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Middle School Science Fair Guide

Updated on November 28, 2013

Let's Get Started!

Sometimes the hardest part of doing a science fair project is getting started. Every great science project begins with a great idea. Finding that idea isn't always easy.

The Internet is a terrific place to start looking for the perfect idea. Join me on a tour of some idea inspiring sites and resources from Squidoo and on the Web!

Science Fair Categories and Titles

Behavioral Science

* Color's Effect on Teenager's Preference of Fruit Juices

* Measurement of Motivation

* Mice and Mazes

* Can Intelligence be Increased?

* Experiment in Learning with Turtles and Mice

* Educated Rats

* A Study of Fears

* Prejudice and Insecurity

* Dreaming Habits of High School Students

* Teenagers: Dilemmas, Feelings, and Problems - Who Can Help?


* Fatal Fruit

* The Origin of Life

* Chemical Inhibitors in Plants

* A Natural Insecticide

* How Do Different Wavelengths of Light Affect Photosynthesis?

* Minerals in Leafy Vegetables

* Isolation, Separation, Identification of Synthetic Food Dyes

* Anticancer Antibiotic Agent

* Using Vitamins to Protect Corn Pollen from Radiation

* Effects of Aluminum in Alzheimer's Disease


* Do Algae Need Sleep?

* Experimenting With Leaves

* How Can We Use Energy Produced by Swelling Seeds

* What Do Plants Obtain From Soil?

* Anti-Freeze in Prickly Pear Cactus

* Does Magnetism Affect Plant Growth?

* Effect of Sound on the Growth of Plants

* A Plant Can Grow From a Leaf

* The Plant as a Starch Factory

* What's Inside a Corn Stalk?


* Making Household Pastes and Glues

* Home Spot Remover

* Flowers as Chemical Indicators

* What Causes a Ring on Your Bathtub?

* Observations of Adhesion Between Water and Glass

* How to Make Coconut Sugar

* What is Paint?

* Making Plastics From Gelatin

* Developing Useful Products From Onion Skins

* Composition of a 100 Pound Person

Computer Science

* True Personal Computer

* Voice Synthesis With a Home Computer

* Effect on X-rays on Microcomputer Components

* History, Analysis, Construction of Computers

* Artificial Intelligence: An Electronic Math

* 3-D Computer Graphic Simulation of a Chemical Reaction

* Experiment in Robot Intelligence

* Programming a Computer to Make Decisions

* Computer Synthesis: Voice and Music

* Optical Image Processing by Computer

Earth and Space

* What are Minerals?

* Story of the Earth as Told in Rocks

* Formation of Mountains

* Tin Can Planetarium

* Scale Model of the Solar System

* An Investigation of Solar Energy

* Study of the Moon's Orbit

* Reasons for Seasons

* Is There Life on Mars?

* Studies of Meteors

* Recording of "Shooting Stars"

* Design for a Man-Powered Flying Machine

* Principles of Rockets and Satellites

* Experiences With Solid Rocket Fuels

* Oxygen for Space -- Produced as You Go


* Aerodynamics in Automobiles

* How a Drawbridge Operates

* Cooling Homes with Solar Heat

* Robots of the Future

* The Working of the Gasoline Engine

* Breaking Distances on Various Road Surfaces at 20 MPH

* Principles of a Windmill

* A Solar Motor

* Four Types of Water Wheels

* Unseen Burglar Alarms

* Principles of the Electric Motor

* Conversion of Sunlight into Electricity

* A Model Telephone Set-Up

* Electronic Learning Circuit

* The Flip-Flop Building Block of the Digital Computer

Environmental Science

* Do Pesticides Used By Farmers Kill Fish?

* Protection of Beneficial Birds of Prey

* A Solar-Heated Greenhouse

* Importance of Insect Traps

* Effects of Environmental Changes on Pill Bugs

* Animal and Plant Communities

* The Five Life Zones of New Mexico

* Profile of a River

* Forest Food Chains

* Effects of a Hostile Environment on Life


* Chinese Abacus

* Inclined Protractor

* Pattern of Repeating Decimals

* Plane Fun

* Algebraic Investigations of Knots

* Circle Designs

* Curve Stitching

* Dividing a Circle into a Number of Equal Parts

* Geometric Construction of Triangles

* Cloverleaf Knots: Do They Conform to Knot Therapy?

Medicine and Health

* Possible Deafness From Everyday Noise

* Schizophrenia in Relation to Youth

* Experimental Effects of Tobacco Smoke Products

* Effects of Toothpaste on Oral Bacteria

* Antibiotics from the Compost on the Bottom of Fish Tanks

* How Aspirin Affects the Body

* How Long Will You Live?

* What Your Blood Tells

* Starving on a Full Stomach

* Finding the Taste Threshold of One Hundred Teenagers

* Experiments in Vision and Glare

* How Alcohol Affects the Nerves

* What Are Vitamins?

* Estimation of Vitamin C in Fruit Juices

* Microwave Cooking Versus Conventional Cooking


* Bacteria and Environment

* Bacteria and Molds from Seven Different Sources

* Bacteria in Milk

* Study of a Virus

* Fresh Water Protozoa and Their Environment

* Microscopic Aquatic Growths

* Normal and Abnormal Cells

* How Can Chromosomes Be Studied?

* Cellular Growth in a Test Tube

* Cellular Protectors and Scavengers of the Human Body


* Dynamics of the Boomerang

* Principles of Modern Air Conditioning

* Physics of the Eye

* Glass and Light

* Illusion Box

* Light Bulbs and Their Uses

* Poor Man's X-ray Machine

* Sources of Electrical Energy

* The First Battery

* Fundamentals of Static Electricity

* Constructing a Simple Electric Eye

* Understanding Magnetism

* The Properties of a String

* Build Your Own Weather Instruments

* Miniature Tornado


* Euglena: Plant or Animal

* Study of Earthworms

* Spiders and Their Ways

* Did You Ever See a Cockroach Talking?

* Raising Butterflies

* Antics of an Ant

* Beetles and Hearing

* Are Fish Affected by Magnetism?

* Hamster Habits: Male Versus Female

* Do Dogs Have Blood Types?

* An Investigation of Horse Sense

* Experiments in Animal Behavior

* Hibernation of Reptiles

* Interpretation of Sounds Made by Guinea Pigs

* Are Mice Capable of Communicating With Each Other?

Which topic will you enjoy showcasing at your science fair?

How to Choose a Science Fair Project

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