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Updated on September 16, 2016

Earthquakes are on the rise across the world

Earthquake damage in Chile in February 2010
Earthquake damage in Chile in February 2010 | Source


A powerful earthquake struck Chile Friday February 11 around 5 PM locally. The 6.8 earthquake was felt in a wide area of central Chile At this time there were no reports of casualties or damage. Nearly a year ago, Chile was hit by a 8.8 massive earthquake and tsunami. This is the same area that was shaken by the large temblor last year.

Massive 8.9 earthquake struck Japan March, 11, 2011 with devastating results.Thousands of people were swept away by a tsuamani, and thousands were injured. Japan also suffered a nuclear meltdown, of radioactive materials, at their nuclear plants.

Earthquakes are on the rise, across the world..Its important to know about the natural precursors that occur before an earthquake strikes

. In 1975 in Arisham China, zookeepers observed wild and domestic animals becoming fearful and agitated. It was reported to local civil authorities. In fact they are now required to report any unusual behaviors to local authorities at all times.

The earthquake occurred shortly afterwards. Animals become very sensitive, hours or even days ahead of a powerful earthquake.

Animals are sensitive to celestial phenomenon. The moon has an effect on bodily fluids and blood stream. The moon strongly influences the tides of the ocean.

Animals exhibit odd behavior..They become very sensitive hours or even days before a powerful earthquake hits the region.

The entire animal kingdom becomes disturbed, highly restless. They move in fear without any sense of direction. Rodents like mice, or rats go into a panic. Domestic animals like dogs, or cats will struggle against being restrained.

They may even turn on their owner. Birds will leave their trees and fly low towards the ground, in an agitated state. Elephants and giraffes will flee towards the hills or mountainous areas.

Mike Malloy, a former sea captain, from Norfolk Virginia, reports "last year, while standing on a shore in Palm Beach, Florida" was stunned,"to observe the unusual behavor of thousands of fish. The fish began leaping high,.out of the water. The fish simultaneously leaped into the air. This happened before a small tremor rattled the area. Mike, stated, "he had never seen anything like this before, It was unnerving, to say the least".

Sharks often come to shore, before a tsunami rolls in, after the occurrence of a large earthquake.

A few months before earthquakes occur, the average temperature of the area keeps increasing. On the day of the earthquake, the temperature is 5 to 9 degrees Celsius above normal.

Before an earthquake occurs there will be a sudden rise or fall in water levels in rivers or wells. Sometimes the water becomes muddy or a fountain may occur in the well.This may occur 3 days before an earthquake hits. The water may even begin to bubble.

Seismic electromagnetic precursor is a very reliable indicator. 10-20 hours before the quake, sub surface temperatures will rise. As a result the geomagnetic field is reduced

The reduction will adversely affect the propagation of electromagnetic waves. This will disrupt radios, telephones and television. A continuous disturbance will be heard on telephones. 100-150 minutes before an earthquake occurrence, mobile phones will malfunction.

In hospitals, 10 or 20 hours before, doctors and nurses have reported many highly sensitive patients, become highly disturbed. Patients will exhibit a sudden rise in high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, heart attacks, and respiratory disorders. The best indicator of an impending earthquake is the high numbers of children being delivered. The rates are 7-8 times above normal on the day an earthquake hits the area!

Keep your eyes on the Pacific Rim..

APRIL 4, 2011

California needs to be on alert. A big Earthquake can be expected in the near future. Japan may not be out of the woods yet! Keep an eye on New York

The Midwest, can also expect more earthquakes, especially Illinois and Indiana. North America will experience more earthquakes and will be affected to a greater degree.

April 6, 2011

An emergency message has been sent to me from Ramtha. Ramtha has requested that all his students please evacuate JAPAN within 3 days. Ramtha also requests that his students evacuate from Taiwan, Indochina, the islands of the pacific ocean, plus the coastal areas of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Rim in the America's. Ramtha forsees more devastating earthquakes in the Pacific in the weeks ahead.

Yesterday, A strange event occurred when I was bending over my bathtub to do some cleaning. I had the sensation that the tub was rocking sideways, in a back and forth motion My immediate thought was Earthquake!

Later, I told my friends Rebecca Flores and Karen Wilson about my intuitive feelings regarding Japan. We discussed my concerns about the Pacific Rim..when I visited them in Corpus Christi.

Everyone must decide for themselves, as to whether they choose to listen or not. I suggest that everyone pray, mediate and listen to their dreams or intuition as to what to do in all situations. In the Teachings, that I've learned, its always best to trust in the intuition given from God. Intuition has literally saved my life..

I have learned that all predictions and all thoughts can come about on some level. It may sound far fetched, but Divine Intuition your life.. I know that Edgar Cayce predicted in the 40s that these events would occur. We do not wish to frighten or scare you. You must trust in your own judgment in these matters..

APRIL 7, 2011

We've just received information from Tokyo.

Japan has been struck with another major earthquake 7.4. Thursday at 11:30 PM.. (Japan time) A tsunami warning was issued, a tsunami never occurred... The tsunami alert has been canceled. Some evacuations have occurred. The earthquake was 30 feet deep.

APRIL 10, 2011

Predications have come in that certain areas of the Gulf Coast, may have earthquakes and a large tsunami. This was reported, yesterday, while attending the Alice psychic fair, in Texas. Separately, two people gave me this information..One was a psychic intuitive, and one was a client.

The client informed me that all of the female members of her family, are now separately having dreams of a tsunami occurring in Corpus Christi, Texas..They are picking up, that it it may occur in June or the middle part of this summer..

APRIL 11, 2011

It has been reported, another large earthquake has struck Japan. Initially it was reported by the Japanese government, a 7.0 earthquake had hit the northeast area. A tsunami alert was issued, but quickly canceled. The U.S geological survey team, stated that the earthquake was measured at 6.6.

APRIL 17, 2011

5.2 Earthquake temblor rocked Queensland, Australia, and aftershocks hit Christchurch, New Zealand. It was reported by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, that the earthquake was 6.2 miles deep.This was the largest earthquake since 1935. There were no injuries or damage. Recently they endured a cyclone and floods, in months past.

Christchurch, New Zealand, was rocked by a 5.2 magnitude aftershock yesterday. Christchurch suffered a large magnitude, 7.0 Earthquake in September, that killed at least 170 people. U.S. Geological Survey reports this aftershock was 4.4 kilometers in depth.

MAY 5, 2011

AJA MEXICO (LALATE NEWS) A major 6.9 earthquake has struck Mexico today. The Mexico earthquake today hit in the Gulf of California, between the Baja California Peninsula close to La Paz and Los Mochis on the mainland. Latin American news has yet to report injuries from the temblor or terremoto. But today's quake is far stronger than those reported in the last two days in the same location.

At 11:53 AM local time, the quake struck at a magnitude of 6.9. This the highest quake to strike the region in 24 hours. On Tuesday evening, a 4.7 earthquake struck in the Gulf. Less than sixty minutes later, a second quake struck registering 5.7. Within thirty minutes, two more quake struck Tuesday evening registering 5.5 and 4.7 magnitude. By Wednesday morning, a 5.8 quake, the largest this week, was shaking the region. It posted a nominal depth of 6.2 miles below the earth's surface. It was registered 80 miles from Los Mochis and 90 miles east of Las Paz.

USGS is reporting much the same in today’s Mexico earthquake. It too registered a depth of 6.2 miles, 65 miles from Los Mochis and 85 miles from La Paz. This marks at least five quakes in this same location within the last two days.

Today’s eathquake is one of the strongest to hit Mexico since April’s 7.2 earthquake. That April quake could be felt to Los Angeles. It thereafter produced daily hundreds of 2.0 to 4.0 aftershocks for nearly a week including a 5.1 earthquake.

100 people in Mexico were injured during the 7.2 earthquake reported local news at the time. Subsequent aftershocks generally struck in the Seeley region close to Ocotillo, El Centro and Mexicali. At the time, news said that the 7.2 quake could be felt in sections of San Diego County.

Aftermath of a powerful earthquake

aftermath of a powerful earthquake
aftermath of a powerful earthquake | Source

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  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    4 years ago from Olympia, WA

    They are pretty common here in Washington States. I always suspected that animals were aware before one hit; now if we could only figure out a way to interpret the actions of those animals....of course, we would still be stuck with the earthquake, ready or not. :) Interesting read.

  • profile image


    6 years ago

    you say a large 7 eq hit nz killing over 170 people well let me get this right it wasn't sept 7.1 that killed people here in chch nz it was feb 2011 6.3 that killed over 2oo people and we still have no town and people are still living in cars etc due to housing shortage


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