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Mood Ring Colors and Meanings

Updated on February 26, 2011

What Mood Ring Colors Mean

Mood rings are rings with stones that change color in response to temperature, which is supposed to indicate your mood. If you have a mood ring and want to know what the colors mean, this lens is for you!

How Mood Rings Work

1970s Mood Ring Colors

The 'stone' of a mood ring contains liquid crystals that change color in response to temperature. Cooler skin temperatures occur when you are anxious, under stress or just plain cold. Warmer ring temperatures occur when you are feeling exhilarated, passionate, have been exercising or are hot. When you are your regular happy everyday self your skin temperature and the ring temperature are somewhere in between.

The original 1970s mood ring exhibited color changes, from coolest to warmest, of:


Brown or Amber



Deep Blue (Violet)

If you have a 1970s mood ring or buy a new ring that says it is 1970s 'style' it probably shows these colors and may have the large dome-shaped stone common in the original mood rings.

Mood Ring Color Chart

Mood Ring Color Chart
Mood Ring Color Chart

See a Mood Ring Change Colors

More Mood Ring Colors

Some modern mood rings display the full range of rainbow colors. Usually you'll see all the colors on a mood ring that has a band of colors. There are various charts that associate color with moods, but these seem to be pretty random. Mood rings are sold as novelty toys or gifts, not as reliable predictors of a person's mood. Personally, I think companies make up the mood associations for these rings at random. Here's a list that came with a multicolored ring:

Rainbow Mood Ring Colors and Meanings

  • Black - Stressed
  • Red or Pink - Fearful
  • Orange or Amber - Passionate
  • Yellow - Nervous, Lovable
  • Green - Romantic
  • Blue-Green - Normal
  • Blue - Relaxed, Calm
  • Purple - Very Happy

Share your experience with mood rings or just tell me what you think of this lens.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      yes i have a mood ring i love it my ring is mosly blue