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Archaeology Activity Kit, Best Gift for kids

Updated on January 13, 2020
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Part of our homeschooling project is this archeology kit. Our daughter loved this activity during our homeschooling years.


Egyptian Pyramid Science Activity

My child was studying about ancient world in her History class. She got so excited to learn about life and people in the Old world. She even imagine herself living in the age of kings and queens with horses and chariots. Our daughter would pretend to see King Tuts burial site and dig to discover a lot of artifacts from the ancient world. She would like to be an Archaeologist and a Meteorologist someday, (at least for now, it may change as time goes by).

Last Christmas, she received a lot of gifts for science experiment, one of them was this National Geographic - Archaeology Egyptian Pyramid Science Activity kit. This activity covers History and Science. By doing this she will be reliving the ancient Egypt we just studied, and at the same time she'll be playing as an archaeologists.

My in-laws would usually asked our daughter for a wish list for Christmas. She always asked them something educational but fun. This is one of her fun gifts that she could not wait to open. We set it on our coffee table and did the activity together.

My husband helped my daughter uncover the code so that they can open the pyramid. They have to read the hieroglyph to find which side to open. My daughter was so excited when they uncovered the opening of the pyramid. She immediately started digging.

She was so fascinated with the things she found inside her pyramid. She pretended that she was a great archeologist that just discovered all the riches of an Egypian king. She has a very rich imagination. It was a lot of fun digging and learning at the same time.

This Activity kit is for children 8 years old and up. A product of Thames and Kosmos.

Inside the kit - You will find,

Safety googles is not shown in this picture but included in the kit.

Our Archaeologist is digging! - What will she find?

Our daughter could not wait to start the activity. She was so fascinated with the pyramid and very excited to find what in store for her inside. First, she have to decode the hieroglyph symbol to find the side that hides the opening of the pyramid. When she opened it, she will have to dig inside and find some artifacts hidden in the sand. What great way to learn while playing.

Almost there! - She discover the secret of the hieroglyphs!

She used the hieroglyph tablet accurately ( with a little help from Dad!). Now she is on her way to find treasures!

Hieroglyphs also known as hieroglyphics are ancient symbols that compose a writing systems by the ancient Egyptians.

It was very interesting and fun to do this activity.



She made it inside the Pyramid!

Dig and Dig

There at last! She started to dig like a real Archaeologist. Dig, dig, dig. She was so excited to see what things she can find inside the pyramid.

The "Discoveries"

Finding King Tut!

This kit includes a manual to help you through the "excavation." Your child will enjoy every step of it. It was so exciting when our daughter found some treasures while digging. She was entertained.

Our Archaeologist found the tomb of "King Tutankhamen" (king Tut). She also found some treasures that goes with it. This was a lot of fun for the whole family.

Time to clean the artifacts!

Time to Clean!

Our Archaeologist was busy cleaning her find. She was so fascinated with this activity. This reinforced what we learned about Egypt from our homeschool History Class. Our daughter had a great time with it.

An Archaeologist is a scientist that studies the past history of men, by examining the things they left behind. (This was the meaning I still remember during my 5th grade, Social Studies class back in the Philippines).

Did you know?

Taken from the inside of the Manual....

Worth sharing:

"Children in Ancient Egypt has to memorize 800 different symbols. Our alphabet, by contrast, consists of only 26 characters. It was a tough task to learn all the symbols, and it took a long time to memorized. For this reason, writing was something that only the children of rich families could learn, since they didn't have to help with work".

"Did you know? Animal and human hieroglyphs always face the start of the line."

Very interesting!

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