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No Lsat Required for Law School

Updated on May 9, 2016

By now you’re probably well aware that getting admitted into a law school is not all about your grades, personal statements and recommendations, your Law School Admissions Test score is an equally important component. Yes, that does mean 4 years of college are as important your LSAT score. Law school Admission Departments don’t think all colleges are equal, that’s why the LSAT sore is being used more and more to determine those who will be admitted to most law schools.

Most law schools require the Law School Admissions Test, and students with scores below 150 have difficulty getting [into | admitted] most law schools. In 2014 the ABA experimented, allowing law schools to admit students that had not taking the LSAT if their undergraduate GPA was above 3.5, but this experiment was short lived and canceled in 2015. Don’t worry if you have a low LSAT score or have not taken the LSAT there are options available.

There is a law school that admits students with low or no LSAT score, No LSAT test score is required to get into the California School of Law, an online law school. The Law School Admissions Test is a tests that most law schools use to eliminate potential students from their admission pools. Traditional law schools may receive as many as 10,000 applicants and only admit 300, because of limited seating capacity. Which means traditional law schools reject 9,700 prospects annually and of course keep the application fee. The California School of Law is online and has unlimited classroom capacity and therefore is willing to provide the opportunity to receive a legal education without requiring the LSAT.

For working adults with family commitments a high LSAT score is very difficult to attain, college kids spend thousands of dollars on review programs and can study 30-40 hours a week to prepare for the LSAT. A commitment working people just can’t make. So the Law School Admissions Test results may not reflect a working adult’s ability to succeed in law school, but it certainly can prevent them from getting accepted.

For students with a low Law School Admissions Test score, If law school's is your dream, don't let that low LSAT score turn your dream into a night mare, or make you think you're not meant to go to law school. It's just a score on a standardized test. Standardized tests aren't very good measures of legal talent, ability, drive or intelligence.

A low score means some of the people who took the Law School Admissions Test were better on that day than you were on the day you took the test. That's it! It doesn't mean that you'd be a bad law student or a bad lawyer, or a worse student or lawyer than people with a high LSAT score. The low LSAT score could be due to little or no preparation. Maybe you did not studied hard enough or studied the right materials. But don’t let a low LSAT score define you and limit you. The question is never, 'does an LSAT score of X mean I shouldn't go to law school?' the question is, what is the write law school for me!

The California School of Law is interested in students who want to become successful lawyers and are willing to work hard to achieve a Juris Doctor Degree. Students with a Bachelor’s Degree are eligible for admissions to the law school. The California School of Law will also accept applicants with a 100 college units to the law school. Applicants must have minimum GPA of 2.0 to meet the law school admission standards.

No LSAT or Low LSAT will not keep you out of law school, and the California School of Law is a good option.

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