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Nibiru - Planet X - 10th Planet

Updated on February 16, 2017

The Return of our 10th Planet, every 3600 years

We call it Planet X, the Sumerians Nibiru, the Mayans where Quetzcoatl will come back from.

54 cultures have a name for it. It is talked about by all the survivors of its crossing through our galaxy.

Last time it visited, the Santorini volcano erupted, which coincided with the Exodus plagues. Noah's Flood also coincided with its passing, So did the Atlantis legend.

It is that time of the cycle again.

10th Planet, the gods and the those in the know

The Annunaki, who reside on it, lay claim to the engineering of the human race. They are said to have colonized our planet, given us knowledge and would return in the future.

All throughout the world there are stories about the gods that created them, and the bloodlines that were created from the descendants of the gods and humans.

Nibiru - Planet X - Planet of Crossing

Every passing causes major Earth changes

Zecheria Sitchen deciphered the ancient language of the Sumerians, which they chronicled in cuneiform stone tablets about Nibiru and its effects on Earth, the creation of man, the passing on of knowledge and preparations for a cataclysmic flood that would happen when they returned home. They also promised to return.

Is it Climate Warming really?

We are feeling the effects of this planets presence in our inner solar system, and there is a media blackout on information. It makes sense that we would not want a worldwide panic.

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