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Updated on December 11, 2009


A beautiful and weird vortex of white- blue light was seen in the morning sky above Norway on Wednesday around 8.a.m. local time. This unusual phenomena, observed all over Norway caused many people around the world to ask questions and wander what it could be - sign of Second Coming, or aliens or portal to another world were just some of the theories.

People who are more "grounded" from the beginning suspected that "fire in the sky" is being linked to a failed Russian missile test, but Russians at first denied that possibility while explaining they never test missiles without warning...

Several hours ago Russian ministry of defence finally confessed the truth and confirmed that yesterday Russian Navy indeed launched a Bulava ballistic missile on the same day, but has declined to make any connection with the lights seen over Norway.

Although he did not connect the both happenings, light spiral on the arctic sky finally was explained.

This phenomena was certainly mesmerising and still is: even now, after logical explanation for it, many people are somehow disappointed and do not accept it as truth...and still develop various theories.

In the next chapter you can read how people around the world comment this happening:
I mixed up funny and serious statements, so please enjoy.




  • Its Harry Potter behind this, I know it.
  • E.T.'s revenge!!! >:)
  • it's Obama's spaceship
  • If you do an energy reading, as I did, you will find out that that skylight spiral did not have an energy signature (positive) of ET's work, but rather had a very dark (negative) energy signature of illuminati trickery.
  • it is definatly the spiral version of the batman symbol
  • I thought it was the Star of Bethlehem, since the messiah is visiting to pick up his peace prize
  • definitely a black hole, these supernova black holes happen all the time, i had one in my back yard too. I think a black hole was falling to earth and burned up in the atmosphere ............................
  • how on earth could that be a rocket?! that is an astrophysical phenomenon that we do NOT understand. i'm hoping it means some metaphysical change is coming our way, and will bring peace to our divided planet
  • what... this wasn't supposed to happen until 12/12/20 12
  • its probably a star exploding million of years ago
  • Its more likely that it's a neighbouring spiral galaxy that has imploded and forms a black hole..before a galaxy dies it emits a ridiculous amount of light...allowing us to see it as the light travels away from it.
  • I have seen the light and I have felt the warmth of our Lord's loving arms!!! PRAISE JESUS!
  • If you believe that is a sign from Jesus you are truly deceived :The Antichrist child has been born!
  • And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp... Revelations 8:10
  • Aliens arriving at the Copenhagen conference.
  • Yup we are being invaded
  • Welcome to Earth, we have been long awaiting your presence.
  • its the black hole made by that particle accelerator
  • oh my god its jesus! he is coming down to earth singing Im blue da ba dee da ba di da ba dee da ba di
  • Philadelphia Experiment "
  • White man up to more tricks -- the Blue Light. They plan to use the Blue Light and other mechanism to create a hologram of Jesus descending from heaven. Many people will be deceived and DIE. Don't trust these devils.
  • It very obviously was a time traveling spiral opening and or closing. I'm serious. Time Travel happens through Energy Spirals.
  • No missile could produce this effect nor current HAARP arrays.
    It is a portal yes, but not by aliens and not for physical objects, but by us for harmony. We are sending the blue ray of intellegence and integrity to redirect the world leaders from their greed.
  • yin energy? or is that yang? i dont know...
    but for those of you viewing my comment please research yin and yang... its more important to us than we know.
  • WHAT!!!!! russians dont fail at rocket launches thank you.
  • maybe its spiral man instead of batman
  • I think we should get ready for unforeseen consequences...
  • They are making sure the new world order will be created in copenhagen...LOL
  • Wake up people, this is GEOENGINEERING using chem-trails and radio-waves to modify the ionosphere
  • it's the apocalypse
  • it's a freaking inter-dimensional worm hole experiment concealment failure.
  • Where are my new alien masters?
  • Sure it is not the Borg? Where is Seven of Nine when you need help?

  • Will someone get Mulder and Scully ASAP!!!

How some spiritual organisations reacted on this


Of course, like all these theories are not enough, on You Tube you can also find "channeled message" from one spiritual organisation that this is Archangel Metatron opening the new inter-dimensional portal before "Ascension". Actually many spiritual organisations are certainly very grateful because of "God´s sign in the sky", I can bet.




Although this phenomena was certainly beautiful and very unique on dark Arctic sky, what really worries is - testing nuclear missiles - and nuclear weapons as such. I speak here about each country that is doing that .

Every such test is poisoning us, even when is done so high in the sky (50-100 km) in ionosphere. Radioactive particles sooner or later fall down on our planet, and we are still surprised why we feel so bad and why we have all sorts of illnesses?

It is really strange to witness how "superior" human race is actually stubborn and stupid in self-destruction activities .I just cannot believe that this is the world I am living in!

It is certainly more romantic and even healthier to perceive that shining spiral as a portal into the better world, then to admit ourselves that we are still on the path of self-destruction and horror... just because some people are still little children in their mind, but instead of playing with war-like toys they got in their hands nuclear weapons that they indeed treat as toys. I hope little children in politic and military will grow up soon and stop playing with something what is "no-no" for every child on this world.



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