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Toughen Your Mind: Preventive Maintenance Tips for Mental Fitness

Updated on July 21, 2018
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Crystal Concepts is a hub written and managed by a certified yoga and Pilates teacher with a Diploma in Exercises and Sports Science.

In our daily routines, there are tools or appliances that help us in what we are doing, for example, we use cars to get us to where we want to go. After some time we bring our cars into the car shop for a tune up, a change oil or any of the myriad things to be done as preventive maintenance. We take these maintenance tasks seriously because we know that if our cars are running well, we get the full potential out of it and not give us any headaches.

Doesn’t it make sense then to do some regularly scheduled maintenance on our brain too? A tool far more valuable and far more used than the rest?

Yes of course, we should!!!

Here are some tips that you can do to re-energize and to do some vital maintenance on your brain.

1. Take a small breather before you tackle your chores

Ever wonder why you forget why you were into a room? The reason for that is your mind is racing with a lot of thoughts. Pause between activities. You must finish and give closure to a task before you proceed to the other one.

2. Create a salon like atmosphere and culture in your workplace.

Get together every couple of weeks to discuss a non work related topic, such as organic vegetable gardening and its benefits. This will definitely build community amongst yourselves and boost creativity.

3. Block out the noise in your mind.

Take a short walk, do some yoga or meditation. Do things that will train your mind to take a break.Dont think about your job or the chores you have to do. As you are walking, turn off your cell phone and stop making that mental to-do list.

Try to make a game of spotting people around you wearing the color red, this will give your brain a rest. Who knows, the solution to a problem that has been nagging you may pop into your mind afterward.

4. Change up your routines.

This might wake your brain up. Eat dessert first!! Or use a different route going to work.

5. Get up from the computer

Every hour or so, just stand up and leave your desk, even if it’s only to get a quick stretch or to go drink a glass of water.

6. Go pamper yourself

Go get that massage you have been promising yourself for a long time. Get that facial, soak in the tub. Just do things that will make you feel wonderful.

7. Develop meaningful relationships

Key to a person's overall health is a loving and supportive relationship. Quality time with your family is also quality down time for your brain.

Oh yeah, hugs, kisses and smiles also help allot!!

8. Attitude adjustment

Always think positive and be reflective of your movements, this really does allot of good. Always think about what really important in life and all the blessings you have received.

These little tips will help you get out of the rut we always fall into once in a while. It’s not bad to fall, what is bad is when you never try to get up again.

© 2008 Shanti Rose


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    • ToddieM profile image


      11 years ago from Diamond Bar, CA

      We used to get foot massages every Sunday. Maybe we need to revisit that (regarding #6).


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