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Medieval Jousting - Huzzah!

Updated on April 18, 2013

Medieval Jousting Tournaments - Knights, Horses

Medieval Jousting is very popular in the UK at the moment. Trained 'Knights' joust on horses with wooden jousting sticks in an arena with a dramatic commentary. The settings are using historic castles. Exciting stuff. We've been to see live jousting 3 times this year! Our boys love everything to do with jousting, as as we can't go every day (much as they would like!) we've been looking out for products so they can re-enact jousting tournaments at home.

[Image taken at Warwick Castle.]

Do try this at home - But perhaps not with real horses

Or anything too pointy ;-)

Medieval Jousting at Wrest Park

Medieval Jousting at Wrest Park
Medieval Jousting at Wrest Park

St George's Day - Wrest Park

Medieval Jousting 1

Our first experience of medieval jousting was as Wrest Park, Bedfordshire at the St George's Day Celebration. We were expecting something pretty tame, but this was pure entertainment. Jousting sticks got broken, knights came off horses, the tournament had to be resolved through a fight with hand weapons.

Before the tournament we were encourage to buy 'favors' - flags and scarves in the color of the knight we were supporting and wave them in support of our knights. There was much cheering - 'Huzzah' is the appropriate term in medieval English. And much booing. Good stuff.

We also got the watch the story of St George and the Dragon which was superbly done. DS1 (aged 3) was able to retell the whole story to visitors a few days later.

Medieval Jousting

Boo or Huzzah!

St George and the Dragon at Wrest Park

St George and the Dragon at Wrest Park
St George and the Dragon at Wrest Park

St George and the Dragon

Saint George and the Dragon
Saint George and the Dragon

If you don't know the story, this is an excellent version.


Warwick Castle

Medieval Jousting 2

Our next jousting session was in the amazing setting of Warwick Castle (pronounced Warrick). Unfortunately the weather wasn't so good for that one, it absolutely poured down with rain. The kids didn't even seem to notice, they were mesmerized. This tournament was done with great dramatic effect. It was set up as a tournament between two knights, and then the bad knight appeared to disrupt proceedings. Boo. Hiss.

Great entertainment even in the rain. And we got to meet one of the knights afterwards. Great fun.

Medieval Jousting at Warwick Castle

Medieval Jousting at Warwick Castle
Medieval Jousting at Warwick Castle

Playmobil Knights' Tournament Set

jousting knights lulworth
jousting knights lulworth

Lulworth Castle

Medieval Jousting 3

Our third medieval jousting tournament was at Lulworth Castle. We watched both sessions of the day. In the first session the bad knight won (Boo. Hiss) and in the second session good prevailed (Huzzah). This tournament was brilliantly compered by 'Gwendoline' and very dramatic.

In addition to the usual pre-tournament games we were treated to a knight riding two horses, known as 'Roman riding'. What's more, there was a 'Roman riding' race between the knight and one of the squires. Superbly done and very exciting. Excellent entertainment.

Roman Riding Race

Roman Riding Race
Roman Riding Race

A Knight's Tale

Let us know what you think

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    • mythphile profile image

      Ellen Brundige 

      8 years ago from California

      I suspect jousting over there is a bit better than over here. Although it's actually the state sport of Maryland!

      I have never jousted, but I have tilted. They hang up brass? rings, and you're supposed to catch them on your lance as you gallop by. I missed. :)

      Jousting is a fun show, but some of the drills and exercises can still be done in earnest -- tilting, quintains, or whatever you call it when you "behead" sandbags on fence posts to simulate...uh...yeah. Anyway, watch out; your kids may grow up to be medieval reenactors.

      Which is a really fun hobby and a way to meet interesting people and forge lifelong friendships. Huzzah! :)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I would love to see a joust in person, up close. Exciting sport, love the topic!

    • oztoo lm profile image

      oztoo lm 

      8 years ago

      I have always loved this medieval stuff since I was little. I remember visiting Warwick castle but these medieival re-enactments were not popular back then. Thanks for sharing


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