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Life on Mars

Updated on April 18, 2009

Worshipped by Romans as God of War, Mars, is nothing but a red wasteland. Its the fourth-nearest planet from the Sun. People have been captivated by this planet. Veracity of this statement is evident in the form of movies and science fiction books produced over the years throughout the world.

In order to answer the age-old question whether life exists on Mars or not, a spacecraft was sent to Mars several decades back by NASA. Scientists had designed three experiments that the unmanned craft was to carry out on Mars. Those experiments involved gathering sand from the Mars and getting certain chemicals react with sand. All the three experiments were inconclusive. Some scientists declared that the craft did not find any life on Mars but some were hesitant to declare that no life exists on the planet Mars. In 1990s another spacecraft went to Mars. It photographed the terrain of Mars. The results were impressive. It was found that there were ice caps on Mars and there were also marks of water-flow on the sand. This proved that water had existed in free flowing form on Mars. All life forms on Earth contain water. From this argument it can be deduced that Mars may have harboured life in the past. The photographs have not revealed any signs of animals.

The presence of water on Mars is very encouraging for the scientists. There are great chances that we may be able to inhabit Mars. Since water is key to life we should be very hopeful. Someday we may have crops in green houses of Mars which would be able to sustain human population on that distant planet. Moreover water is made of hydrogen and oxygen. This means if technology advanced we may be able to use hydrogen and oxygen extracted from water there. Hydrogen will then be used as fuel and water for drinking and irrigation.

Lets hope for the best.


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    • ratnaveera profile image

      ratnaveera 10 years ago from Cumbum

      Wonderful hub! I am also interesting on astronomical subjects. I hope our Super nature won't permit the life in nearby planets. Astronomists are telling that life may be possible in any one of the 10,000 solar systems of our universe. So it is highly impossible for living beings in neighbour planets. The average distance between the two living planets has been calculated as many hundred light years. So it is clear that our GOD never creates a chance of communication between any two living planets.