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Do You Want To Learn To Sing?

Updated on July 23, 2013

Learning to Sing Well

If you want to be a good singer or learn to sing well then you need to practice your breathing exercises and opening your throat as often as you can.

By opening your throat you can learn to sing with less strain reducing your chanced of losing your voice.  Breathing exercises will give you a good strong voice.You will also need to train your ears to hear the notes properly which is why many singers like to practice with a piano and then copy the sounds.

Find Products on Amazon

Amazon stocks a huge range of products that teach you to sing from books, cd's, dvd's and more. If you are on a budget but want to belt out tunes and become a singing superstar (or even just make it through the American Idol auditions) then check out these cool products.

Learn To Sing Software

It can be a costly process (not to mention quite time consuming) if you are learning to sing with a singing coach. And while that still may be a good option, if you are looking to save money or do some extra training in your own time, you might want to try some learn to sing software.

These computer courses will train you at your own convenience and be a heck of a lot cheaper that visiting a singing coach every day.

Although the downside is that you don't get feedback or personalised service like you would with a coach.

Many people often use both. They have a coach who they see approximately once or twice a month, and the rest of the time, they practice using their learn to sing software in their own time whenever they like. This allows them to improve their skills exponentially before they see their singing coach again.

Learn to Sing Online from a Singing Coach

What You Get In the Singorama Course

Singorama Review

Thanks for stopping by to read my review of Singorama - the online singing course that teaches you to sing like a professional singer within three months. After reading this review hopefully all your questions will be answered about whether Singorama is right for you.

The claims that the sales page make is that they'll teach you to sing with professional quality and precision in just 3 months. A bold claim to make - so can they really do it?

Before I answer that, let's take a quick look at what you get with the Singorama course.

The main part of the course is based around 28 audio lessons. Each lesson teaches you a new development to expand your voice and singing ability and they are very comprehensive.

Some of the beginning lessons start to teach you breathing, posture and warm ups before moving on to the main lessons about staying in tune, extending your vocal range and the difference between your chest voice and your head voice and how to control each of them. There are also a number of advanced lessons that will teach you how to sing different song styles and how to recognize intervals and more.

The course also comes with some really great software that you can install on your computer to help you train your voice. They work by recording your voice and helping you correct any problems that you may have. The pitch training software is particularly excellent and worth the cost of the course alone.

Value for Money

While at first glance it may seem expensive at just under $100, I actually think this course is an amazing bargain. If you factored in the cost of having private singing lessons, buying expensive software and the rest, you’d be looking at thousands of dollars. This course combines all of that into a comprehensive singing course that you can do in your own time at your own pace at your own home.

Will It Turn Anyone Into A Professional Singer?

The big question is whether the course will be able to turn just anyone into a professional singer or not and here is my honest answer.

Personally I think it depends if you have any sort of singing talent to begin with. If you currently have no ability whatsoever and people cover their ears when you attempt to sing, then I don't believe you'd be able to become a 'professional' singer within 3 months. Sure you'll be a lot better than you are now, but I don't think any record companies will be signing you up anytime soon.

However if you are able to hold a tune and want to work on your abilities to be able to perhaps sing in the school play, join a band, audition for American Idol - whatever your singing ambitions are - then I really do think this course is great and you'll be able to fulfill your dreams by taking this course.


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