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Updated on February 16, 2011

Looking for the page where you can get access to your University of Miami account online? Go to for the secure account access page for entrance to all of the benefits and features of your Univ of Miami acct. When you request access to myUM, it requires University of Miami authentication. You will need your CaneID for the authentication service.

What is your CaneID?

Your Cane ID provides you with access to several systems and services at the University of Miami by using only one User Name and Password. This makes it faster and more convenient to remember and use only one information set, instead of having to remember and use different usernames and passwords for each UM system and service that you use.

The University of Miami is also a great college and school to get a degree, bachelors degree or MBA and masters degrees.

University of Miami Account Information

If you do not yet have your Cane ID, you can register and create your account from this page as well. The system will guide you through the process of creating your CaneID and get you started. Once you have completed the acct signup process, it is then quick and easy to gain access to your university student or employee account. See the official web site at

You can access all aspects of information and everything you want to know about the UM from their official website starting point at online. From here you can link to all areas of facts and information about the UM educational, degree programs, curricular, academics, student life, sports, athletics and more online.

This popular university and college gets accolades from students and alumni around the world and many people's careers were due to their education and degrees that they earned while attending this university.

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