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michelangelo drawings , Renaissance at it's best

Updated on September 12, 2014

Buonarroti michelangelo, renaissance drawings at its top

The drawings by Michelangelo is impressive not only his drawings but his work in the famous Sistine Chapel and his sculptures too. There are not many artists with such diverse qualities. Michelangelo sketches and drawings show us a dramatic and lively world. A world where the artist Michelangelo shows us a new level in the arts.

I love the drawings of Michelangelo, they are more then a sketch, a draft for a painting, they have a value of there own. Even the sketches Michelangelo made for the Sistine Chapel are of an intensity and clarity not seen by many an artist. He is probably togheter with Leonardo da Vinci the icon of the High Renaissance.

Cleopatra - Michelangelo
Cleopatra - Michelangelo

Michelangelo Drawings

There is something dramatic about this drawing. In a way Michelangelo was a drama queen, he pictures his models as theatre players, the gestures and expressions are full of emotion and lyric. The portrait of Cleopatra, not that he knew her, she was living in an different era, is sentimental and with a bit of mockery.

Besides that the drawing is beautifully crafted, the shadows, the thin lines, it is composed in a very clever way as well. Her hear curls around her head like the snakes of Medusa. The drawing is based upon a Z shape, starting at the left bottom, following her plat, then the direction of her neck end in the end the direction of her eyes. In the center of the paper her full lips showing a spoiled girl, bored perhaps.


Phaeton - Michelangelo
Phaeton - Michelangelo

Michelangelo Buonarroti

sculptured the Late Renaissance

Michelangelo was born at Caprese in 1475, in Florentine territory, where his father was resident as a magistrate. In Florence he was accepted to work for Ghirlandaio when he was thriteen, the most famous artist in the town. Michekangelo worked as an apprentice for three years. But soon he overshadowed his master and left the workshop. Ghirlandaio learned him the technique of fresco painting, where you use water color to wet plaster.

After Michelangelo left the workshop Lorenzo the Magnificent, ruler of of the Florentine Republic, took care of him and promoted him as a sculptor. Lorenzo treated Michelangelo as his own son, inviting him at dinners in the company of the finest intellectuals and artists of Italy. He gave him a enough money and a studio to work in. Here he could practice the arts of sculpture without troubles.

In 1492 his Patron Leonardo de Medici died and an power struggle became visible in Florence, Michelangelo went to Bologna avoiding the crises and shortly after that to Rome.

In Rome he made his major works, The Pieta. With this work he made his name and fame, an horrible work if you ask me, but with tihs work which pictures a full grown man (Christ) laying dead on the lap of a woman (Maria) is a forced constructed work of art. IT show that Michelangelo is capable of making exceptional works, he was 24 when he completed it.

He returned to Florence as a famous sculpture and started with the gigantic David.

I'm not going into detail about all his sculptures, after all this lens is about drawings. But the david of Michelangelo is one of the most famous sculptures in the world. It's a strange sculpture in a way, The Giant David is based upon a body of an adolescent. But beautiful in it's elegance.

Personally I'm more atracted to his drawings then his sculptures or paintings. His sculptures are too perfect, too dramatic in a way. Later on when mannerism will take over and the High Renaissance is gone, the drama in the paintings will even be more abundant.

The drawings of Michaelangelo are incredible though, maybe because you can see the personality of the man. More then in his paintings and sculptures, he is more personal in his drawings. The scribbles and sketches on a paper, details and complete works shows us the mind of a great artist, a perfectionist. An artist that sculpted together with Leonardo da Vinci and Titian the Late Renaissance.

Movement and Drama

Study for one of the Sibyls on the Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo
Study for one of the Sibyls on the Sistine Chapel - Michelangelo

Contra posture in figure drawing - Michael Angelo

This famous drawing of a man raising his arms and looking backward is incredible. The contra movement of his body showing all his muscles is close to a body of a superman. The figures of Michelangelo often represent powerful bodies, be it man or woman. Michelangelo loved more then any other the expression of strength en muscles. Movement in the figures and dramatice expression in the faces.

Everything is in movement, from the fingers to the sensual mouth, up to the thighs and feet. Remember the outstreched arm of God almost touching Adam in the Sistine Chapel. Here as well the movement of the streched arm and the super human body of Adam is showing us the high renaissance in full swing.

Michelangelo: The Drawings of a Genius

Michaelangelo's greatest drawings - famous drawings by Michaelangelo

Michelangelo Poetry

Non ha l'ottimo artista alcun concetto

To Vittoria Colonna

No block of marble but it does not hide

the concept living in the artist's mind

pursuing it inside that form, he'll guide

his hand to shape what reason has defined.

The ill I flee, the good I hope to find

in you, exalted lady of true pride,

are also circumscribed; and yet I'm lied

to by my art which to my will is blind.

Love's not to blame, nor your severity,

disdainful beauty, nor what fortune shows,

or destiny: I fixed my own ill course.

Through death and mercy side by side I see

lodged in your heart, my passion only knows

how to carve death: this is my skill's poor force.

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      appelonia 4 years ago

      Everything. It's all a feast for the eyes.

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      AnimalHouse 6 years ago

      Really creative lens! Lovely drawings!