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Manatee Figurines

Updated on September 19, 2013

Memorable Manatee Figurines

I love manatees. They are a gentle slow moving creature. This lens brings you delighful figurines, posters and a gorgeous throw blanket. Perfect for gift-giving. For more on this interesting creature visit Magnificent Manatees. ~Enjoy Scrolling Through This Mini Gallery~

Underwater Sea Turtle Dolphin Manatee

Underwater Throw, 70 x 54 inches. 100% cotton, a soft natural fiber. Machine washable in a gentle cycle, only slight shrinkage because it is washed once at the time of production. Woven, ensuring long life with little to no product degradation.

~Manatee Posters~

6'' Glass Manatee Figurine

6'' Glass Manatee Figurine

Accent your home with this elegantly detailed glass manatee sculpture! A hand made glass figurine piece that is an exquisite representation of a manatee. Glass manatee sculpture is 6'' in length. Glass.

Hand Blown Glass Manatee Figurine on Coral

Hand blown glass manatee sculpture is a unique work of art created by Kevin Prochaska, Disneyland glass blower for 10 years. Manatee figurine is mounted on artificial coral. This manatee has personality and what a truly amazing this elephant-like animal is.

Blown Glass Manatee and Calf Figurine on Coral

Manatee figurine is mounted on artificial coral. This manatee mother keeps a watchful eye on her newborn calf as she gently nudges her baby out of danger.

Parent And Children Manatee Figurine Statue

7 inch Ancient Pure Copper Parent And Children Manatee Figurine Statue

This gorgeous 7 inch Ancient Pure Copper Parent And Children Manatee Figurine Statue has the finest details and highest quality you will find anywhere! Our team prides ourselves on finding the best prices without reducing quality, and in this Marine Life Animal Collection, we have definitely done just that! The craftsmanship of this lovely 7 inch Ancient Pure Copper Parent And Children Manatee Figurine Statue is truly remarkable.

Rinconada Manatee

Rinconada Manatee, Silver Anniversary Figurine

Manatee Baby Figurine Rincababy Collection Comes In A Box 3.25in x 3.25in x 3.5in Among The Finest Examples In The Field Of Contemporary Hand-Crafted Ceramic Animal Designs Is The De Rosa Rinconada Collection From Montevideo, Uruguay. De Rosa Rinconada Is Known Internationally For Its Artistic And Elegant Use Of Platinum, 18 Karat Gold, And Vibrant Enamel Glazes In The Creation Of Their Hand Made-Made Ceramic Figurines. Each Design Is Individually Hand Carved And Hand Painted, Insuring That No Two Sculptures Are Ever Created Exactly Alike.

Manatee (Red Rose Tea/Wade Figurine)

Manatee (Red Rose Tea/Wade Figurine, North American Endangered Series 1999-2002)

Handpainted Manatee Replica Statue 8"

Vivid hand-painted colors beneath a layered lacquer finish

Constructed from a durable lightweight plastic composite

Life-like artistry from the depths of the ocean

Manatee Family Figurine

Manatee Family Figurine - manatee figurines

Surprisingly, shopping for admirers of wildlife are can become difficult after a while, when they've collected their favorites, and the more common figures. That iswhy we bring you this outstanding, and realistic sculpture of a playful manatee family. Not only is it distinctively different on the subject, but it's incredibly well-detailed, from the wrinkles in the manatees skin, to the texture of the rocks that they are playing around. From the Gray Rock Collection, the figurine includes a wooden base and identifying plaque. 7.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches high.

Stone Resin Realistic Manatee Figurine

Cast your nets on this side of the boat and see what you pull in! These figurines are definitely a booty worth pirating for seafarers and land-lubbers alike! Ahoy! Your ship has finally come in! Made from a cold cast stone resin and beautifully hand painted.

7" Merry Manatee By Annalee

This Merry Manatee is the perfect gift for those friends at the coast or any sea-loving family. Wish someone special a Happy Holiday with Annalee!

Manatee Sea Turtle Stingray Tropical Fish Figurine

~Approx. 13 inches high

~Made of Brass with marble base

Manatee Sea Turtle Stingray Tropical Fish Figurine

~Manatee Poster~

I hope you enjoyed visiting Manatee Figurines today. Do you have any thoughts you would like to share? Please feel free to do so, and share a comment. I love hearing from my guests.

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