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Learn Spanish Quick Free And Easy!

Updated on May 19, 2013

Spanish; a romance language spoken by over 400 million people as a native language across Spain and Latin America, with many influences of the language as far as the Republic of the Philippines who's languages are closely linked.

Spanish is a favourite choice of language learning by many!, it's useful and a little easier to learn!

I have been teaching myself Spanish for 4 years now for free and would now like to share with you tips and advice to get you started with learning spanish free quick and easy!

From personal experience, within the first 3 months I was able to make small conversations in Spanish as well as read out loud and pronounce words correctly, and understand a bit of written Spanish!

There are many ways and techniques to learning a language, hopefully you can benefit from the sites I will mention below and useful tips and advice!

(Tip) An easy way to learn Spanish is to know at least 200 Spanish words and phrases, the sites below have useful words and phrases for you as a learner, focus on the vocabulary and use the grammar rules as a guide

Here are learning materials I used, some of them I still use, or come back to them to review now and then and have found them very helpful from the start, so give them a try!:-

1. Learning Spanish by Tyler Jones-from the website Tyler teaches readers the "basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish", this website is great for beginners to build a foundation in learning Spanish, in order to learn the language we need to understand it! the site contains 3 printable lessons also including audio so you can hear how each word is pronounced, some useful tips and advice and vocabulary for you to revise. - contains another 5 lessons on the basics of Spanish, this site also contains audio helping learners to read write and listen, useful advice at the end of every lesson!

CoffeeBreakSpanish - A Spanish learning site from presented by teacher Mark and student Kara, teaching you from beginner all the way to advance level, although it is not totally free as you will have to pay for the PDF guides, you can download the audio lessons for free, the audio is just as great! taking you step by step, easy to memorize and take part in the lessons!

This is a great site for language learners from personal experience and from what other listeners are saying, Coffee Break Spanish has helped them learn Spanish quicker and easier. - Is more than just an English-Spanish dictionary, the site is totally free! SpanishDict contains lessons for beginners all the way to advance level with flashcards, writing and speaking material and a video on each lesson presented by Paralee Whitmire which are also downloadable via itunes. A spanishdict app is also available for ipod and also on Google Play.

Go to the top of the page and click learn and sign up to the site also includes free grammar lessons for you to print out!

If you have any questions go to the Q&A section and there are very friendly people more than happy to help you at any time. - A great way for interacting with native Spanish speakers, I've made over a 100 friends on here! met great people who are there to help you for free! If they are learning English do help them too! and let them help you. The site contains flashcards on every lesson, reading writing and speaking, your submissions will be corrected by native speakers on the site, make sure you have a microphone to read out loud.

You can also take part in the Spanish active lessons which include a video, you will also be able to interact with this video as though someone is talking to you, it's a fun and easy way to learn, you will need tokens however, tokens can be achieved either by paying or by correcting other learner's submissions. - Another site very similar to Livemocha, the difference between Busuu and Livemocha is that Busuu starts with the very basics greetings etc. more native speakers calling you wanting to chat as compared to Livemocha, the site in my opinion is just as great, the best thing about Livemocha is that you can practice reading and speaking and someone out there in the Spanish speaking world can help you out with tips and advice. Includes information useful for beginners! resources games and other learning materials!

Sign up to a few of these sites to get you started! Learning Spanish from home, print out some learning materials for you to study offline.

Other ways of learning Spanish

Learn Spanish using podcasts

-Download itunes and start searching for learn Spanish free, and you should get a list of free helpful podcasts to help you when you can't sit around by the PC, either listen to them on your phone or ipod when ever you have the chance!

Learn Spanish with the independent! Cactus language learning is another site where you can download free audio and transcripts taking you from beginner to advance level. Try them out for yourself! They have audio lessons available on itunes.

Learn Spanish on YouTube

I recommend you watch SeƱor Jordan's videos, he helps make learning Spanish fun, and explains grammar really clearly, and has been a great influence to me in carrying on learning Spanish!

There are many more other Youtube videos from other Youtubers teaching viewers Spanish for free! Watching helps you visualize things more clearly and that's what's great about these videos

It's important you use the language when you can, otherwise you will just be wasting your time. here are some tips and advice on making the learning materials above work for you, and immersing yourself in the language, helping you to "learn Spanish quicker!):-

  • Read Spanish- In order to learn Spanish you need to read more Spanish, not just the ones on Livemocha or other learning sites, but Spanish written in the outside world, kids books are a great start! Read las Noticias (the news) and use a Spanish-English dictionary like Spanishdict. Even if you don't understand what they are writing about, just read it, get your mind to be used to saying those words, it would also help if you read them out to yourself, practice speaking, reading expands your vocabulary.
  • Watch and listen to Spanish- If Spanish TV channels are available in your country, watch them, this trains your ears with getting used to the words, you will be familiar with many words as you continue learning more and more vocabulary. You will be noticing they talk really fast (they say English speakers talk faster) don't worry! you're still learning! It's all part of the immersion, what also helps is subtitles some channels like TVE have this option, if you cannot watch Spanish TV channels from your home country, it is possible to watch them via satellite dish, if you have one handy, and allign them to a satellite that broadcasts TV channels such as TVE Internacional and Canal 24 Horas and other TV channels, (this all depends on your geographical location, so search Google for how to watch Spanish TV channels via satellite in your country). You can also go to RTVE a la carta where you are able to watch Spanish programs for free on your computer, other channels available to watch online include TVPeru and many others on . There are youtube videos online too! watch videos such as Old Mcdonald had a farm in spanish with subtitles aimed for kids by searching canciones infantiles (Song's for kids) these are very educational to Spanish learners,and expand your vocabulary, and makes you feel like a kid again, do remember that this is one way you learn your own language if your parents let you watch TV! So watch a few in your own time, sing a long as well! Watch Spanish songs with subtitles or lyrics, there are many youtube music videos of Spanish speaking song artists with lyrics with all varieties out there, this helps your reading and listening skills too. I also recommend you search Lingus TV it's an online comedy video series aimed for Spanish learners with English and Spanish subtitles available from their website. Listen to music and radio broadcast, there are Spanish radios available online as well as on your podcast, I listen to Spanish radio channels on TuneIn Radio, there are many more too, also on itunes.
  • Converse with native speakers -Make friends! add them on your Facebook MSN Skype etc. and start learning together, use what you know and don't be shy to correct them, and let them correct you, that's how you learn.

By doing these you can make your time learning Spanish work, expanding your vocabulary and understanding of the Spanish language and different cultures and traditions across the Spanish speaking world

Learn Spanish and enjoy!

Many people ask this question online "how do you become fluent in Spanish straight away?"

Unless you have a memory of a computer you can't learn every word and phrase in Spanish in one day, but you can learn enough to go on holiday and ask for basic things and talk the basics in just 3 weeks to a month it just takes TIME AND DEDICATION

-that is spending an 30 minutes (or even an hour) everyday learning how to communicate in Spanish, I've spent 15 minutes reviewing learning materials I printed, and seem to find it much more effective than spending hours trying to memorize every detail!

When reviewing materials, listening to audio lessons or watching video lessons, don't expect to memorize everything, this all takes time, some people pick things up quicker than others, let your mind pick them up together in time!

Don't rush to learn everything, no matter how tempting it is, rushing won't help you, take your time and understand, use what you already understand and learn what you don't understand. If you take your time, you'll get there!

These websites and learning materials won't make you fluent automatically within a few days weeks months or a year, same as with learning materials you buy! They are just guides to help you with learning the Spanish language

The good thing about these learning materials is that you get to learn the inside of a language, using your language to help you understand another language.

In order to be able to speak Spanish and learn it quickly you will need to immerse yourself in the language, using what you've learnt from these learning materials.

You did not learn your native language automatically you learnt it from your parents and all those around you when you were a toddler through immersion.

These are two useful websites for writing and expanding your vocabulary:-

On these sites someone will correct your journal or article for any mistakes can write just about anything! as long just follow the guidelines on what you can and cannot write (which are common sense really), you could also possibly use what you write and make a blog in Spanish on websites such as Blogger!

Travel to a Spanish speaking country- Going to a Spanish speaking country will help you practice what you've learnt, and keep using it, Spanish will be all around you, and by going out there and enjoying yourself, you will learn more than what you are learning from home through full immersion! This also the most quickest way of learning Spanish.

There will be times when you'll find things complicating! especially grammar rules but don't worry, you'll eventually get it! Use the grammar lessons as guides only, you took your time to learn the language so make the most of it!

If you know other free sites, or have more suggestions comment below!

The most important thing you must remember is to enjoy learning Spanish!


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    • blaiddgoch profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wales

      de nada,your welcome :) I'm glad it is useful for you all the best to your son

    • Dbro profile image


      6 years ago from Texas, USA

      Thanks for an interesting and informative hub. My son is learning Spanish in college, so I will pass this on to him. I guess I should say muchas gracias! :)

    • blaiddgoch profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Wales

      Hi mmsu, thanks for commenting, yea learning languages takes time, I find audio an effective way of learning, as you can hear it during your spare time or at night before you go to bed, or spend just a few minutes reading learning materials online

    • mmsu profile image


      6 years ago from Pakistan

      I love everything Spanishy=D,meaning their country,their style everything.Often thought of learning the language but somehow never had the time.


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