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My Dream Trip - Philadelphia

Updated on January 22, 2015

The City of Brotherly Love

I have always wanted to visit Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. When I reviewed a catalog with Road Scholars and saw that Philadelphia was having its 182 International Flower Show (March 6 thru March 13, 2011), I decided this was the trip for me.

The theme selected for this year's show, Springtime in Paris. The show included all things French, from flowers to design to cuisine, even a massive 33 foot tall Eiffel Tower. All the is displayed inside the city newest convention center. The Eiffel Tower will have 1,000 lights on it with the appearance that it is disappearing through the convention ceiling.

In addition to visiting the flower show, the Road Scholars program included the following visits through our five day stay:

Reading Terminal Market (I had my best Philly Cheese Sandwich here)

Curtis Mansion (music school - student recitals) - some of the best, brightest music students in the country study here.


Longwood Gardens

Christ Church

Betsy Ross House

Benjamin Franklin gravesite

National Constitution Center

Hanks for Dinner (local famous roadside inn)

Physick House (father of American surgery & soda pop)

Society Hill

Rittenhouse Square

Walnut Cafe for dinner

Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell

as well as free time to explore on our own (I went with a friend to Penn University to see the "Silk Road" display)

Lectures in our hotel, Club Quarters, included:

John Bartram and Horticulture

The Founding Fathers by Jackie Bagley

Philadelphia Architecture by Fred Vincent

Fred Vincent was an excellent coordinator and guide. He has lived in Philadelphia all his life and is a wealth of knowledge both in the history of Philadelphia and architecture.

I hope your will enjoy looking into my journey to Philly!

Club Quarters in Philadelphia

Chestnut Street

I was very impressed with the clock outside of our hotel and wanted to share its beauty.

Great Clock

Love the architecture.....

LOVE PARK also known as JFK Plaza in Center City, Philadelphia

Artist, Robert Indiana's Love Sculpture

For some crazy reason, I did not get a picture of the Love sculpture - I just missed taking a photo. So, my second best here is a cute little "pencil sharpener" souvenir I picked up at the Besty Ross gift shop. I love the color and it is a excellent reminder of my trip to Philadelphia. The price was right (less than $6) and it is very functional.

Longwood Collection


Orchids at Longwood


Longwood Gardens

Conservatory Gardens

Oh the orchids!


Comcast Center

The tallest building in Philadelphia currently is the Comcast building. It towers the city at 975 feet. The Comcast is built of steel and glass exterior highlighted by custom lighting. Due to this structure, the building is a prominent feature and recognizable from any area of the city. The Comcast is the tallest building in Pennsylvania and the fifteenth-tallest in the United States.

Here we are looking inside the lobby. There is a hugh screen on the lobby wall. There are images continuously projected to the screen as seen in the next picture below.

Comcast Lobby

The picture projected continuously changes. It is quite a show. Below at the stairwell you enter into a underground mall.

The Philadelphia International Flower Show

182nd Year

Philadelphia Art Museum

Philadelphia Art Museum
Philadelphia Art Museum

Beautiful Architecture

Beautiful Architecture
Beautiful Architecture

Gallery of Photos - Philly

Click thumbnail to view full-size
City HallArt Deco InfluenceThe Signers of The Declaration of IndependenceLiberty Bell InscriptionFlower ShowChrist ChurchFlower ShowHigh RisersOrchids - Longwood Gardens
City Hall
City Hall
Art Deco Influence
Art Deco Influence
The Signers of The Declaration of Independence
The Signers of The Declaration of Independence
Liberty Bell Inscription
Liberty Bell Inscription
Flower Show
Flower Show
Christ Church
Christ Church
Flower Show
Flower Show
High Risers
High Risers
Orchids - Longwood Gardens
Orchids - Longwood Gardens

History, Horticulture, Art, Culture, Architecture - Philly Has It All!

Shadow Art at the Flower Show

See my lens on Shadow Art

Google Your Way to Philly

A markerOld & New Architecture -
Philadelpha, Pennsylvania
get directions

Christ Church


Stain Glass Windows in Christ's Church


Life Along The Silk Road

I had the priviledge to visit a wonderful exhibit presented at the University of Pennsylvania, Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Secrets of the Silk Road.

The Silk Road

Amazon Review:

With a nod to the storytelling traditions of the ancient central Asian bazaars that it describes, Life Along the Silk Road is a wily half-breed of a history book. Mixing narrative and historic minutiae, each chapter introduces an inhabitant of the Silk Road at the end of the 10th century. Following the lives and stories of the Merchant, the Soldier, the Monk, the Courtesan, and others, Susan Whitfield brings the dramatic history of pre-Islamic central Asia down to a human scale, fleshing out the battles of conquest and trade with the details of everyday life.

Whitfield is the director of the British Library-sponsored Dunhuang Project, which makes a remarkable collection of ancient Silk Road manuscripts, including those acquired by legendary explorer Sir Aurel Stein, available on the Internet. Her knowledge of this treasure trove of primary material shows throughout the book. What is the choicest cut of meat from a camel? The hump. The Chinese recipe for curing possession by demons? It involves a number of ingredients, including a broiled centipede, with all the legs removed. What ancient Silk Road town was famous for its dancing girls? Read and see. --Ken Peavler --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto the inhabitants thereof - Leviticus

Liberty Bell

My visit with "the bell" - a great moment.


By Rudyard Kipling

"Brother Square-Toes"--Rewards and Fairies.

If you're off to Philadelphia in the morning,

You mustn't take my stories for a guide.

There's little left, indeed, of the city you will read of,

And all the folk I write about have died.

Now few will understand if you mention Talleyrand,

Or remember what his cunning and his skill did;

And the cabmen at the wharf do not know Count Zinzendorf,

Nor the Church in Philadelphia he builded.

It is gone, gone, gone with lost Atlantis,

(Never say I didn't give you warning).

In Seventeen Ninety-three 'twas there for all to see,

But it's not in Philadelphia this morning.

If you're off to Philadelphia in the morning,

You mustn't go by anything I've said.

Bob Bicknell's Southern Stages have been laid aside for ages,

But the Limited will take you there instead.

Toby Hirte can't be seen at One Hundred and Eighteen

North Second Street--no matter when you call;

And I fear you'll search in vain for the wash-house down the lane

Where Pharaoh played the fiddle at the ball.

It is gone, gone, gone with Thebes the Golden,

(Never say I didn't give you warning).

In Seventeen Ninety-four 'twas a famous dancing floor--

But it's not in Philadelphia this morning.

If you're off to Philadelphia in the morning,

You must telegraph for rooms at some Hotel.

You needn't try your luck at Epply's or "The Buck,"

Though the Father of his Country liked them well.

It is not the slightest use to inquire for Adam Goos,

Or to ask where Pastor Meder has removed--so

You must treat as out of date the story I relate

Of the Church in Philadelphia he loved so.

He is gone, gone, gone with Martin Luther

(Never say I didn't give you warning)

In Seventeen Ninety-five he was, ( rest his soul! ) alive.

But he's not in Philadelphia this morning.

If you're off to Philadelphia this morning,

And wish to prove the truth of what I say,

I pledge my word you'll find the pleasant land behind

Unaltered since Red Jacket rode that way.

Still the pine-woods scent the noon; still the catbird sings his


Still autumn sets the maple-forest blazing;

Still the grape-vine through the dusk flings her soul-compelling


Still the fire-flies in the corn make night amazing!

They are there, there, there with Earth immortal

( Citizens, I give you friendly warning ). .

The thins that truly last when men and times have passed,

They are all in Pennsylvania this morning!

I fell in love with Philadelphia.

At The Conservatory

At The Conservatory
At The Conservatory

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