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It's the Law

Updated on December 25, 2011

Class A Misdemeanor

How many parents have had to registered their children in a different school district? How many parents know that it is against the law for you to allow your child to attend school in a district that you do not live in? Did you know that breaking this law is a class A misdemeanor in some states? Did you know that you could get up to a year for breaking this law?

Well, yes you can. The school will even withdraw your child from school. A friend of mine wrote and told me, she came close to being arrested for residing in one district while her son attended school in another. I was almost hit the floor. My friend, Mandy said that she had lost her home, and had to move in with her brother and his wife. Mandy went through all the procedures as to providing copies of her son's birth certificate, social security card and job information. Mandy also brought copies of her brother's utility bills along with a letter from her brother stating Mandy and her son lived in his home.

Six months later, the brother's and his wife's problems within their marriage began to surface. Mandy had already told them that she and her son were only staying there temporarily. But Mandy's brother was already set on moving out himself, before she was ready to leave. Mandy said that her sister-in-lawbecame moody and argumentive. Mandy's sister-in-law would complain about the littlest things. Mandy could not take it anymore, so she and her brother moved to an apartment. The sister-in-law was beside herself now, she start bringing things that Mandy's brother left behind to the apartment. After the sister-in-law would get there, she would pick a argument with her husband or Mandy. The sister-in-law was so vindicative, she started causing trouble for Mandy with the school district. The sister-in-law told the school, one day that she wish they would not call her home, because Mandy doesn't live there. The problem with that is Mandy had not moved yet. Mandy found out from her son's counselor, the sister-in-law had been claiming that Mandy and her son were not living there. The sister-in-law was even returning the mail to the school district.

Mandy never knew about her sister-in-law's antics, until the school district called and said that she had to come in again and prove her residency. Mandy did not know that she had to submit the same paperwork over again. Mandy said she thought that by her giving the new address to the counselor; it would be enough. Mandy felt like a criminal after she met with the personnel handling the change of address at the school district. As soon as Mandy arrived, she was made to sign some kind of statement as to where she was living for the past six months. Mandy said someone handed her a paper which asked if she was aware that if they felt she had disclosed false information, she could be found guilty of a class A misdemeanor. A man said that they have reason to believe that Mandy and her son were not resident at the sister-in-law's house, and kept questioning where have her son been attending school. Mandy said if she has to move again, she would have to go through the same process over and over again, even if she resides in the same district.

Mandy confronted her sister-in-law, but she denied it. Mandy submitted a copy of the lease, but she had to get another letter from her brother, even though they are both listed as the lessor. On this letter or better yet form, the school district asks you and your child's name, who are you residing with, at what address, what zip code; and you have to get it notarized along with a letter from your landlord. Mandy also had to bring in copies of the utilities because they were in her brother's name. The personnel at the school district even asked her why was she living with her brother, and did she voluntarily or involuntarily leave the house that her sister-in-law lived in.

Mandy and her son will be moving again. Mandy said she will be moving in the apartment below her brother's apartment. She has all her paperwork, the utilities and the lease are in her name only.



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