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'Cosmic Community' ~ What can that mean for us?

Updated on July 8, 2012

Alien image


Help for Earth

Do Aliens exist? That isn’t a new question really; for centuries people have investigated the idea that we aren’t alone in the Universe. The Mayans, Native Americans, Egyptians and many others believed in beings from other worlds interacting with us.

The question being asked and investigated now is ‘are Aliens in contact with us in ways we were not aware of before?’

There is a paradigm that exists around Alien contact that doesn’t include actual physical abductions. It is the belief that Aliens contact us through telepathic communication unbeknownst to us. Many people have had experiences during meditation, dreams, and simply concentrating on a particular world mystery. Some feel there is even the possibility that Aliens are incarnating on Earth as human beings …

Why? One explanation is that these beings are part of our ‘cosmic community’ and seek to assist us on Earth during our time of crisis and change, the call for help coming from the Souls of those who are currently incarnated and Souls on the other side whose role is to assist Earth to evolve.

Pythagoras Conference Global 2012


Pythagoras Conference Global - Convergence of like-minded individuals from around the world.

Sandra Sabatini, the founder of the Pythagoras Conference Global, and host of the blog radio show Otherworld Radio believes that all those theories are plausible. She believes that change is desperately needed in our world and by allowing some of those theories to be open to the public, people can find hope for the future. Allowing ourselves to be open to the concept of a ‘cosmic community’ where we can gain the assistance we need for our future. Sandra brings to her conference many like-minded individuals who have spent years researching many aspects of the extraterrestrial phenomenon. New thought processes like exopolitics, consciousness studies, astropaleology to name a few.

This may not be something many are prepared to investigate. Fear of those different from us is not new and is actually darker part of our primal natures. We fear what is unknown to us and many times that fear prevents us from being open to new possibilities. Many people who have had experiences with extraterrestrials are very fearful about sharing their experiences for fear they will be ostracized by other members of their community. Unfortunately this fear prevents them from coming forward and sharing their experiences and allowing us to learn more. It doesn’t help that most of what we hear is that those who have come forward have been murdered by the government.

Good or Evil?

Not all theorists believe the members of these other cosmic communities have our best interests in mind. Like humans, there are beings that are part of a ‘service to self’ paradigm that seek to help us for their own gain. Although the theory stops short of calling these self-serving beings ‘evil’ there is an implication that they are of a darker nature and their influence can create harm in our new consciousness. In other words, coming to us as a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Personally, I am open to the possibility of a cosmic community due to my own experiences. I don’t know how I feel about the negative press surrounding the Alien community. I feel at times that we tend to need a nemesis and if we don’t believe in Satan then we need to create a new ‘evil axis’ to replace him. I believe we all have light and dark sides and whichever side we wish to nurture is the side that will prevail, human OR alien. I can’t give my personal responsibility over to an unseen ‘evil’ being that influences me outside of my control. Even if that influence exists, I still have a choice as I also believe in Universal law which includes an element of personal responsibility for my actions…I can still choose.

Despite the abounding theories and fear, more and more information is coming out and there is much to learn. Perhaps there is help available from extra-terrestrials if we have the courage to ask and learn. That is the challenge, it takes a great deal of courage to step out of our ‘comfort zone’ and investigate something new.


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