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Legend of King Arthur at Camelot Folk Memory__Dim History Of A Celtic War Lord in Old Britain

Updated on August 16, 2013

In Search of Camelot & King Arthur

In the English speaking world, legend of King Arthur at a castle named Camelot with his Knights of the Roundtable remains vibrant memory of old Britain. The folk memory was brought to America during the Colonial era. Modern versions in the folk lore today still remain popular.

A brave warrior king, victorius in battle against evil invaders and who is wise and kind even to his common subject, the folk memory emblamished over centuries by the creativity and imagination of poets and writers somehow has a universal appeal from one generation to the next.

The noble king's Camelot and his brave warrior knights of the roundtable thus become part of cultural heritage of English speaking people.

But the real King Arthur hides in dim pages of history. Modern historians and archeological excavators continue to work tirelessly in the hope that startling new clue as to the identify of King Arthur might turn up when a new battlefield or a ancient historical site is suddently come to light.

Best history available now is that King Arthur was a battle hardy Celtic warrior who was born in the old Celtic region of Britain, likely Welsh, home of the Southern Celtic people in the centurie or two after the fall of Rome in the 4th century when Germantic tribes finally broke through the defenses of Roman military and entered the heart of Roman empire, Rome itself.

That would put existence of King Arthur somewhere around 5th or 6th century. Roman Empire had disintegrated over a century ago and the so called "dark ages" in Europe had begun with violence, wars among local warlords for dominance. Christianity had arrived to Britain's Celtic Welsh Province along with the Roman Rule, thus King Arthur was the heir of Christian Rome battling against the barbarian Saxons, some of who were allowed to settle in coastal Brittain as mercernary soldiers in the Roman Army. But later Saxon tribes from mainland Europe continued to arrive in Brittain in search of land to conquor and settle.


Saxons__Germantic Tribes Encroched Britain From Sea

Some Came as Mercernary Soldiers of Roman Army in Britain and Settled

These Saxons became the villain of the King Arthur's battles to save settlements that were once protected under the Roman Empire that had in these 5th and 6th Century had no such protection.

In this era, learning and wisdom that had evolved in classical Rome mostly disintegrated or some of it went into hiding in reclusive monesteries in remote locations where monks continued scholary studies in secluded environment.

In this environment legend of King Arthur came to light centuries later post Norman invasion of Brittain. Though the real King Arthur had existed centuries earlier, he became well known to people of Britain through the writings of a priest/scholar translator named Geoffrey of Monmouth who records indicate lived (1100-1155), a generation after Norman Conquest of Brittain under King William I.

Priest Geoffrey Of Monmouth - 12th Century Historian and Writer


Geoffrey lived in the Celtic Welsh Province of Britain, He likely was person of French ancenstory whose ancestors arrived in Celtic Welsh when William I of Normandy became the ruler of Britain, a generation earlier. King William invaded Britain and became Britain's uncontested monarch in 1066 AD upon his well remembered victory at Battle of Hastings .

Historically dim legends of Celtic Noble King Arthur became popular in Brittain among common people as well as the commoners of Normandy region and began to appear in subsequent French writers stories. Then King Arthur folk tales also came to the people of adjacent French Province of Normandy across the Channel.

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