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Different atomic model, Rutherfords atomic model, Bohrs atomic model, Maxplanks postulation

Updated on July 31, 2014

Rutherford's atomic model

According to Rutherford the atomic models are seems to the model of sun and planets. Rutherford found a similarity between planet movement surrounding the sun and electrons movement surrounding the nucleus.

Rutherford's atomic model is described below,

Rutherford describes the electrons movement surrounding the nucleus is just like the planets movement surrounding the sun. Electron rounds surrounding the nucleus by an elliptical path and it also orbits by its own axis. Electrons orbiting by its own axis is called Spin motion.

Bohrs atomic model

Neils Bohr makes a limitation of Rutherford's atomic model. In this model described that electron jump lower energy state to higher energy state by gaining energy and jump to lower energy state from higher energy state when emission of energy happens.


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