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Llama Unit Study

Updated on April 15, 2015


Llamas | Source

Learning about Llamas

Let's learn about llamas, the camel cousins of South America! Llamas are tall, have wool that can be spun into yarn, can be used as beasts of burden, and have become quite popular in North America. You might be surprised to find out where llamas originally came from. Did you also know that llamas can be used to guard sheep and goats?

Today we begin our unit study on llamas. We will be reading and writing about llamas. We will learn the funny Llama, Llama, Duck Song. We will explore ways to incorporate math, science and social studies into our Llama Unit Study as well as create arts and craft projects and go on a hike with some pack llamas.

Language Arts

A Llama in the Family
A Llama in the Family

Adam's mom surprises him with a llama instead of the mountain bike he was hoping for. Find out how he comes to love the llama as he helps his mom with her new llama trekking business on a farm in Vermont.


LL is for Llama

When learning about llamas it is interesting to note that a double l does not appear at the beginning of words in the English language except for this one word. That is because the word llama comes from Spanish where the double l is considered a separate letter.

We use this unit study to begin learning Spanish. Learning a second language is very important to brain development in young children.

Label the Llama! - Llama Words!

Parts of a Llama
Parts of a Llama | Source

Parts of a Llama

Names of llama body parts: 1 ears - 2 poll - 3 withers - 4 back - 5 hip - 6 croup - 7 base of tail - 8 tail - 9 buttock - 10 hock - 11 metatarsal gland - 12 heel - 13 cannon bone - 14 gaskin - 15 stifle joint - 16 flank - 17 barrel - 18 elbow - 19 pastern - 20 fetlock - 21 Knee - 22 Chest - 23 point of shoulder - 24 shoulder - 25 throat - 26 cheek or jowl - 27 muzzle

Post a picture of a llama on the bulletin board and begin to label the parts. Ask the children to label as many parts as possible and then leave a marker and index cards on the chalk rail for children to add words as they discover them. Attach the index cards with push pins so that the children can borrow words and take them to their desks whenever they need help spelling a word.


Llama, Llama, Duck Pattern

Llamas and Ducks Pattern
Llamas and Ducks Pattern | Source

Would you rather be a llama or a duck?

See results

Llama Math - Llama and Duck Math Manipulatives

Create llama and duck math manipulatives with Lima beans and spray paint.

1. Spread dried Lima beans evenly in one layer across a sheet of newspaper.

2. Spray that one side with yellow spray paint to resemble the color of baby ducklings.

3. Allow the paint to dry and then use a fine tipped Sharpie to draw the details of a white llama on one side and a duckling on the yellow side.

4. Spray one side with polyurathane.

5. Allow to dry and spray the other side.

Use these llama and duck math manipulatives for counting, sorting, adding and subtracting. One of our favorite games is to create patterns of llamas and ducks. Start by teaching the Llama, Llama, Duck Song below. Then arrange the llamas and ducks to reflect the pattern in the song.


Let's Learn about Llamas! - Non-Fiction Books about Llamas

We read non-fiction books about llamas to find out the true facts about the lifecycle of llamas, how to care for llamas and what llamas can do for us if we care for them properly.

Are you thinking of raising llamas as beasts of burden? Would you like to spin llama wool into yarn? Are you thinking of using a llama to guard your sheep or goats?

These are the books that we found most helpful when trying to answer these types of questions.

Have you ever seen a llama in real life?

See results

What do you call a baby llama?

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Social Studies

Where do llamas come from? - Llamas of the Andes Mountains...

Camelids Range and Migration
Camelids Range and Migration | Source

Where do Llamas come from?

Many years ago llamas could only be found in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Llamas were domesticated by ancient people living in the Andes from wild guanacos. Guanacos, Vicunas, Alpacas and Llamas are the only camelids to come from the Americas. What may surprise you, however, is that camelids, including the Dramadary and Bactrian Camels of the Old World actually originated in North America, a place where all camelids had become extinct. Llamas and Alpacas have now been reintroduced to North America as domesticated animals and their numbers are growing. Have you ever seen a llama?

Would you like to own a llama?

See results


How to Draw a Llama

Illustrate Your Llama Books

As children learn more and more about llamas, they will need to be able to illustrate the stories and journals they are writing. My children loved studying step by step tutorials. Soon they were able to quickly and easily draw pictures to enhance their creative writing as well as add art to math projects and scientific journals.


Llama Llama Duck Song - The Llama Song

By Burton Earny. The lyrics go...Here's a llama. There's a llama. And another little llama. Fuzzy llama. Funny ...

Llama Llama by MightyStarGazer
Make your Available at Zazzle

Here is a llama t-shirt for getting you in the mood for singing about llamas. The silly llama song that follows was written by Burton Earny and features a silly combination of unrelated things followed by a chorus that ends with llama, llama, duck!

Children and adults will be in stitches when they first hear this song. Soon they will be following along with the words and finally might even start singing the Llama, Llama Duck Song in their sleep. As a teacher of beginning readers, I found that this type of song is perfect for helping children learn to read. Help your child follow along with the words as you sing the song together and soon your child will be able to read every word.

Sally the Camel - Larry the Llama has No Humps!

Sally the Camel is a silly traditional English song about camel with five, four, three, two, one, no humps. For this Llama Unit Study we made up some new verses to help us remember the difference between the different kinds of camelids.

Becky the Bactrian has two humps.

Becky the Bactrian has two humps.

Becky the Bactrian has two humps.

So ride, Becky, ride.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Danny the dromedary has one hump.

Danny the dromedary has one hump.

Danny the dromedary has one hump.

So ride, Danny, ride.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Larry the llama has no humps.

Larry the llama has no humps.

Larry the llama has no humps.

So ride, Larry, ride.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Alice the alpaca has no humps.

Alice the alpaca has no humps.

Alice the alpaca has no humps.

So ride, Alice, ride.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Victor the vicuna has no humps.

Victor the vicuna has no humps.

Victor the vicuna has no humps.

So ride, Victor, ride.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Gabby the guanaco has no humps.

Gabby the guanaco has no humps.

Gabby the guanaco has no humps.

So ride, Gabby, ride.

Boom, boom, boom, boom!

Alice (or Sally) the Camel

Written by Unknown | Copyright Unknown

Llama Unit Study Guestbook - Loving the Lessons on Llamas!

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    • iijuan12 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Wonderful lens! Llamas are fun animals...until they spit on you.

    • Fcuk Hub profile image

      Fcuk Hub 

      6 years ago

      You have everything here about Lama. This should be an official website of all lamas in the world :)

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 

      6 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Excellent job Evelyn, and I was quite surprised at the origins of the Llamas and Camels. Yet another wonderful homestudy class, blessed.


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