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Left Handed School Supplies

Updated on October 22, 2014

Left Handed Spiral Notebook

My son is left handed. An although he never complains, it really is much easier for him to function in school and life if he uses tools made for a left handed person.

I have found lots of left handed school supplies to help him get through the school year. If you are not left handed yourself, you may be surprised at the items that are made for left handed people. For example a left handed notebook makes it much easier for my son to take notes, without having the spiral part irritate his wrist. There are also Mead Left Handed Folders and binders as well as left handed scissors.

I hope with the left handed school supplies on this page, you will find something to make the "lefty" in your life much happier.

TOPS Lefty Kraft Cover Notebook, 9 x 11 Inch, College Rule, 80 Sheets, Assorted Colors (65128)

Go Lefties!

No more Blisters from trying to write in a right handed spiral notebook!

This is a set of left handed school supplies for lefties who are older than 8. It includes a left handed notebook, scissors, pen and ruler. Your student will be all set for school.

Left Handed Sets For Kids Under 9

These left handed sets are for younger kids. There is the same supplies as above, yet they are made of younger kids. The girls school supply set is pink/purple and the boys set is Blue/Green.

10 Little Known Facts About Left-Handed People

Everything A Left-Handed Student May Need For School

This set offers a notebook, pen, scissors and much more for the older lefty. It really includes everything a student might need throughout the day.

Fiskars 8 Inch All-purpose Left-handed Scissors

Left Handed Scissors

Every south paw needs a quality pair of left handed scissors. And this 8 Inch Fiskars is the perfect pair.

It is easy and comfortable to hold and since they are made for lefties they are really easy to use giving you a nice easy cut.

This set has everything a little south paw needs for back to school. It is geared more toward a girl since most of the accessories are pink but it is also available in boys as well.

Included are left handed scissors, pencils, a ruler and a notebook.

Left Handed Notebook

A Left Handed Notebook is really important. No more sore hands from the spiral notebook rubbing.

It is really hard to find left handed notebooks in stores. So this set of 5 subject notebooks should keep you stocked up for a while.

Are you Left Handed?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      This is all well and good, but why is it that a simple notebook, made the same way as a right-handed notebook, can cost so much? My father, sister, and son are all left-handed, so I understand the need, but not everybody can afford $7+ for a small 80 sheet notebook. Somebody needs to figure out how to make it less costly instead of always trying to make the almighty dollar off of people who didn't ask to be born with differences

    • lkamom profile image

      Heather McGlaughlin 5 years ago from Marryland

      Great selection of school supplies for lefties, my son is left handed.

    • profile image

      glowchick 5 years ago

      I am but unfortunately I did have all these wonderful supplies when I was growing up.

      Thanks for sharing this, I hope it is helpful to lefties everywhere :)