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High School Marching Band: Great Opportunities, Builds Friendships and Confidence

Updated on August 17, 2017

Marching Band

Marching band Playing at football games-What fun they had
Marching band Playing at football games-What fun they had | Source

Playing A Musical Instrument and Education

The question is: Should you let your child play a musical instrument or be in the marching band? Hell yes and don't stop them. Let me first say, that years ago when I was in school, if you played an instrument or sang in the choir, you were the dork and not popular.

How Does Playing An Instrument Affect Your Child

What happens after my child joins the marching band? You will see a change in your child after about a month in most children. They will have new friends and feel like they are somebody important for once. After all, growing up is not easy and trying to fit in is another story. Each child has a certain responsibility in each "section" of the band. If they play the trumpet, then they might be a section leader of the trumpets, and so on. It does teach them to be responsible, how to interact with others, and respect authority from the director. It's an amazing experience for them. Don't deprive them of learning. I'll be honest, as a mother, I wondered what possibly could band teach him and that's a waste of a class, when he needs to take something that will educate him for his future. Let me tell you, I will never think that again.

Marching Band Competitons

Discipline and Respect is learned at  band competions
Discipline and Respect is learned at band competions | Source
Playing music and Having a blast going on band trips was a great experience for the kids. This is when they went to Dollywood
Playing music and Having a blast going on band trips was a great experience for the kids. This is when they went to Dollywood | Source

Marching Band And Socialization

This is another reason why you need to let your kids play an instrument and get involved in band. The socialization is like no other. They go on trips, meet other people, learn to respect authority and so on. Of course hardly any kid treats the parent like they do others, but this is even a deeper respect for others they learn.

Band Trips

Thank goodness for Band fundraisers or we would have been sunk. The band trips they take are unbelievable and unforgettable. I know this isn't for all schools, but for most, there is always some sort of a trip somewhere, even if it's local. My son actually got to play in the Bowl Parade in California. They went to Disneyland and all kinds of fun places too. They played at the Kentucky Derby in the Pegasus parade, play for other schools in band competitions, I can go on and on and on. The picture to the right is the one of Dollywood. The band trips give them a chance to mingle with their peers and enjoy playing in the band, as the benefits always outweigh the time and effort they put in when they march or go to band competitions.

Many High Scool Kids Join Band

Well, that was one thing I thought about too when he first got involved. I wondered how many kids actually joined the band. When I found out almost 1/3 of the school was in his band class, yes, 1/3. About 160 kids are in his band. Football players play their games and at half time, hurry up and grab their instruments, play at half time, and run back on the field to finish the football game. It's not the way it was years ago where you were an outcast. Now, you are almost an outcast if you don't play in the band.

If your son/daughter wants to play an instrument in school, by golly let 'em. It is a wonderful experience for them. After all, we listen to music everyday. Everywhere you go there is music. In the elevators, in the dr.s office, in the car, etc. Music is a part of our lives and someday your child will thank you for letting them play the instrument or join band or even choir.

Band Camp

Band camp was an experience for me, as well as for him. It was the first time my kid was actually away from me for a week and I was worried sick. He was a freshman in high school, and yes he was growing up,.

I won't go into all the detail of band camp, but all I know is every year, all the kids couldn't wait to go. They couldn't wait to go to sweat in the middle of August, go non-stop for hours and hours on end, be stung by every thing that flew and had a stinger, and most of them got sick from the heat; but when is the next band camp? They couldn't wait til next year. Also, the saying "what happens in band camp, stays in band camp" still holds true.


Band and Marching Band

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Band Competition Video

Band Camp Video


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    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago from Central USA

      You know my sons in college now and he still talks about his band days in high school he misses them. Like I said, 25 years ago if you were in band you were nothing but a geek today if you're not in band; you are a geek. Football players are in the band it's great. Thank you for sharing your story

    • ThreeQuarters2Day profile image

      Dawn Romine 3 years ago from Nebraska

      All three of my kids were in band, I was in band, I sold band fruit, band candy, and band calendars and gift wrap for our trip to Disney World. I've worked spaghetti suppers for my kids trip to Washington DC, which was awesome to watch them play in the Memorial Day parade.

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago from Central USA

      Hi Maggie..I so agree with all you are saying. Years ago when I was in High School and we joined the band, music or choir, we were not poplular and were basically geeks. Things have changed so much...there were football players marching in their football uniforms at my sons school for the four years that he went. Half the school was involved in band and half the band was in choir...It was quite nice!

    • Maggie.L profile image

      Maggie.L 3 years ago from UK

      I really agree with what you're saying. My daughter has played piano since she was young. She enjoyed it but there was no opportunity to do music as part of a group. She has since taken up a wind instrument and participates in two orchestras which she really enjoys and gets so much out of it. Thanks for highlighting the positive aspects for young people of taking part in music.

    • weezyschannel profile image

      Lisa 4 years ago from Central USA

      Thank you for the comment. I only wish I could have Attended his music parades and e everything he accomplished. Could not get involved but I know how he loved it. I would watch videos of his marching and was able to have a spouse attend for both of us. Has since been out of HS two years and still involved with alma mater band. Great memories!!

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Isaac Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Seems you are enjoying the band as much as your child. Another way for you to be meaningfully involved in his life. Chances are he'll like the band even more because of your interaction. Very good presentation!