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Fun Ways To Learn & Study The Periodic Table Of Chemical Elements

Updated on August 11, 2014

Have Fun Learning The Periodic Table

Sometimes learning and memorizing things can be such a chore, if there is an easy and fun way of helping to learn things such as the periodic table of chemical elements we should take it as it makes the task much less arduous!

Interactive and visual methods of learning help us to retain information more readily whilst hopefully having fun at the same time, so here you will find games, puzzles, posters, books and lots more to help learning the periodic table more fun for people of all ages!

G3B Scientific Double Deck Periodic Table Playing Cards shown here is available from

My Favorite Periodic Table Of Elements Posters

There are undoubtedly lots of posters of the Periodic Table Of Chemical Elements to choose from, but quite frankly don't you think like the majority of them look like some sort of seating plan for a concert hall!

I have chosen the two posters below as my personal favorites because they are more visually interesting than the majority of the prints out there so they are more likely to make learning the periodic table much more fun and would probably be 'cool' enough to display on any kids bedroom wall. The Illustrated Periodic Table shows you just what the elements look like too.

Coloring Helps To Learn The Periodic Table Of Elements

The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book
The Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book

It's easy to see why this coloring book is so highly rated. Coloring has to be one of the favorite things young kids like, and hey, we adults can find it useful too!

I think that if you are home schooling your kids, or simply wanting to help them learn about chemical elements, then this book makes a great interactive way to begin to learn all about the periodic table. This is not just a coloring book but has good technical content too helping to make sense of the periodic table and relate to what is being colored in.


Learn The Periodic Table With The Help Of Puzzles

Elements Puzzle: 1000 Pieces
Elements Puzzle: 1000 Pieces

I love spending time doing puzzles and so did my kids, they are interactive and can be challenging and they induce a sense of achievement when completed. Because one has to think about what they are doing the chances are that the information will be retained more easily than just reading from a book.


What Do You Find To Be The Most Effective Method Of Learning?

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    • profile image

      getmoreinfo 4 years ago

      Great tips on learning the Periodic Table Of Chemical Elements charts.

    • normal lm profile image

      normal lm 4 years ago

      That's very interesting way to memories the periodic table with coloring them or with puzzle..