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★ Free & Quick FRENCH Lessons | Common Words & Phrases for Beginners ★

Updated on February 18, 2016

Learn French Fast Online - For Work or Pleasure

French is a language which most of us learn throughout school, then never look at ever again. However, along with Italian, French is on my bucket list under 'things to learn before I die', so I thought I'd try to help anyone else who wants to learn by collecting the best internet resources together on one page.

If you are serious about learning French, I would definitely suggest you buy a CD/audio course, because pronunciation is key and this is an extremely hard thing to learn from just books (although owning a relevant book or 2 is necessary for learning spelling and the more technical aspects).

However, if you just want to learn the most useful French words and phrases to get by on your holiday in France, then this page should be all you need! I hope it proves useful :-)

French Lessons for Beginners

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Notre Dame cathedral.
Notre Dame cathedral. | Source

Common French Words & Phrases

Yes/No = Oui/Non


Please = S'il vous plaît


Thank you = Merci


Yes, please / No, thank you = Oui, s'il vous plaît / Non, merci

"wee, seel-voo-play / noh, mare-see"

You're welcome = Il n'y a pas de quoi

"eel nyah pah der kwah"

Pardon? = Comment?


Here is/are... = Voici...


Hello (ma'am/sir) = Bonjour (madame/monsieur)

"bohn-zhoor, (mah-dahm/mer-syer)"

Hello = Salut (informal)


Good morning/afternoon = Bonjour


Good evening = Bonsoir


Goodbye = Au revoir

"oh rer-vwahr"

Good night = Bonne nuit

"bonn nwee"

How are you? = Comment allez-vous?

"kom-mohn tah-lay voo"

Very well, thanks = Très bien, merci

"treh bee-ehn, mare-see"

What is your name? (polite/formal) = Comment vous appelez-vous?

"kom-mohn voo-za-peh-lay voo"

What is your name? (casual/informal) = Comment t'appelles-tu?

"kom-mohn tah-pell too"

My name is... = Je m'appelle ....

"juh mah-pell"

Nice to meet you = Enchanté(e) (has the extra 'e' at the end if you are female)


Excuse me = Excusez-moi

"ex-koo-zay mwah"

Do you speak English? = Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?

"essker voo pahr-lay ahng-glay"

Can you help me? = Est-ce que vous pouvez m'aider?

"essker voo poovay may-day"

I don't understand = Je ne comprends pas.

"juh ner kohn-pron pah"

I don't know = Je ne sais pas

"juh ner say pah"

Sorry = Désolé(e)


Where's the toilet? = Où sont les toilettes?

"Oo son lay twalet"

What time is it? = Quelle heure est-il?

"kel euhr ay-teel"

Where? = Où?


When? = Quand?


How? = Comment?


Why? = Pourquoi?


Who? = Qui?


Which? = Lequel?/Laquelle?

"ler-kell / lah-kell"

Where is...? = Où est...?

"oo ay"

How much/many? = Combien?


What's that? = Qu'est-ce que c'est?

"kessker say"

Where is the tourist information office? = Où est l'office de tourisme?

"oo ay loh-fees duh too-rees-muh?"

Where can I change some money? = Où est-ce que je peux changer de l'argent?

"oo es-kuh juh puh shongjay duh large-ohn"

I'm lost = Je suis perdu.

"juh swee pair-doo"

I'd like... = Je voudrais...

"juh voodray"

I want... = Je veux...

"juh ver..."

OK/Agreed. = ça va/d'accord.

"sah vah / da-korr"

That's fine. = C'est bien

"say bee-an"

Information source 1.

Information source 2.

Pouvez-vous répéter cela, s'il vous plaît?

Could you repeat that please?

Basic French Lessons

Common French Words and Phrases

Useful French Vocab

Traveller's Survival French

Un verre de vin rouge/blanc"

A glass of red/white wine

Arc de Triomphe.
Arc de Triomphe. | Source

Basic French For Your Holiday

Do you have...? = Vous avez...?

"voo za-vay..."

A room = Une chambre

"oon shaum-br"

A room with a double bed = une chambre avec un grand lit

"oon shaum-br ah-vehk uhn grawn lee"

A room for two people / one person = une chambre pour deux personnes / une personne

"oon shaum-br pour douh pair-sohn / oon pair-sohn"

The bathroom = La salle de bains

"lah sahl duh bahn"

From... to... = De... à ...

"duh... ah..."

Your name? = Votre nom?

"voh-truh nohm"

3 stars = Trois étoiles

"twos eh-twal"

I'd like a room with a bathroom = Je voudrais une chambre avec une salle de bain

"juh voo-dray oon shaum-br avek oon sahl duh bahn"

For 2 nights = pour deux soirs

"pour douh swa"

Do you have a table? = Vouz avez une table?

"voo-zavay oon ta-bler"

Are you ready to order? = Vous avez choisi?

"voo-zavay shwa-zee"

What is it? = Qu'est-ce que c'est?

"kes kuh say"

I'll take/have... = Je prends...

"juh pron"

The day's special = Le plat du jour

"luh pla duh zhoor"

And to drink? = Et comme boisson?

"ay kohm bwo-sohn?"

A tea = Un thé

"uhn tay"

A coffee = Un café

"uhn ka-fay"

With milk = Au lait

"oh lay"

A beer = Une bière

"oon byehr"

A jug of water = Une carafe d'eau

"oon karaaf doe"

The bill, please = L'addition, s'il vous plaît

"la-deeshon, seel voo play"

Is there/Are there...? = Il y a...?

"eel ee ah...?"

Near here = Près d'ici

"pray dee-see"

A bakery = Une boulangerie

"oon boo-lahn-zure-ree"

A grocer's = Une épicerie

"oon eh-pee-suree"

A chemist's = Une pharmacie

"oon farm-assee"

I would like... = Je voudrais...

"juh voo-dray..."

A kilo = Un kilo

"uhn kee-loh"

A bottle of... = Une bouteille de...

"oon boo-tayuh duh..."

How much is it? = C'est combien?

"say cohm-bee-an?"

That's all = C'est tout

"say too"

A ticket = Un billet

"uhn bee-yeh"

A single = Un aller simple

"uhn ah-leur sam-pluh"

A return = Un aller-retour

"uhn ah-leur reh-tour"

Where is it? = C'est où?

"say oo"

Here = Ici


Straight ahead = Tout droit

"too dwah"

That way = Par la

"par lah"

Is it far? = C'est loin?

"say luh-wah"

To/on the right = À droite

"ah dwaht"

To/on the left = À gauche

"ah gawshe"

Opposite = En face

"ohn fass"

Breakfast = Le petit déjeuner

"luh puh-tee day-zhuh-nay"

Lunch = Le déjeuner

"luh day-zhuh-nay"

Dinner = Le diner

"luh deenay"

The menu = La carte

"lah kahrte"

Wine = Le vin

"luh van"

A glass / A bottle of red/white wine = Un verre / Une bouteille de vin rouge/blanc

"uhn vehr / oon boo-tayuh duh van rooje/blon"

A jug of wine = Un pichet de vin

"uhn pee-sheh duh van"

An orange juice = Un jus d'orange

"uhn joo d'orohnj"

A bottle of (still/fizzy) water = Une bouteille d'eau (plate/gazeuse)

"oon boo-tayuh doe (plaht/gah-zuhz)"

Information source.

The Louvre Museum, Paris


More Substantial French Lessons

Funny French Videos

A Comedy Video - Just for Fun!


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