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Motivational Quotes to Help You Be a Success.

Updated on January 8, 2015

The best and most successful people are they who are well motivated and the well motivated are always best at what they do.These are motivational and inspirational words to push you up and guide you in your everyday life.

1.Every big thing starts small.Don't let your small beginnings disturb you and make you think you can never make good.Your future is bright.

2.To be a success doesn't mean you will not fail.You might even fail more than you succeed but its your ability to pick yourself up after you fail and move on that ensures your success.

3.Where and who you are isn't as important as what you can do.It doesn't matter who you are if you believe yourself that you can make good then you will surely make it.

4.It is not late,It's not over.If you give up,that's all.If you hold on,you open room for more.Today not being well doesn't mean things will always be the same.There's still hope.

5.If there's anything to help you live in difficult and hardest times is to know and understand that everything happens for your good and serves a purpose.

6.Always bear in mind that what is before you is far greater than the past and what is lost can never be compared to what is about to be revealed.

7.If you think you can,you can.If you think you can't,you can't.If you have all to win and still think you can't,then you will hardly make it.Never say I can't.Everything will be possible for you if you think you can.No matter how difficult a thing is it can be overcome.

8.If the people around you do not see any good thing you can do.Don't worry and stop.Know that it is an opportunity to prove to them how good and the great winner you are.

9.Don't worry about what you haven't got yet.Think of what you have and how to get the best out of it.If you will get any far in life and anything you do, it depends on how well you use what you have not on what you haven't got.

10.Always think and keep memories of the good times and things in your life.It will make you feel good and if you feel good you can do better and get the best results as you want.

11.The key to success is you.You can't get any better thing if you are not better yourself.Have in mind that no one can ever help you better than you can help yourself.

12.Its not what happens to you that determines where and how far you will go in anything you do but its what you do,think and say about the situation at hand that determines your level of success in whatever you do.

13.For things to change you have to change yourself.To get better results you have to be better yourself.You can't get any good thing and will always remain same if you don't improve.

14.If you don't see yourself fit for something you will hardly possess it.You have to believe yourself that you are good enough for anything that comes your way in other to get it.

15.One man no matter how good,intelligent,gifted,talented and brilliant you are can never match up the collaborative efforts of a team.Always show concern,gratitude and appreciation for those around you for they can make you what you want to be.

16.No one has ever succeeded in doing what he hates.You can't get any far if you don't love what you do.Always love your work and do what you love too.

17.Most of life failures comes from people who has the habit of making excuses and giving out blames.When you are good at making excuses it's hard to excel at anything.Giving excuses gives up your power to change and improve.

18.No matter how worse things are it can be better.It doesn't matter how bad you are,you can be the best.Remember you are not defeated until you accept it.

19.Spoiled people who can't do anything are in the cemetery.As you are alive you are good enough and can do anything and achieve anything you want to.You are too precious to be bad.

20.If you think you can't get anywhere in life just look at yourself.When you were born you weren't like this and see how you have grown to be.No matter who you are,you can be somebody.


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