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100 Math Smartboard Lessons K-5

Updated on January 15, 2014

Find The Perfect Smartboard Lesson For Math!

Are you looking for great interactive math Smartboard lessons and games? You've found the right place! Search through a huge variety of over 100 math smartboard lessons, activities, and fun games for your students. These lessons are mainly for grades Kindergarten through fifth grade! If you have older or younger, I'm sure you can also incorporate them somehow. Interactive whiteboards make your classroom lessons come alive and the kids love it. Search around these smartboard lesson lists by clicking on the link to either download it and bookmark for later, teachers!

Ghost Blasters-Game of multiples of 10.

Ghost Blasters 2-Practice sums

Ghost Blasters 3-Practicing two digit plus one digit numbers.

Ghost Blasters 3-Practicing two digit plus two digit numbers.

Ghost Blasters 3-Practicing addition of 2 digit by 2 digit numbers.

Ghost Blasters 3-Practicing 2 digits minus 1 digit

Ghost Blasters 3-Practicing 3 digit minus 3 digits.

Banana Hunt-Practice the degrees of an angle

Bang On Time-Practice telling time.

Billy Bug-Learn coordinates. ( 0-10)

Billy Bug 2-Learn coordinates. ( 0-5)

Class Clock-Help teach time.

Dog Bone-Finding numbers from a number square.

Estimate-Estimating numbers

Fraction Flags Halves-Practice painting while learning about halves

Fraction Flag Thirds-Practice painting while learning about thirds.

Fraction Paint 4-Fraction Paint 2x2 square

Fraction Paint 9-Fraction Paint 3x3 square

Fraction Paint 16-Fraction Paint 4x4 square

Fraction Paint 25-Fraction Paint 5x5 square

Fraction Paint 36-Fraction Paint 6x6 square

Ghost Blasters Even-Practice finding even numbers

Ghost Blasters Odd-Practice finding the odd numbers

Math Magician-Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication facts

Math Magic-Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Percent Paint-Percentage paint tool

Power Lines 1-Mathematical reasoning level 1

Power Lines 2-Mathematical reasoning level 2

Power Lines 3-Mathematical reasoning level 3

Random Generator-Tool

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Smartboard Resources

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