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November Turkey Bulletin Boards

Updated on April 13, 2014

Turkey Theme for the November Bulletin Boards

Today we will be creating an interactive turkey themed bulletin board to enhance your November math and language arts circle time activities. Create a wild turkey habitat and lead your children through hands-on games, songs and activities that focus on the Turkey Day theme.

We will count turkeys by ones, tens, and fives. We will look for adjectives that describe turkeys. We will learn about the foods that wild turkeys eat. Sing songs about turkeys and learn to spell lots of turkey related words.

Waddle on over to the bulletin board. It's time to create the Turkey Themed Bulletin Board for November...

Photo Credit: Turkey Notepad

Available on Amazon

Math Games on the November Bulletin Board - Turkey Themed Bulletin Board Set

This adorable turkey is doing a different activity each day of the week. Place one turkey over each day on your calendar and brainstorm stories about the turkey's day.

On Monday Little Turkey is picking red and green apples. Make a pattern with red and green stickers to represent the apples. Label your patterns ABAB or AABB etc.

On Tuesday, Little Turkey is gathering corn. Pretend that there are 10 kernels on each ear. Count the kernels by 10's or skip count by tens. Using orange and white Cuisenaire Rods and two different colors of dice, play the corn gathering game. One color die represents the number of tens (orange Cuisenaire Rod) and the other color die represents the ones (white Cuisenaire Rod). Roll and collect corn to see who gets to 100 first.

What games could you play for the rest of the week?

TREND enterprises, Inc. T-8124 Turkey Time Bulletin Board Set
TREND enterprises, Inc. T-8124 Turkey Time Bulletin Board Set

Introduce kids to the meaning, traditions, and symbols of an important American holiday. Ideal for teaching vocabulary and early math concepts, too. Doubles as a terrific job chart.


Describe a Turkey - Turkey Adjectives Expand your Children's Vocabulary

Turkey Adjectives on the November Bulletin Board
Turkey Adjectives on the November Bulletin Board

Bulletin Boards can be used to post new words to expand your children's vocabulary. By writing the words in large print and attaching them with push pins or Velcro the children can take their turkey words to their desks to help them spell during Writing Workshop.

Cover Your Bulletin Boards in Burlap - Burlap Makes a nice Background for Your Turkey Bulletin Board Habitat

Burlap makes a wonderful background for the Turkey Themed Bulletin Board. The natural texture is appealing and mimics the brown tones of woods and fields of late autumn. Turkeys live on the edge of the forest near open fields. The brush at the edge of the forest provides them with shelter from predators while the open fields contain seeds and grains left over from the autumn harvest.

November Calendar - Math Pattern Calendar for November Bulletin Board

November Calendar Bulletin Board Pattern
November Calendar Bulletin Board Pattern

Center your bulletin board on a calendar that helps to teach math. This ABAB pattern helps children learn odds and evens, shows visually just how long it is until Thanksgiving and gives children a visual sense of what day of the week it is.

I chose a turkey, corn, turkey, corn pattern because turkeys are often seen in our Vermont fields eating the corn that has been left after the farmer has harvested his field.

We use the calendar as the focus of our bulletin board and is the first activity we do when gathering for Circle Time.

A Calendar of Turkey Patterns - Turkey Patterns for the November Bulletin Board Calendar

Turkeys eat lots of grains and seeds such as corn so we are going to make a calendar pattern using turkeys and corn. The ABB pattern would have one turkey followed by two corn cobs. If you can't find corn you can make them using yellow and green construction paper or by reproducing coloring pages of corn and asking the children to color them for you.

I chose not to have the children write the numbers on the corn and turkeys themselves because I wanted them to discover the pattern as we added a piece for each day of the month.

Turkey Time Pointers

Stick a turkey puppet on the end of a dowel to create a Turkey Themed Pointer for your November calendar time. You will need to make a slit in the stuffed animal and seal it with hot glue.

If you prefer you can use a ruler instead of a dowel to make it easier to hold it in a certain position.

Beanie Babies Ty Gobbles the Turkey
Beanie Babies Ty Gobbles the Turkey

Make a slit in the turkey in order to attach the dowel.

Midwest Birch Wood Dowels 3/16 in. x 36 in. each
Midwest Birch Wood Dowels 3/16 in. x 36 in. each

A ruler could be used instead of the dowel to make it easier to hold the turkey in the right position when pointing to words on the bulletin board.


Turkey Feather Pointer - Point with a Turkey Feather

Each month we pick a new theme for our classroom Along with the new theme we create bulletin boards and pointers to match the theme. In November our favorite pointer is a turkey feather. Your turkey feather can be stored next to the Turkey Bulletin Board by attaching a small cylinder no the frame of the bulletin board with packing tape. I made a cylinder out of rolled up paper.

Mailbox Magazine always has wonderful, hands-on activities to use each month. Here is a link to the November issue. Watch for Bulletin Board ideas that can be made from the suggestions in Mailbox Magazine.

Come write about creating a Thanksgiving Bulletin Board for November on Wizzley, a fun and easy place to express your opinion:

Do you make Turkey Bulletin Boards in November?

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    • KokoTravel profile image


      7 years ago

      Great idea! Thanks

    • mariaamoroso profile image


      8 years ago from Sweden

      No I do not. Never heard about it, may be it is an American custom?

    • junecampbell profile image

      June Campbell 

      8 years ago from North Vancouver, BC, Canada

      I have never heard of a turkey bulletin board until now, but I think it is a fun idea. I can see it a wonderful project for families, classrooms, etc.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      No, but I find it very entertaining for children. Great lens.


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