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Mindless Matter That Matters

Updated on August 29, 2017

The Price of Wealth

We think we are better than the animals and yet we are killing the world and everything we depend on. The animals are not doing that! So where did humans go wrong?

The Rush to Be Rich: - My research into the origins of language and religion did not go far before sun worship emerged as the greatest thing around, then and now. It was the first divine creature, the first god worshipped, and its names are floating around in languages. It provoked speech and was the start of religion and belief in an after-life. This lens is about how we follow the leader and how the pieces of an enormous puzzle came together.

To understand our beliefs and behavior it was essential to start at the beginning. This meant comparing ancestral beings to the animals around them and examining the abilities of our closest living relatives the great apes. What do we do that is different and when did we start doing it were the main points of interest? The results are astounding.

The likenesses between humans and the great ape is outstanding. The orangutan pictured is an example. But they don''t build fences around the trees and declare they own them, nor do they dig up the earth finding glittering stuff to call wealth. Where have humans gone so wrong?

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Thinking Beyond Life

The first divinity and eternity is born

With body image similarities the great apes provide a perfect picture of what hominids may have looked like and how they survived. The chimpanzee, which is considered the most like humans in design, has 96% gene compatibility. That means they can think and act in similar ways and many have been taught to use computers, to respond to questions and, in some cases, to utter sounds similar to the human voice.

That put a big question mark over why the branch that led to humanity altered the status quo and moved on in ways that does not conform to normal animal characteristics. For instance why did they change their behavior and develop a sub conscious mind and what does that mean in the progress of thought?

The only thing our ancestral hominids did that is different to all other animals is to philosophize.

They dreamed of things outside of nature and then applied sounds to describe them. This led to the first sounds of speech related to the ideologies of god ship. It started with Homo Erectus at the beginning of the Stone Age anywhere from c 2.5 to c4 million years ago (mya). Thinking and the development of what we call progress began from that point.

The evidence is in the changed skull where the occipital orbit became more rounded than in other related species. This happened as the vocal cords were formed when the larynx and pharynx came together to enhance speech sounds. The first skull exhibiting this is carbon dated to c 450,000ya but that does not indicate the start of the condition, only that it is the first one located.

Our primordial ancestors learned something besides the notion of divinity and speech. They learned how to turn themselves into gods through wealth and the more they shaped their lives to attain heavenly rights in the after-life the poorer they became in reality.

The Chase for Riches

It began with rocks

Dating the first stone tool production is insecure because it could be anything from 2,500,000ya to 4,000,000 ya (years ago) or even longer. But when someone made a tool that worked the rush for riches began. So did jealousy, greed, warfare, and theft. These things may not have begun concurrent with each other as other things occurred at the same time but our ancestral beings thought outside the square.

While other animals live and die within their natural boundaries Homo erectus prepared himself for a lifestyle that would eventually come to laugh at nature and then destroy it. We know this because he alone buried his dead, put flowers on the grave in expectation of resurrection, sacrificed animals to accompany the spirit and placed grave goods for use in the eternal kingdom. But he was already helping himself to nature on a different scale.

For around 2 million years or so speech developed from basic sounds into a fully communicable language. Thought shifted along the line, as it were, from one individual to many. That thought could have various meanings and as thinking got under way he devised the means to become stronger, safer, more capable of survival and to kill more food. In other words he was able to outwit his prey. This saw the production of weapons and techniques that ensured animals had fewer means to escape.

The key to his success was strategy and the means to pass thought to others. Strictly a human inherited trait.

Trapping animals en mass is proven n the archaeological records in association with several different kinds of beasts. The gazelle of Africa is an example. The technique of constructing runs wide enough at the beginning that an entire herd could be coaxed into it is not repeated anywhere else in the animal kingdom. The run narrows towards the cliff over which the herd, unable to escape, was driven. Many died in agony or at best broke leg bones so they could not run off.

The ancestral predators then slaughtered as many as they wanted and either left the rest to die or they were leftr for carnivores. In recent times a television documentary showed the same technique used in the oceans where great shoals of fish are trapped in nets placed across currents along which they migrate from cold to warmer temperatures. These nets catch everything including the animals that feed on the fish. They include dolphins, sharks and turtles who then struggle in vain to get free and consequently drown.

The fish are hauled aboard trawlers and taken to market. Most are probably sold but the unintentional catch is discarded. With greatly depleted fish stocks ocean life is straining under the weight of thoughtless traps. That includes birds and invertebrates that depend on fish as their main food.

The animals driven over cliffs in earlier times provided trade opportunities in exchange for goods and services. This is how the economy began and it is not entirely unique to humans but something we inherited from our primitive ancestors. The closest activity in the animal world is hunting in packs. Sharks, lions, wolves, whales and so on do it by rounding up a herd or shoal and taking what they want from it but they do not kill everything.

In regions where the winters were colder animal hides, such as those of mammoths, were highly prized covers for wooden frames, another typical human inherited trait. They were early forms of tents and the yak of Manchuria is closely linked to them. Animals driven over cliffs to kill or maim them would see the entire herd wiped out. But climate change also happened so we can't exactly blame mass murder for their extinction but it provides a view of past practices that are little changed in nature to modern ones.

Humans will always take in excess to their needs and grow rich on the stuff that others discard. Its in our nature for some reason and unlike all other species we don't seem to give a damn. The reasoning behind it is wealth creation and greed. So how and why did we get that way?

Something from Nothing

Grabbing the air

Humans notoriously grab something that is nothing to capitalize on it. This is the product of philosophy and the indoctrination of individuals to believe that what man creates from his imagination is important, beautiful and indispensable. We see that in the price of art, the collection of man made goods, the recognition of building as something to preserve and so on.

One after the other humans fantasize over nothing of survival value until suddenly it is real and even more suddenly it is adopted by the rest of society. They are not tangible things necessary for sustainability but efficacious fulfillment. It is from the intangible, mysterious, magical, hidden, forceful power of persuasion that rulers and dictators employ fear and deprivations as their weapons of choice. But it was not always so!

Years of research brought this into the open. When the vision of the sun image was observed and the circle of perpetual motion bearing the cross appeared when its light penetrated a holed stone the first god of pre-human times materialized. It has everything including color, magic, mystery, power, movement and beauty. From the minute of its birth it was relegated to the female sex. It was Mother god.

But what was it? It was but a fleeting image that grabbed the imagination and started a trend. It needed a name, a sound, and it acquired its own instruments to see it and keepers to preserve it. One can imagine the scene as these hominids hopped around grinning from ear to ear, passing it from one to the other while creating the vehicle to carry the meaning of it on to others.

In other words it was the invention of language unrelated to survival and it is this that is traceable to reveal exactly what the ancients did, how they did it and more importantly what they believed. The sound for it was 'Iiiiiiii", which became 'eye' or 'ai', and images of the eye with the seven circles representing each of the rainbow colors was marked permanently into rocks and caves universally.

The Egyptians worshiped the eye and emphasized their own as part of their religious beliefs. But so too did every other culture that was traced.

The Circle and Cross of Pre history

It was a potent sign and still is.

But the circles had their own sound 'Ooooo' which became the letter [O] and the circle is still the most potent sign in religion today. We talk of being 'in the circle' as acceptance into society, or a club and so on. The cross was described with a clap or a click sound made by tongues that had restricted movement. Consequently a clap still represents a blessing of the sun and is used to highlight the god-like nature of someone through a performance or action.

Things like 'O-t' or 'hot' for the sun; 'O-x' and 'o-k' for 'circle/cross' followed and from this came reversed sounds like 'K-o' which gave us 'cow' and 'X-o' which is 'ciao' in Italian for 'hello' or 'goodbye'. It is also prominent in Chinese and many other Asian languages.

This might not seem too important but it describes perfectly how ancestral hominids met, gathered and adored their Mother god. It is highlighted in my book as the foundation of every religion. It is the trap they cannot escape and which was deemed to bring them undone at the end. Virtually ever word spoken around the world has it as its foundation. Subsequent religions could erase the physical evidence but they could not erase the sounds in language. That's what my focus became and the extraordinary revelations tell a shocking tale of deception and fraud by the modern religious groups and especially by their leaders.

This is a taste of the way nothing but the imagination built something that stimulated progress, wars, wealth and, above all, servitude as slaves to a master.

The Sacred cow is derived from this beginning and was prominent in Egyptian religion whereby her image, 'isis', was depicted with horns as a cow and between the horns she held the sun on her head. Called Hathor it means 'hat or sun'. It can be better defined as 'ot-or' which describes 'hot sun' because 'Or' is 'sun'. 'Or' is also in 'awe' and to be in awe means to be in the presence of greatness. It was not realized that the 2 persona are the same god, Isis.

In another depiction she is illustrated as 'Eye' in an amazing illustration of the eye in profile. 'Ai' was also the name of the Pharaoh who succeeded Tut ank amen.

So from an idea that the sun is a god and female came the many illustrations of how men thought 'she' looks. From it came ritual, language, ideologies and changed behavior. As Mother god she was also the earth and light and, therefore, the first trinity and she is often depicted as such. Not only with 3 heads but also with six arms. The three attributes of mother god included the sun and light. These would later give rise to father god, son and spirit.

What is Your View of Philosophy? - Is it more than just hot air?

The notion that one can live forever in eternity has been around since thinking began but control of the after-life by religious groups is relatively new. Plato, a Greek philosopher, greatly influenced the foundation of the Catholic Church some 600 years after his death. Jerome, who compiled the New Testament and altered the Old Testament to align it, was a student of his teachings.

Among them was the idea that the 'sol' (soul) was inherited by man and took the shape of his body. On his death it could be read like a book as his misdeeds and so-called sins would stain it. This was adopted by Jerome to posit that only men are fit to serve God because only men have souls. This was an idea that has remained within the organization and stands as the main reason why women priests are not permitted.

Is philosophy the true basis of religion?

But Man Alone Cannot Act

There is another force within that takes over

Of course we now know that cows are just animals without power but there are still countries that consider them sacred. India for one. Here the cow population is not only a huge barrier to progress but it fills the countryside with wandering beasts that cannot be anything but worshiped. This in a country where much of the population struggles to secure enough to eat while hovering just above the starvation line.

Meanwhile the breeding of an ever increasing population of the beast continues here and in other poverty stricken countries where women are married as young girls and there is no family planning. On top of that religion and strict adherence to ancient idols and ideals prevails. There is no genuine attempt by governments to change the situation and for good reason. The poor feed the rich and India, like many second and third world countries, have extremely wealthy barons, or maharajahs, bleeding them.

Women in these countries are treated worse than the cattle because they are beneath the Mother god. They are expendable and used by men for the sole purpose of procreation. While men have all the right women, it would seem, have very few. By taking this approach the countries themselves are usually overpopulated, backward and third world.

Women Without Rights

The rise of power

Women were once treated as gods, next in line to Mother god, because they could produce life. With animal husbandry from c6000ya man's dreams changed and patriarchy was born from them.

Archaeology shows that women were housed separate to men in all ancient sites prior to this time. Around 3000ya this changed as individual houses appear with separate rooms, suggesting family units. Men took wives for themselves and indications are that several wives were housed in the same dwelling.

The fact that this did not occur everywhere further highlights the role animal husbandry played in changed behavior.

Case studies of indigenous societies, such as the Australian aborigines, demonstrate that women were leaders of tribes and still are. As elders they make decisions and inheritance is through them. They have no word for 'father' in their languages as the man plays no role in the pregnancy of women. The baby, according to their tradition, came to the womb a few months before birth from an animal or plant to which it was then linked.

That is where the totem comes in and why the people are attached to the land or country.

Women from a 'moiety' (family group) served for pleasure overnight to any visiting man during gift exchanges. If she became pregnant it was not realized for up to 4-5 months later when signs of it showed. Thus, the actual time of implantation was considered to be then and there and not previously. So no one knew about fatherhood. They also have no counting system so women had no idea about links between periods and pregnancy.

This same scenario was universal as it was not until the keeping of animals, which happened first in Western Asia, that the facts about procreation became known. It quickly spread into Europe as migration took place into these areas. With the knowledge came the downfall of women. Suddenly they were no longer related to Mother god but the men took on the role of fertilizer of all living things.

It resulted in mass crucifixion of men at dawn so they could rise up with the sun to fertilize it and become her consort. Some records indicate that voluntary death in this manner left many societies depleted of men and they died out as a result.

From around 4000ya statues of Isis appear with both male and female attributes. She is described as the he/she in texts from pyramids scribed at that time. But she had another name which is easily recognized. She was the eye of Mother god. Or Mother's powerful eye. This is expressed as 'ma' (mother in every language) 'ra' (power and in Ancient Egypt it was a term for the sun's rays and you can see why) and 'i' (eye, for the sun). Together they are 'ma-r-i' or 'Mary'.

From here on women really lost out until they eventually had no rights as the male elevated himself to the role of Father god married to 'mary' from which the term 'marry' is derived. Thus patriarchy was born and Mary, the Queen of heaven, Star of hope, and so on, remained in Christianity as the Mother of God rather than Mother god.

In cultures where the man did not wake up to the procreation technology tribes remained matriarchal in nature. In those that came within my scope Mary is the chief god. She is the name of the 'Maori', the 'Maya' and the Australian aborigines call their elders 'Mary' and always have done.

From these Roots Big Things Grew

The Rush For Wealth

Men who consider themselves special in God's eyes have used hot air to make it so. Dreams that depend on the thoughts of others to make their lives important had to become reality. But it is from nothing that great things were derived

Gold decorates as sun is reflected and the pulsating lights of the seven circles and cross form. So in the image created they are the living gods that stand in the image of Mother god, the sun. And from this they became sons of the suns. They put crowns on their heads in the shape of the sun and cross. This symbolizes the chief god. Other men wear circles as turbans, or something else to show they are a circle within the sun's circle. In days gone by monks cut the circle into the back of their heads by shaving the hair for the same reason. Miters and caps do the same thing.

Deeply religious people wear headdress in the form of circles, be they skull caps, miters, or rings. Kings carry orbs, the circle and cross symbol, at their coronations. The Catholic pope wears a ring that everyone kisses whom he greets. That means it is a potent sign. he also wears a miter under which is a circular skullcap, in the same fashion as Muslims, Jews, and so on.

So kings bejeweled themselves in anything that glitters and reflects the suns rays and the circles, represented by the crown in the shape of the circle/cross. In some societies, like the Aztecs and Maya, they wore nothing or little else as images show. Diamonds, emeralds, all precious stones and, of course, lets not forget opals, became valuable in the ancient world and is the currency in the new. Finding them, pricing them and wearing them is now the dream of many humans and the death toll in the rush for wealth is appalling.

Looking upon a figure decked out in finery with gold and jewels is fear provoking for those who have nothing. The strength of the wealthy is in the perception that they are 'better' and more capable than those who have no wealth. But their riches come at a huge cost. Owning jewelry and gold is fashionable so everyone wants to do it, But do they know what it stands for?

Where gold is mined poisoning of rivers and streams follows. In countries, like Chad and Nigeria in Africa, the so-called precious gems are mined by native people who receive very little payment while the market for them returns extraordinary amounts to the owners of the mines. They are taking rocks from the earth and through a process making them into sparkling jewels that people find irresistible. But who makes them valuable.

In Chad, as elsewhere, the people who bend day after day over the river extracting bits of rock from it could be accused of stealing. In that case they could have their limbs cut off. In a documentary shown recently a man with his right arm already cut off was nursing his baby of a few months. He was accused of stealing and was given the option of having his other arm cut off or that of the baby.

From nothing comes nothing but imagined wealth and gold mines that pollute major rivers are killing people dependdent on them for food and sustenance. In a recent study in New Guinea the OkTedi mine, owned by a wealthy Australian Company, poured out heavy metals into the river. The water was gray in color, nothing was alive in it and downstream people were forced to drink it. The mine waa forced to close but the damage was done.

The environment is the only place that man can get his wealth in the first place. That is being destroyed at a great rate as greed drives major companies into performing ever increasing horrible acts against it. A river in Ghana was recently shown to be flowing oil instead of water because oil companies allow it to. WAKE UP WORLD!

Nothing is nothing and dreams are fiction. The economy is only good when it is 'talked up'. That is when everyone is geared up to make it work. If faith in it is lost we have a recession, as in the one we are currently experiencing. But really who owns the money, the wealth and who is rich. Only something like 1% or 2% of the population while the rest of us struggle as slaves to serve them. Many are just too poor to be counted and they are super slaves, the ones whose arms and legs are cut off because they struggle to survive.

That's man's way. The hot air he uses to make himself great and turn himself into a god is nothing but the breath of his mouth and the wind in his mind. But he uses force to implement his dreams and to inflict them over others.

What is the most important thing in your life? - How do you cope?

How do you perceive the way things are

See results
The Bible - by man for man
The Bible - by man for man

Enslaved to a Whim

Who do you serve in your life?

Just as cattle were funneled into runs and driven over cliffs, and just as fish are funneled into huge nets, so the economy is a giant run that funnels humans into a huge net. At the receiving end are the moguls, dictators, rulers and masters who skim everything off to feed themselves with riches, food, homes and so on while the rest of us are driven to death through overwork, overburdens and over taxation.

Once ancestral hominids realized that wealth comes from power they engaged any means to improve their power and dominate. They even wrote books to prove to others that their ways are the right ways.

Unfortunately for the human species what we inherited has been stagnant. It is unchanged and unchangeable because too many believe that what is wrong is right. They care nothing about what happens in life because they have dreams of what it will be like after. Who gave them those dreams? The wealthy kings of old who promised that in the after life they will rule on and reward their servants for eternity. Nice one! But is it true?

In death they can have it all and will live through hell on earth to make it so. But it is a dream that we have been sucked into.. If one has intelligence of a higher degree the fraud perpetrated in this manner stands out. But most people are kept in the dark.

Education is not intelligence as the latter is something we must be born with. It is nurtured and fed by our environment of which learning is a part. But opening the brain to ideas and allowing new thoughts to penetrate is forbidden by most religions and rulers. They prefer to isolate their congregations and to dominate the thinking of their followers. This is possible because humans are creatures of habit and we bear the same traits as our ape cousins. We need leadership to guide us and we move in a pack and like the animals in the race to the cliff we are doomed to go over it in order to feed the wealthy. But they are only temporary creatures who want their heaven on earth to show their greatness. But who are they really? I consider them the poorest of the poor as they have minds for only one thing.

Without that leader most of us are lost. We tend to rely on someone or something higher than ourselves to make decisions for us, to relieve us of the need to think and, most certainly, to keep order and create laws by which we can live. Those laws include giving your life on the battlefield if called upon to do so or acting as martyr to please the imaginary god that your religion teaches. You are encoded, brainwashed, and enslaved just as the suicide bombers are who blow themselves and those around them to kingdom come on a whim.

How do they know that there is a heaven and hell? How do they know there are 12 virgins waiting for them in heaven? How do they know that Allah is real? How do they know that others are evil? The facts are they don't. They only know what has been told to them, sold to them as a dream, or what they have read by authors they also do not know. Yet they kill and will be killed for it.

Still images from Dreamstime - click here

Philosophy is all talk and no real substance but man has made it his life's commitment. Its obviously our way in politics, religion, family rearing, work and play as these things are guided by leaders in such places. So Let's share some more thoughts - what is your take on this lens?

© 2009 norma-holt

What Do You Think of this Lens? - Is it too philosophical?

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    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      8 years ago

      Very brave to tackle such a huge subject - the origins of religious belief and philosophy are obscure but may be we (humans) have to have religion to help us to cope with the infinity of space, the power of Nature and our insignificance - fear of the unknown, fear of walking life without help etc. We can hold onto deity to guide and assist.

      Each person has a right to believe whatever he or she finds best but where it can go wrong is when strict rules are formulated and become exclusive, when religious belief is misappropriated as a right or excuse to do wrong and where zeal and extremism permit any actions. Sadly, religion has been misused down the centuries and millennia.

      When money becomes a religion . . .

      Those that would mock religions and beliefs as man-made and imaginative may find it difficult to explain why so many, from around the world, overlap in their 'story' and philosophy. The answers may be revealed at death but may be not!

    • DallasNicole LM profile image

      DallasNicole LM 

      8 years ago

      excellent lens. And very unique subject matter here. Thanks also for including my lens!

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      Very ambitious, takes a lot of thinking

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      Very ambitious lens! Takes a lot of thinking

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Interesting perspective on the world and philosophy. Nice lens.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      What a philosophical lens.

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 

      8 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      What a fascinating lens this is. I'll be contemplating some of these issues for a long time.

    • poptastic profile image

      Cynthia Arre 

      8 years ago from Quezon City

      You write the most controversial and thought-provoking lenses Norma and I will have to commend you on having the courage to share what's always going on in your mind. *blessed by an angel*

    • profile image

      NC Shepherd 

      9 years ago

      Fascinating. A little too much to take in all at once. These are subjects I'd like to study more...if I ever have the time.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      OK, just my opinion. It's early on a Monday morning, not yet into my second cup of coffee and I am a bit tired from all the activity yesterday. I'm thinking philosophically speaking, that you have opened up a very deep debate and could almost see that this lens would be broken out into a few specific topics for discussion.


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