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Updated on October 9, 2011

DFW TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth “GET YOUR NEEDS MET”


In your life when given life each day are you grateful and celebrate your life?

When you ponder over this question know that you have been given a space in

life. What will you do with your space in life?

If you don’t feel like you have curved out a space for your life then stop, look

and listen to your space.

Take time to seize the moment of quiet time to notice

your space.

Although for some you maybe going through a crisis or a forced change

to recognize your space. I suggest don’t wait until you are forced to recognize your

space in life but do this naturally every day.

When you recognize your space naturally everyday this allows you the opportunity everyday

to refresh yourself for a new start every day. Allow yourself to let go of the past and focus

on the future. Allow yourself to disconnect from things and connect with your given space in time.

Ex. like one who walks the tight rope in the circus focus and with practice you will achieve.

Each day is a new day and you do not know what you are going to face in your day.

Start your day off by asking yourself a few questions? Because what you do know is that you have been given your space in life for your new day.

How do I choose to use this given space on earth? In your space are you now

experiencing joy, peace and love? Are you waking up being your best regardless of the circumstances?

Who said it would be easy but are you putting one foot in front of the other and making

each step count.

Do you reach deep down inside of you even when you don’t feel your


This is when you push yourself because you matter.

You should have a purpose and cause that matter to make you take your next step.

Your purpose and cause attitude about your space you will make space for yourself on earth.

You must know that you are important to yourself with a mission and purpose within the earth.

As you move forward in your purpose and cause in mind with this your provisions will be met.

Your provisions will be met because as you contribute your space will give back to you.

Your contributions will return unto you.

How will you know this works let me ask you how do you know that you will wake-up tomorrow

in your space that has been given to you on earth?

Then show up for your day doing your best offering your best expecting that the best will

return. In doing this my needs, wants and desires are met.

I believe in the Ohio Motto: With God All Things are Possible


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