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Why do people lie | why lie can not be negligible ?

Updated on August 5, 2011

Little White Lie?

This is a very audacious statement, particularly when referring to the beloved inconsequential“Little White Lie”. You may be paying attention to find out that the coveted. ”little white lie” is a social assemble, meaning that someone thinking up a way to go around taking responsibility for their actions by telling an untruth and making it completely innocent and liability free.

Today white lies are as ordinary as the sunrise and appear to have no limitations. What is far of inferior quality is that lying in general appears to have taken over the world’s population as an essential way of doing business, having interaction and raising children. The truth is that almost every person lies habitually.

Why do we lie?

There are many reasons why most people tell lies. Some of the most popular include; avoiding liability, trying to be acknowledged, creating importance, financial gain and the usual, avoiding hurting someone’s feelings. What is very attention-grabbing is that all these reasons are usually linked to lacking of self confidence and low self worth issues? The most Human actions are driven by pain and pleasure. The average person associates' pain to being truthful, and pleasure to avoiding the alleged issues of being truthful. This usually starts in early youth when a parent unconsciously punishes a youngster for telling the truth and starts a lifelong behavior model of associating pain to honesty. A couple that to the reality that most parents lie for their children, to their children and in front of their family. This practice reinforces that lying is all right conduct.

Journey to the truth

To put this truth converse into the viewpoint I will share with you the fact that in the middle age I had. What is known as a near death experience? This knowledge was brought on by what I would believe to be a basically honest standard of living. As typical life goes, it was a mixture of happy and unhappy times. I ultimately set up myself in a state of severe depression that concluded with being minutes from at the death's door. When expiring was not the outcome, life started over again with a distress. Just like the movie “Liar Liar”, I could not lie about anything to anybody, including myself.

To add to the test, I had to relive in my wit's eye, all of my life’s indiscretions. This show the way me to read over one thousand books on personal growth, spirituality and consciousness to unravel my life’s mystery experience. My conclusion, There is no, There is no, There is no, There is no such thing as an “minor Lie” such thing as an “Inconsequential Lie” such thing as an “negligible Lie” such thing as an “insignificant Lie” For the last several years I have traveled internationally speaking on “The Power of Truth”. I have delivered this letter to thousands of adults and children in many special cultures with the same result; there is nothing more influential than life’s elementary core issues of honesty, forgiveness and self respect. So, there is no replacement for strength of moral fiber.

The truth is:

Everything you are doing and say is matters. It affects each one of the 50 trillion cells that build up your whole body. Think about that it is a medical fact the strain causes health problems, disease and can be potentially fatal. It is Psychological fact that lying causes stress, add these details together, and you have “Truth”.


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