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FAST NUCES Admissions

Updated on June 22, 2015

The Online Admission Test

The online admission test is taken on a computer. The candidate should be familiar with the use of mouse and the keyboard. Each candidate is given a different examination. The sections of a test (English, Analytical skills, Math etc) appear in a random sequence. Moreover, questions related to different topics also appear before the candidate in a random sequence. In each section, a candidate can move forward and backwards to review the responses selected. The candidate can change his or her response to any question within the current section.

Each section of the admission test has a fixed duration. Each section is timed independently and time saved in one section is not carried forward to the next sections. At the end of the test, a summary of the results is displayed on screen. The duration of the Online Admission Test is between two and three hours.

Applicants should reach the test centre on the date and time specified on the admit card. Latecomers will not be allowed to take the test. Applicants should not bring anything to the test centre except their Admit Cards. No applicant will be allowed to take the test without an endorsed Admit Card. The Admission Test is held at all campuses of the University (Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Peshawar).

The duration of the test is approximately two hours. The test consists of several multiple choice questions (MCQs). These questions are divided into multiple sections such as Advanced Mathematics,Basic Mathematics, Analytical Skills & IQ,English etc , each section is assigned a specific time to attempt, number of questions and weight of questions in that section.


There will be Negative Marking and use of calculators is not allowed in the Admission Test.

BS Computer Science Aptitude Test

For admissions in BS Computer Science Degree program the aptitude test consists of four major component

BS Computer Science Aptitude Test Coverage

Advanced Mathemetics
Basic Mathematics
Analytical Skills & IQ

BS Engineering Aptitude Test

For admissions in BS Engineering Degree program includes Electrical and Civil Engineering faculties, aptitude test for admission in Engineering program consists of five major component

BS Engineering Aptitude Test Coverage

(click column header to sort results)
Advanced Mathematics
Basic Mathematics
Analytical Skills & IQ

BS Accounting and Finance Test Coverage

For admissions in BS Accounting and Finance Degree program the aptitude test consists of four major component

Basic Mathematics
Analytical Skills & IQ
Essay Writing

Overall Conduct Instructions

Note the following instructions and guidelines for taking the online admission test:

Candidates should NOT bring Calculators, cell phones, or any sort of stationery to the test center. If such items are brought by the candidates, those will be left outside the test center entirely at the candidate’s risk.

  1. All required stationery items (pencil,eraser, sharpener, and blank sheet for rough work) will be provided to the candidates by the Invigilation staff.
  2. Candidates MUST reach their specified Test Center by the Reporting Time stated on their Admit Card. Late comers will not be allowed to take the test.
  3. Rough work may be done only on the Rough Sheets provided by the invigilation staff.
  4. Use of unfair means or non-compliance with the instructions (given in this document or in the examination area) will disqualify the candidate from the test and his/her name will not be included in the merit list of candidates.

'How to take test' Page

How to take the test’ page is the first screen displayed on test takers computer, allocated to them by the invigilators present at the test hall.

The ‘How to take the test’ page is a self-explanatory page, which gives directions on how to take the computer based test. Candidates should thoroughly read this page in order to avoid any confusion.

Basically it contains info about 5 steps.

  1. Login to the test
  2. Read the Instructions
  3. Start the test
  4. Answer the questions
  5. Logout

Login Page

  1. Just before the start of your test, the invigilation staff will provide you with your login ID and password.
  2. Using keyboard of the PC, enter your Login ID and (case sensitive) password (see image 2.2.1). This is the only time that you will use the keyboard.
  3. During the test, you should not use the keyboard. The test requires use of mouse only.
  4. Click on the Login Button (see image 2.2.3) which will take you to the Instructions Page.
  5. To get help, click on the Help button (see image 2.2.4).

Instructions Page

  1. Carefully and thoroughly read all the instructions given on the Main Instructions Page. Upon successful login (see images 2.3.1, 2.3.5, and 2.3.6), your test ID, test center, test session, degree program, and picture will be displayed on your screen. In case of discrepancy, immediately inform the Invigilation Staff.
  2. Read the instructions and the Test Summary table, which contains each Section’s Time Allocated, Number of Questions, Weight of questions in the test, and also whether negative marking is applied.
  3. After reading the instructions and agreeing with the contents, click the Checkbox (See Image 2.3.2)

  4. To start your test, click the Start Test Button (See Image 2.3.3).

First Page and Question Page of Exam

  1. Note figure 2.4.1at the top of the Question Page. You should find your ID, name, and picture in addition to the degree program, test session, subject, and the total number of questions. In case of discrepancy, immediately inform the Invigilation Staff.
  2. At the top right corner of the Question Page you will find the Help, Instruction and Log out Buttons. Help and Instruction pages can be viewed during the test.
  3. DO NOT click the Log out button, as it will bring your test to an end. You should click this button after you have attempted all questions of all the sections. Once logged out, the test is over. You can NOT go back and attempt any remaining questions.
  4. First/Last question of every Section is marked in Red on top of the page notifying that it is the first/last question of the section.
  5. Each section is allotted a fixed time to attempt its questions. Figure 2.4.3 shows the position on the screen where the time left to complete the current section is displayed.
  6. After the expiry of allotted time, even if you have not answered all or any questions in that section, you will be prompted to move on to the next section.
  7. When time allotted for the last section is over, you will be ‘Logged Out’ from the test.
  8. Each MCQ consists of a statement and (usually 5) answer choices. Read each question carefully before answering it. Only one of the given answer choices is the correct answer to the question. See Figures 2.4.5 and 2.4.6
  9. For each MCQ select just one of the answer choices (that you think is correct). Click the button next to your answer choice to select your answer. You can still change your answer choice by clicking on the button next to another answer choice. The answer choice will be marked as selected. See Figure 2.4.8
  10. To leave a question unanswered after you have selected an answer, click on the Reset button, located just below the last answer choice. See Figure 2.4.9
  11. You may move forward to the next question or back to the previous question by clicking the Skip Forward or Skip Back Button respectively. You can move forward or backward to questions within a Section. You CAN NOT go back to the previous sections
  12. To move forward to the next question, click on the Forward Button. See Figure 2.4.10
  13. To go back to the previous question click on the Back Button.
  14. You can move back and forth without entering an answer choice. See Figure 2.4.7
  15. The last question of each section has a notification displayed in Red above the question. This is to inform you that after you move to the next section you will not be allowed to return to the current section. See figure 2.4.14

Unanswered Questions

  1. To view questions that you have left unanswered within the current section, click on the View Unanswered Questions Button.
  2. You will be presented with a list of Unanswered Question Screen (see image 2.6.1)
  3. You can click on any one of the unanswered question numbers. This will take you to that question. (see image 2.6.2)
  4. If you do not want to go to an unanswered question click on the Back Button. See Image 2.6.3

Logging Out From The Exam

  1. Upon clicking the Log Out button, you will be asked to re-confirm your action on the Confirmation Screen where you can confirm to log out
  2. If you click ‘No’ you will be taken back to the last question that you were viewing.
  3. If you click ‘Yes’ on the Log out Confirmation screen you will be logged out of the test. Once you are logged out of the test, you can not get back to the test.

Test Summary

A summary card is displayed upon logging out of the test. It shows the number of Questions Attempted, Un-attempted, Correctly Answered, and Incorrectly Answered Questions.

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