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Make Your Locker ROCK With A Locker Chandelier!

Updated on October 3, 2014

There's no reason to just meld into the junior high or high school crowd when you can really stand out by decorating your locker, and, the very place to start is with a dazzling locker chandelier!

Back in my day (yes, I'm your parents' age - well, maybe your grandparents but we don't need to go further with THAT discussion....), we had to decorate our lockers with pictures cut from magazines (WTH?). Typically, teenage girls would have pictures of Donny Osmond (ewwww...), Shawn Cassidy, or any of the other in vogue teenage idols of the 1970s. Perhaps a mirror would be added so we could check our blue eyeshadow (ewwwww....). But, ah, dear children of today, you get to go glam with your school lockers!

The locker chandelier you see there in the picture is only one of a group on If you scroll down, I'll show you more choices. This particular locker chandelier is battery operated and motion controlled. Simply put your hand into your locker and, voila, let there be light! It turns off automatically to conserve battery and hangs with a heavy duty magnet so there's no damage to school property.

If I had a school locker today, I'd not only get one of these very trendy locker chandeliers, but I'd get locker wallpaper to go with it - you'll see some of that below also.

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Aqua and blue locker decorations

Click the link to the left to see this beautiful teal locker chandelier.
Click the link to the left to see this beautiful teal locker chandelier.

This teal locker chandelier will definitely bling out your locker and make you stand out amongst your peers.

Just set it and forget it - it sticks to the top of the locker with strong magnets so there's no drilling or abusing school property. And, with a motion detector on and off, the batteries in this school locker chandelier should last throughout the school year.

Note, you'll need to buy a pack of batteries also as they are not included in this locker lighting fixture. It runs on 3 AAA batteries.

Note: this beautiful chandelier comes in bright pink, white, and teal.

Inkology Glo-Lite Magnetic Chandelier, Color May Vary, 1 Chandelier (260-4)
Inkology Glo-Lite Magnetic Chandelier, Color May Vary, 1 Chandelier (260-4)

This locker chandelier is a bit different as it's fiber optic. It's available in aqua, pink and purple so there's a color for almost every girlie girl.

Like the other school locker chandeliers, this one is held up with strong magnets so there's no drilling or permanent damage to your locker.


Here's some fun videos about how to decorate your school locker.

Along with cool locker chandeliers, why not bling out your school locker with some very fancy magnetic wallpaper, a dry erase board, or a shag locker rug? Check out these offerings from below.

Locker Rockers Rug - Scribbles Beat
Locker Rockers Rug - Scribbles Beat

Step back into the 70s with a pink shag rug.

Black & White Polka Dots Dry-Erase Board
Black & White Polka Dots Dry-Erase Board

Never miss another date (or doodle your boyfriend's name) on this magnetic white board.


Do you or would you decorate your school locker?

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