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Why Men are Obsessed With Women's Breasts

Updated on October 7, 2014

It is with no doubt throughout the ages men have been obsessed with women’s breasts. Perhaps, they are the most admired parts of a feminine body which makes men go ‘crazy’ staring at them.

For some men, gazing at the women’s breasts causes a reaction in their bodies while for others, it ignites a fantasy that can only take place in their minds of stroking and ‘playing’ with the breasts in preparation for sex.

However, there is a group of people who just admire the feminine body organ without causing any reaction in their bodies or minds. They are just fascinated at staring at them. That’s all.

It is no wonder many women complain men don’t look at their faces during conversation, but at their breasts. And, as is with the sizes of any product, to men they can be attracted to a woman’s breast depending on its size. Some prefer large breasts, medium or small.

Nevertheless, this fascination has really caused many women to go for surgery to either increase the size of their breasts or reduce. In a developed country such as North America, breast surgery tops the number one slot in cosmetic procedure. It is estimated 100,000 women go through breast reductions and 300,000 undergo breast augmentations annually in America according to The American Society of Plastic Surgery.

Is it possible men’s obsession with women’s breasts has to do with the fact they are sex-driven creatures? That it borders on sexual line, treating their breasts as sex toys? Was a woman’s breast meant to feed a new-born baby or does it also serve the purpose of arousing both a man’s sexual appetite and the woman’s?

Why is it in recent years women’s obsession of their breasts has kept increasing at a high rate? It might be this has to do with the fact men, their boyfriends or husbands prefer this particular size of breasts: medium, large or small. Despite this, it is still unknown where women’s obsession with their breasts comes from. As stated above, it might be possible the increased obsession of women as regards to their breasts has to do with men. Men seem to play a role in women’s obsession.

When interviewed, women who get augmented said they were pressured by their husbands or boyfriends for surgery. Certainly, men do play a role.

Another point to consider, nowadays it is hard not to see women exposing a part of their breasts. Why is this the case? Are they inviting men to have a peek of how gorgeous their breasts are? Do they want praise or to be complemented on the look of their breasts? When walking and a man passes by and glances at their breasts, does it make them feel good at their breasts?

Breastfeeding | Source

Why do women want men to recognize their breasts especially in terms of size? Why do women go through all the trouble to work on their breasts from plastic surgery to wearing padded bras? Some women choose fashions depending on the occasion and how they feel about their breasts in terms of size, either to draw attention to their breasts or drive attention away from their breasts may be to their hair or face.

It is true breasts mean a lot to women? This is attested by the fact if a woman’s breast is removed during surgery because of breast cancer, it does lead to psychological pain or have a psychological effect on her. Therefore, it implies they treasure it a lot.

Do you think it is right for women to gaze at women's breasts or pressure them to go for breast surgery?

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Therefore, when a man is dissatisfied with her breasts or she feels men don’t admire her breasts, it does affect her negatively, psychologically. This is especially the case with women who undergo surgery to increase or reduce the size of their breasts. It leads to depression. And studies have revealed women who undergo surgery are twice likely to commit suicide compared to those who have not undergone the procedure.

While women might state their exposing part of their breasts doesn’t have to do with drawing the attention to their breasts, this happens to be the case. Also, other women don’t wear bras whose effect is felt at a high ‘gear’ by men. It is true some women feel uncomfortable (not at ease) and it produces pain in their breasts; for others it has to do with ‘screaming the words,’ “Hey, check my boobs, aren’t they wholesome?”

A question seems to pop-up: There are men who admire women’s breasts just like that. They just admire them. They are fascinated at admiring them. No reaction is felt in their bodies at staring women’s breasts. No fantasies. How can this fascination be explained?

If the first theory can be discounted, then it all boils down to the chemicals in the brain.

Studies have proved when a woman breastfeeds her baby after birth, a bond between the two is formed. When the baby sucks the breasts, it stimulates signals which are sent to the brain along the nerves. The signal triggers the release of a chemical (neurochemical) known as oxytocin. This neurochemical is released from the brain’s hypothalamus. The release of oxytocin aids in production of more breast milk.

Not only does oxytocin help in the production or ejection of breast milk, it also helps in forming a tie between the mother and baby. This is why the attention of the mother is completely focused on the child as opposed to the husband. The mother feels motivated to keep on breastfeeding and is an experience she really enjoys. And the baby becomes the most important thing in her life.

It is believed this is the same case with couples or ‘lover birds.’ The neurochemical oxytocin aids in forming an attachment between two people in love. This is why it is often referred as ‘love molecule.’ Together with dopamine and norepinephrine, they are known to cause attachment between two people of opposite sex.

Oxytocin also aids in establishing intimacy and attachment to a partner of the opposite sex. This neurochemical is the one that enhances the yearning for a pair to gaze at each other, helps men in retaining their erections and generates sexual stimulation.

OBSESSED with BREAST coverage,women don't understand MEN who love them,and why

Therefore, if you want to increase levels of oxytocin (the brain chemical) also known as ‘trust hormone,’ please hug or shake someone’s hand including pets. It is the bodily contact that helps in producing oxytocin not only in yourself but also the other person you have come in touch with thus establishing trust. This explains why the mere act of staring at someone or thinking about that someone does produce this neurochemical, oxytocin.

Well, does this explain why as a man when I am walking and a lady happens to pass by, and I happen to gaze at her breasts thinking, ‘Wow! Look at those breasts!’ without my body being aroused or forming thoughts of sex? I just admired the breasts. I was attracted to the breasts and after she passed by, the thoughts disappeared.


Maybe, it might have to do with the fact of the attachment that was formed between the mother and the baby-boy during breastfeeding which makes adult men to feel attracted to women’s breasts. As they sucked their mothers’ breasts the bonding that was developed was ingrained in their subconscious minds, therefore whenever they see the breasts of women they feel a connection, a desire to feel the warmth and bonding that results from coming into contact with a woman’s breast (My assumption).

Since these theories offer little explanations to the men’s obsession with women’s breasts not necessarily for sexual gratification, it looks this topic can be put into the category of unsolved (and possibly unexplained) mystery. No authoritative conclusion has so far offered valid reasons.


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    • Ben716 profile image

      Alianess Benny Njuguna 3 years ago from Kenya

      @ no body, thank you. A man should appreciate the breasts of his wife or girlfriend, whether big or small and she gets older to continue appreciating them. They mean so much to them, thereby if you don't appreciate them, it will have a psychological effect on them. I agree with you what you have said, there's a reason why women have breasts as you have indicated.

      @ lia, thank you for your comment. Well, if a woman sees she wants to change her breast, the natural way is better than surgery. Surgery can have disastrous effects later in life.

    • no body profile image

      Robert E Smith 3 years ago from Rochester, New York

      I just commented on another hub that contained the humorous side of big breasts and their implication for men observers. This is a serious aspect. I believe that God the Creator put into men a desire for the female form (with breasts an important part of the equation) so that the attraction could continue between husband and wife, throughout old age, for the entire life of the married couple. I don't believe that marriage and sexuality is just for procreation. Once children are not a factor in the home I believe that the spouse's breasts, along with the rest of her female form is an important part of the sexual experience for both the husband and the wife. The thing is, that most men continue to allow their eyes to roam free and take in breasts at every turn. Then after that initial acknowledgement of their presence coming into the eye-gate receptors, they then allow their mind to continue to dwell on the physical and lustful thoughts that crept in while gazing at their "surroundings."

      As a married man, I believe that my woman should get all my attention, imagination and sexual energy, and that if other women come into my vision that I am honor-bound to not give undue attention to them. I am nearly 60 years old and the older I get the more deeply I feel about this. It would be a natural (albeit sinful thing) for me to look and long after the young breasts of my wife's youth, but God did not intend for me to stay stagnant. His will is for me to love and appreciate the breasts He has given me to love. My job is to help her to see her vital sexuality into her old age. She will have bodily changes coming and not all of them are going to be easy on her. I am to grow with her through these stages and changes being a strength to her whenever possible. Visual stimulation is always going to be in every man's psychological makeup but the heart intent is known by God. He will hold us accountable for roaming eyes and wandering hearts/imaginations. Good article. Voted up and interesting.

    • profile image

      lia 3 years ago

      women's breast plays a vital role sex so obviously men will obsessed with them. and women will always try to get a perfect breast for them, by surgery or natural methods, natural methods are more safe. and here is a video about some natural methods i found on youtube.