it out yourself!

This article will give you a brief overview on the art of lawful rebellion, highlighted simply by John Harris - a Carpenter from Watford, Hertfordshire in the UK. This is not just a UK issue - it is a world wide phenomenon.

You are a bonded slave. You have all been duped into battery chicken syndrome. After all, how does a battery chicken know happiness when all he knows is the cage? We are the battery humans and the corporates are our cage. Act with lawful rebellion against our illegal system before we are silenced in the coup!

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Bonded Slavery: Fight Back With Lawful Rebellion ...

... Become Free Range!
... Become Free Range!

Why Are You A Bonded Slave?

Before you learned to speak and within a month of your birth, your parents registered you to the corporation. Just as their parents before, they handed you over as a bonded slave.

The Register of Births, Deaths and Marriages Ltd enlisted yet another slave, just like your predecessors, they knew not what they did. This is the start of your life as a battery human. Your parents are just Guardians for the state. It is only now that, if they feel fit, Social Services Ltd can take you away into the care of the state. They now have the power.

You are a bonded slave because your parents are bound by corporate slavery. If they did not report you to the Government, then they could be fined at best or imprisoned at worse. The only exception to this is if you are a traveller - then you are free - but then that is only if you come from a generation of free rangers.


Government Corporations - A World Wide Interest

All Government departments, the electoral parties that represent us, the country for which we live, health services and our courts are listed as Corporates at Companies House (see link below).

As you can see in the following picture shots, this is true and is blatant corporate slavery which, doesn't just exist for United Kingdom Ltd, but for all world powers. Bonded slavery is alive and kicking all over the world.

Don't be hood-winked into thinking that this refers only to Britain, but it effects every human being in every single country of the world. I am sure you have your equivalent to the UK's Companie's House.

United Kingdom Ltd

John Harris - It's An Illusion

What Has This John Harris Got To Do With This, Anyway?

John Harris. His name is getting bantered about in this new world of Lawful Rebellion. He is a simple man whom I am grateful to have stumbled across. He tells you how things really are. He wakes people up to the reality of life with common sense and empowerment in a peaceful way.

The label 'Person' refers to your corporate registration and is legal jargon. A 'person' is the name you were registered as the bonded slave to the corporation from birth, rather than a free man. Now is the time YOU woke up and realised that you are a man or a woman (the real you) rather than a 'person'.

John Harris is the Freeman of England within Common Law and, just like the butterflies, you can be too.

In understanding the truth of constitution, statutes, courts and everything that's happening in the world pertaining to you, you NEED to look at these videos by John Harris embedded in this article.

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House Of Lords Ltd (now Dissolved!)

What Are Corporates?

  • Corporates are only interested in making money for their interested parties or shareholders.

Free Man Of Common Law

Lawful rebellion is about peaceful protest and lawful intent. This is to do with abiding by common law rather than that of the law of the land (which isn't really the law of the land, but stems from the law of the sea!).

This maritime law, for which we have been conditioned to adhere to, concentrates on statutes or rules - enforcement upon the 'person' rather than the man or woman.

Common law concentrates on natural law - the real law of the land. The man or woman - rather than the registered 'person' - adheres to three rules:

  • Do no harm
  • Cause no loss
  • Cause no injury

'Law enforcement officers' are trained to uphold law and order according to the Corporates for which they work.

A Policeman's role is about upholding the rules of common law. Unfortunately, people entering into the police force are being trained as Officers rather than Policemen.

They are working on behalf of the Corporation for which they represent.

This is a profit making venture that works on contracts.

Social Services PLC - NOW DISSOLVED!

Registration Is A Contract, Giving Up Ownership

Everything is registered. By registering anything, you are giving up your ownership.

When you register your car at DVLA, for example, you have gone into a contract with the Government. You are no longer the owner but the 'Registered Keeper'.

By registering your children, you have gone into a contract with the Government and have given up ownership. You have become the Government's Guardian of that child.

Is this now making sense?

The point is that you are a bonded slave to all of the many cogs called Corporations.

You are owned and everything that you own is owned by the Corporation.

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There is a way out - Lawful Rebellion!
There is a way out - Lawful Rebellion!

Implement Lawful Rebellion

Now that you have an informed choice how will you implement Lawful Rebellion?

Lawful Rebellion was written in Article 61 of the Magna Carta of 1215. It provides a final solution to bonded slavery:


If we all did this, it would disempower the Corporates. As individual's, however, we need to work within Common Law - do no harm, cause no loss or injury, as John Harris so elequently put it on these embedded videos.

In rejecting the legaleze of oppressive techniques that has been so firmly integrated within our society, we can be free men and woman.

The following summary can help you implement Lawful Rebellion as outlined by John Harris himself.

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John Harris Summarises Lawful Rebellion As Follows:

  • ‘Peacefully resist all claims against your PERSON by refusing to CONSENT to the CORPORATIONS POLICY
  • Always ask: “Am I obliged to answer your questions?”
  • “Under what AUTHORITY and under what LAW are you ACTING?”
  • Remind them that FAILURE to DIFFERENTIATE between a STATUTE and a Law is GROSS NEGLIGENCE which is equivalent to FRAUD.
  • This applies to anyone who is trying to ENFORCE a STATUTE upon you – no matter who they are
  • You are a man or a woman and NOT a person and the representative of the Corporation will want your ‘Person’ details (name, address etc) so as they know who you are. Don’t give this to them because you are owning up to the statute self that abides by Corporate law, rather than the man or the woman who abides by Common Law.
  • There is no JUSTICE in this country only – in legaleze terms – SUMMARY JUDGEMENT, for every COURT, even the highest in the land, is for PROFIT CORPORATION which is part of the CORPORATION UNITED KINGDOM.

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Governments Dissolve Established Corporates As An Attempt To Hide The Evidence

Freedom is the key through Common Law. John Harris has provided us a simple and peaceful solution to take down the shackles that bind the men and women of the world. Lawful rebellion through the masses makes Corporates powerless. By collectively living with love - do no harm, cause no loss or injury - there will be peace on the earth. The corporates are aware of this silent rebellion, you know. Why else have Companie's house dissolved long established Government bodies in the form of Limited Companies since John Harris's campaign? Perhaps this is just another way of keeping the people where they have always been - in SLAVERY, in ignorance!

© Shazwellyn 2011 - This work is covered under Creative Commons License

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Last Words To Inspire You

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    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Great Britain

      EndaMac... together we can change the world!

    • EndaMac profile image

      Enda McLarnon 

      6 years ago from Belfast

      Just read a book called the 4-hour working week. Now I haven't got there yet but I am trying. From birth we are designated to be owned by someone and governed by Big Brother. I hate anything to do with institutions and my bit or gesture in the world is to be as defiant and awkward as I can. At the age of 54 I am truly a proper grumpy old man, when it comes to so called authority anyway.

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Great Britain

      Reality bites... thank you. If peoplea are aware they can have an informed choice. I am dipping my toe in the salted water and have had a couple of victories. However, I am a slave... I have a national insurance number and can not be free until we all gather and walk away from the corporations that enslave us. We need to start with the banks.. make a run on them and put the money into credit unions... make a stand. We need to be free like the butterflies, but (as was prophercised) we hold the mark of the beast (corporates) and that is the number... watch how they will begin to tag us... this is the next step.

      I want to be free, but it is only people power that can let us truly be...

      Blessings to you RB... lead the way my strong friend :)

    • Reality Bytes profile image

      Reality Bytes 

      6 years ago from Freeman On The Land United States of America.

      Shazwellyn, Blessed be, a fellow Freeman? Thanks for the links. I hope that I inspired you somewhat? If I did then all the work I have put in to these hubs are all worthwhile. spread the truth and try to reach just one other human being. Through educating ourselves, we can make this world a better place! I do not just write about Freeman on the Land issues, I have lived the lifestyle for the past five years and I can tell you I do not miss the hustle and bustle of the "wage-slave" life. Peace sister, and keep the faith!

    • shazwellyn profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Great Britain

      I am so happy and grateful that you are aware. This is a world of illusion, we live a lie within our slavery. Who said that we were free? Who said that we have choice for these terms are just labels without substance.

      Forward on the message, so as one day we can be truly free - just like the butterflies and the bees - we were born to be nature.

      Blessings Kenneth.

    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 

      6 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      shazwellyn . . .Wow. Amazing. Eye-opening. Thought-provoking stuff. A new revelation to me on 2/15/2012. Glad that I found you on hubs. Voted up and all but funny.

      and on this date, I give you this note: a fantastic hub here. Voted up and all across. Well-written with pefect graphics. Made me very angry to know about the "opaque beast" around us. Im glad to meet you on hubs, and look forward to more of your hubs. I invite you to check out my hubs--if you need a good laugh. And I would love for you to be a follower too so I can keep close to a true talent and learn from you.

      Very Sincerely, Kenneth Avery, from Hamilton, a small northwest Alabama town that Norman Rockwell would have loved to painted on a magazine cover.

      I will be looking for you and do keep great hubs LIKE THIS ONE coming.

      Your friend,



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