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Do mermaids really exist?

Updated on May 24, 2015

Are Mermaids Real?

This is a question I have been asking myself ever since I saw the documentary "Mermaids: The Body Found," are they real? At first, I blew it off as another way to make money. However, after watching it many times and doing research, I believe there is enough evidence to support the theory that they are indeed real. Mermaids may be real, and they may not. I will show you both sides of the story, and let you decide. Are they real? Is the government hiding something from us? Or are we simply letting our imaginations take over?

*Please note that I do not own any of the following images. All credit goes where credit is due, and I am not trying to take credit. Clicking on the image will take you to the respective owners website, many of these are from animal planets "Mermaid the Body Found" documentary, I do not own those either. Enjoy!

**I do own the photo to the left, if you would like a custom drawing like that one for your website, let me know and I will get you one cheap!

Tools have been found inside of fish

These are very poorly made spears, shanks, and other sharp objects used to impale the fish. How could these be found inside of fish? Especially when they are made of coral and rocks only found on the bottom of the ocean. No human civilization is known to hunt fish this way, and the countless fishermen to claim to have seen this kind of stuff raises the suspicion of many. Maybe it's just a hoax, some kids are stabbing tuna for fun. Or, maybe mermaids are doing it, trying to survive.

Are They Hiding? - Why?

Well, you don't have to be a genius to know how destructive humans are. We are afraid of sharks, yet we kill thousands more of them than they do of us. We spill millions of gallons of oil and pollution into our air and water every year. Maybe the mermaids see this. Maybe the see how we kill everything from deer to tuna to each other. Maybe they are too smart to present themselves and don't want to risk being enslaved. Sure, the people probably wouldn't be okay with that, but when has that stopped our government from doing stuff? They tested nukes for over a decade before any of us knew about it, maybe they are dissecting and testing things on mermaids already. We just don't know.

One thing is for certain, though. People would pay thousands if not millions of dollars to get their hands on a mermaid pelt.

If Mermaids Were Real.. - How would they look?

There are many different theories on how one of these creatures would look. In Disney movies, they are beautiful creatures who steal the hearts of sailors. In documentaries they are eerie creatures that are actually quite terrifying. It is more probable that they look closer to the above picture. This is because they couldn't possibly have skin covering their body like Ariel, scales would be more realistic. Since we never see these evasive sea creatures, it's okay to assume they live fairly deep in the water. At such depths, human skin would not suffice in protecting them from the extreme water pressure, or the constant threat of vicious animals. Scales would provide more armor and protection against their unforgiving environment.

Mermaids Look Like us for a Reason

It isn't just a coincidence that mermaids look so much like humans. It's because we probably evolved from the same animal. Two paths were taken, on path involved the sea, and one the land. If we were around water for millions of years, we would slowly adapt to it. Likewise, we have adapted to the land. Mermaids have the same faces as us, they have our hands (although it contains webbing), and many other small similarities. The only major difference is their tail, lack of legs, and scaly skin. There is a reason we are so similar, and it isn't just a miracle of nature.

Don't skip anything!

Watch the videos, they contain more evidence than anything.

Watch this video - It's a mermaid caught on camera!

This video wasn't supposed to be released. However it was leaked, and the footage (take in 2005) is as obvious as it gets. People watch this video and say "oh he knew it was coming, oh he edited that in," and ignore it. This video is real, there is no doubt about it. The sea is one of the least explored places on our planet, so we know there are many animals down there that we haven't seen before. Mermaids are thought to be very smart creatures, and it is thought that they are either hiding from us or being kept hidden by our government.

This isn't something you should ignore right away. At least listen to the facts before you decide which side you're on. Keep an open mind, remember, just because you have been told something doesn't mean it's right. People were hanged for saying the earth was flat. People were shunned for saying the earth was round. We have been wrong before, and I believe that history is repeating itself. Don't let people call you crazy. I believe in mermaids, and I will show you why.

What do You Think?

Give us your opinion on mermaids, and try to explain why you do or do not believe in them.

Are Mermaids Real?

How Much More Evidence is Needed?

There come a point when there are so many facts and so much evidence it's crazy not to believe something. How can you deny that this exists? Special effects do exist, but why would someone go so far? This is real. It's time to stop letting your past experiences determine your future and accept the truth.

Those of you who choose not to believe, I understand completely. It doesn't make sense for animals like this to be hidden for so long. And with all of the technology we have, it is possible to fake this. You have to decide what is right for you, it's not like your life will end if you don't believe it.

Tell me what you think about mermaids!

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